5 Types Of Glamping Getaways For Your Fall Vacation

Take camping to the next level by making it glamorous! Glamping is the new trend suitable for all types of vacationers, adventure-goers, and travelers looking for some five-star luxury. Offering a unique combination of adventure and relaxation, glampers can enjoy the perks of nature with all the comforts of a refined hotel. Take a look at just a few of Glamping Hub’s most unique accommodations to begin planning your very own glamping getaway:

Tree Houses

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For glampers in search of a thrilling getaway, one of the most popular accommodation choices is a tree house. These one-of-a-kind properties intertwine with the trees and forest, making them perfect for exploring the natural surroundings while still feeling right at home. We invite our international wanderers to give tree house glamping a go, as there are plenty to choose from across the globe. Whether they’re in the midst of a tropical forest or by a sandy beach, these chic, elevated properties never disappoint.

Safari Tents

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For our more traditionalist glampers, a luxury tent stay might be more up your alley. And no, we’re not talking about those average, portable camping tents. For a true glamping experience, go for a little more elegance with something like a safari tent or a bell tent. Listen to the sounds of the wilderness while still having all the necessities for a relaxing holiday at your fingertips. Find these uniquely-shaped tents situated among coasts and National Parks and enjoy a glamping retreat like no other.


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Escape the city crowds and office walls with a trip to a unique yurt rental, conveniently tucked away in secluded locations all around the world. One night in one of these robust and well-structured accommodations is guaranteed to have you feeling stress-free. Most yurts are also eco-friendly and are equipped with efficient and energy-saving amenities—meaning a stay won’t break the bank for our devoted and frequent glampers. Take a chance with these minimalistic-styled yurts and experience a cozy, yet convenient, vacation.


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Cabin living doesn’t quite constitute a typical glamping experience—unless the cabins come in all kinds of distinctive shapes and sizes. From A-frame to tented cabins, glampers can choose from a wide selection of timber properties, as well as share the experience with that special someone, a large group of friends, or even their pets! Glamp out by the ocean or nestled in the wilderness where a fun-filled day of activities can wrap up with a relaxing session by the fireplace. From vintage to modern, there’s a cabin suitable for every type of glamper.


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For our more rural-loving glampers, you can find plenty of beautifully furnished tipis among the plains and valleys worldwide. Tipis are ideal for a rustic yet tranquil getaway, and adventurers will love this cozy and unique accommodation, which offers a surprising amount of amenities. A range of activities from hiking and biking to caving and rock climbing can usually be found near these tented rentals, too.

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