Debunked- 12 Myths About Luxury Travel

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There are two kinds of travellers in the world. One who dream of travelling with a back-pack on, hitch-hiking to strange places, exploring new destinations and making friends with people belonging to varied cultures; and then there’s the second kind- the luxury traveller.

This one has panache. The one who opts for luxury travel packages, books boutique hotels and eats only at places operated by celebrity chefs! And if you are one of those, here’s an eye-opener!

We have debunked the myths behind luxury travelling! Almost all of us go through these experiences at least once on a luxury trip!

Presenting the truth behind the travel that you practically spend sh*t load of money for! (Drum roll please)

1. Those times when a mundane food item is passed off as authentic speciality

To tell you the truth, even the locals have stopped eating it!

2. Those times when humdrum activities were pitched as a must-do at least once!

Walking a dog, climbing a tree, taking a bath..Okay we know how to do it!

3. That moment when you are tricked into a shopping at ‘local art outlet’ (read expensive)

This is not necessarily genuine and yes, it’s doesn’t always promote local art.

4. Those Detox holidays where you pay to starve


As they say, uo;Half the world is starving, the other half is trying to lose weight”. Wheatgrass juice for breakfast and one tiny morsel of Quinoa for dinner; that’s not what I ordered!  

5. That moment where you pay for sleeping on the ground


The good Ol’ days of a country life; Today, we’ve named it Glamping!

6. The lump sum amount you pay to the personalised Tour guides

Okay; we didn’t realise it in the first guess that the guide is not as smart as he claims he is! And he doesn’t come cheap!

7. That moment when you slurp on iced syrup in disguise of a complimentary welcome drink


It’s obligatory to serve the guests a glass full of coloured water on ice, after-all they’ve paid for the room!  

8. The night of despair in a crackling Villa that promised an exotic experience


All-inclusive modern resorts with ample lighting are such a cliché! We need to go exotic!  

9. The tantalizing moment of eating Amuse -Bouche at a celebrity restaurant


 You just sold off your iPhone for this meal. And no, you are not so happy about it! Pizza; anyone?

10. The overpriced boutique suite where only the bed is free


For everything else, there’s MasterCard!

11. The super expensive cruise ride where you couldn’t get out of the bathroom

This one is for the sea-sick travellers. Others do enjoy the shaky dinner on the open terrace on a cold night.

12. The "Kidney on Sale” moment for buying the first class tickets

One kidney to buy a ticket, the other to survive and describe the experience! That’s why nature has gifted us with two kidneys. No more, no less!

13. The ruining-the-romance moment when your concierge appears in all your honeymoon photos


Two is company, three is luxury travel!

14. The moment where you hop between islands on a private yacht

To take the exact same pictures, at different prices.

15. The moment where you really want to relax, but you can’t


Because you’ve already paid for ‘milking a donkey’ and ‘feeding a crow’ activity!

Have you experienced it on your luxury trip? Are you still planning to go for one?

Leave out the luxury! Go the Hobo way, Plan your trip

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