6 Amazing Houses Built Around Trees

By Gaurav Tembe on Aug 12, 2015
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Architecture and construction just seem so anti-nature sometimes. You have to cut trees and destroy plants to build just about anything. Building infrastructure and boosting urbanisation always seems to involve some kind of a blow to nature. And that saddens us deeply. But did you know that there are some architects out there who have started taking a stand? They have found a rather unique solution to this problem. Theyre building houses around trees so that theres no need to cut them. Dont believe us? Here are some unique houses built around trees with a fabulous architecture. 

6. Treehouse, Burlingame, California

Linda and Doug Studebaker had a beautiful 100 year-old oak tree in their backyard and decided to do the most wonderful thing with it: they made a tree house. Cozy, and homely, the tree house is perfectly designed to allow the trees branches to grow. The branches winding their way through the house make for a perfect setting for some relaxation and reflection. And the best part? The Studebakers now rent out the tree house to visitors!


5. Tree in the House, near Almaty, Kazakhstan

Built among a forest of fir trees, this cylindrical glass house was designed by Aibek Almasov. It is a four-storied building that is designed around a beautiful fir tree looks like its been ripped straight out of a nature lovers pleasant dream. A staircase coils up to the top floor and will give you a stunning view of the forest that will stay with you forever


4. House Among Trees, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This simple, lovely house was built by Martin Fernandez de Lema and Nicolas Moreno Deutsch and is located in a settlement called Mar Azul in Buenos Aires. Its modern, utilitarian, minimalist and has two levels. Great care has been taken by the two architects to preserve the natural condition of the land and it has paid off beautifully!

3. The Mirrorcube, Harads, Sweden

A perfectly camouflaged house among the trees, the Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel wins so many brownie points for being unique. It was designed by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter. The 4X4X4 metre tree houses outer walls are panelled with mirrors that reflect their surroundings providing you with a stunning view of the hotels surroundings. The interiors are minimalistic and comfortable enough for two people.


2. Niavaran Residential Complex, Tehran, Iran

The genius behind this design is architect Mohammed Reza Nikbahkt. The land allotted to this project had a number of old trees whose preservation became his top priority. The five-storied complex has 30 residential apartments. The trees help in ventilation and also decrease temperature. The building is a feat of architecture that is every environmentalists dream!


1. Urban Treehouse Apartment Complex, Turin, Italy

This five-storied apartment building in the middle of the bustling city of Turin is the perfect combination of urbanisation and nature. Designed by Luciano Pia who has integrated 150 trees into the design, this building absorbs around 200,000 litres of carbon dioxide every hour and protects its residents from air and noise pollution. The buildings eccentric design will surely delight you!


Take a cue from these architects and design your house in harmony with nature. It'll look greener, prettier, and hey, more oxygen is always a good thing!

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