Travel Like A Badass With These Iconic Villains!

By Niyati Shinde on Nov 02, 2015
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I have always been fascinated by villains. There’s an untold story behind them; unexplored dimensions that made them the people they are. Personally, I would like to know more about The Joker’s childhood than Batman’s! Sometimes I wonder how it would be to travel with these iconic villains that Bollywood and Hollywood have birthed!  

1. Loki, Avengers:

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The God Of Mischief himself! Wonder how it would be to travel with him! Will we steal candy from a kid?! Or would we end up stealing one (or all) of the Infinity Stones from those mere mortals?!  

2. Aryan, Dhoom 2:

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Mr. A makes being a villain look so cool! It would be so much fun travelling with this master of disguise! We’ll go around committing robberies and you’ll never be able to catch us!  

3. Auric Goldfinger, Goldfinger:

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Instead of listening to, ''My name is Bond, James Bond”, I get a thrill out of Auric Goldfinger saying, ''No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!” Oh the chills! Maybe we’ll go golfing while wearing classy clothes or better yet, we’ll go on a heist to conquer all the gold in the world!  

4. Mogambo, Mr. India:

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Hail Mogambo! If I go on a journey with Mogambo, I know I’ll get the best of things! Mogambo only accepts things if they make him completely happy! ''Mogambo khush hua!” It is very rare that he is satisfied with mediocre service!  

5. The Joker, Batman:

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Why so serious?! Extremely witty, I would love to chill with the Joker as he plots revenge! Besides, have you seen how sinister he looks?! You won’t have to think twice before scurrying away and minding your own business!

6. Shakal, Shaan:

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I mean, this guy has his own private island! I can see myself travelling to and fro the island on a yacht of my own, or a gold embossed helicopter! What else do I need?! Besides, dogs and cats are such ordinary pets. Sharks and crocodiles, that’s what floats my boat!

7. Cruella de Vil, 101 Dalmatians:

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Although I personally dislike using fur and leather, I am in love with Cruella de Vil’s exemplary sense of fashion and her gorgeous futuristic hair! Travelling with her will definitely include trips to the fashion capitals of the world. Paris, London, Milan, here we come!  

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8. Kancha Cheena, Agneepath (1990):

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I would love to travel to the places where he gets his sexy suits tailored from! Has any Bollywood villain ever looked so stylish?!

9. Hans Gruber, Die Hard:

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Brooding and menacing, Hans Gruber arrives in style with his army of highly organized criminals! I can imagine us ordering a marshmallow pancake at a quaint cafe in Lisbon and the waiter telling us they are out of marshmallows and Hans pulling out his gun saying, ''Good. Then, you'll give us what we want and save your ass!

10. Gabbar Singh, Sholay:

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Travelling in crowded busses and trains will never be a problem for me if I’m with Gabbar!

Him: ''Kitne aadmi hai bus mein?”

Me: ''Bohot saare! There’s no place to sit!”

Bang Bang!

Him: ''Abh 2 seats khali ho gae, baith ja!”

11. Voldemort, Harry Potter:

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He ‘nose’ everything, from far away hidden and secluded places where no one can find us to appariting and disappariting from and to any place on the planet! This guy is my dream travel companion! And, I won’t have to spend a penny!

12. Crime Master Gogo, Andaz Apna Apna:

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He likes to enter in style! He likes to loot! And he loves to deliver cheesy dialogues! It would be a joyride to travel with Crime Master Gogo! I’ll be in laughter splits throughout the journey!

13. Dr. Hannibal Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs:

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Agreed I would be scared for my life while travelling with this cannibalistic serial killer! But, given his intelligence and his intellect, I would love to see what all intriguing places he will take me to see. Maybe a torture museum in Amsterdam?! Or the Emperor’s chamber at the pyramid in Giza!

Which is your favourite villain of all time? Would you dare to travel with them?!

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