Demonitization Effects: Things to do in the next 72 hours

I am a Modi fan. I have always proudly been one! I have believed him when he said there would be Acche Din, I gave up my gas subsidy, I rejoiced the victory of the surgical strike and I have been proud; He has continued to amaze!
Last night, PM Modi came forth with a decision that is a landmark in its own strength. Banning the 500 and 1000 INR notes, not just promising to, but actually implementing it within few hours, Modi has started a new revolution. It is a moment of delight, pride and conquest for every hardworking individual, who wants a justified share of rights and perks in the economic growth.

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But if you are travelling, or plan to travel in the next few days, here’s everything you need to know and need to do within 72 hours of the declaration.

1. Only hospitals, petrol pumps, milk booths and government stores will accept 500 and 1000 INR notes

Yes, so make sure you have handy cash of 100’s to pay at the street-food joints, motels and hotels. In remote areas, many hotels and shacks won’t accept a card, so make sure you have cash handy and not in 500’s and 1000’s. Thankfully, due to timely decision and declaration by Nitin Gadkari, the toll taxes will be suspended for the next two days not creating a hurdle for your road-trips. 

2.ATM’s will not be operational for 9th November and on 10th November at some places

You won’t be able to withdraw money for 2 days. You can make maximum use of plastic money. Debit cards, credit cards and e-valets will now be of instant help. You can transfer the money to your e-valets through internet banking.

3. Book tickets ASAP

For 72 hours since the declaration, railway ticket booking counters and airports will be accepting the notes; it is the best time to book now.

4. Change your notes at local bank or post office

If you are going to be travelling for a next few days and need money, here’s the thing. The ATM will have a withdrawal limit of 2000 INR per card. Hence, it is best to exchange your notes at the local post office or bank wherever you are, in India. Flash your valid id proof like Aadhar card, Passport, Voter ID and you can exchange your notes. This is the most advisable, since ATM’s might run out of cash soon.

5. Return if you have money tapped to your toilet seat

On a lighter note, if you are in a possession of bundles of 500 or 1000 INR notes, it is highly advised to come home and exchange them in a bank before 30th Dec. Time and Modi wait for no man, my friend! 
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While the world was busy anticipating American Fate with Trump and Hillary contesting the elections, Modi took the world by a suprise and a storm! Acche Dinn, aren't these?!


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