8 Types of Travelers You Meet in India

By Renuka Shahane on Sep 29, 2015
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Travel is all about learning new things, experiencing the unexplored and gaining a different perspective about life and people. More often than not, we are also inspired by the companions of our sojourns. And although it can be a pleasant interaction, there is also no generalisation possible for the types of travelers!
And if you are an Indian; you are definitely up for a plateful of diverse types of travelers that you will meet on your journey. And may be, you are one of them too!

Here are the 8 types of Travelers you will meet on your journey!

1. The Obsessive Photographer

Ok, this one owns a DSLR and a couple of expensive lenses that you can buy after you sell your kidney. This traveler will click picture of every single tree, monument, flower and cow on the journey. He makes sure he watermarks every image before posting it on "Figgoty Faggot Photography" page on Facebook. Dude, when will you actually see the places that you are travelling to!

Adorable Aspect: You’ll like him because he/she will click loads of pictures of you as well!

2. The Social Media Freak

This one lives for Likes and Shares! Updating every single detail about the trip, this one will also tag you in each and every post that flies from his/her phone.
Hashtags, Check-ins, Instagram pictures and lots of Selfies! Sigh.

Adorable Aspect: Your journey is well-documented on your Facebook timeline and you have a lot of travel selfies to flaunt.

3. The Hard to Please

You probably have at least one such person in your family, friends or in the society where you stay. This type of traveler will find faults in the hotel room mattresses, travel guide’s communication skills and the food served at the restaurant.

Adorable Aspect: Thanks to this traveller, you will get the best of the things on the trip. Constant nagging sometimes works.

4. The Confused Traveler

Dealing with this traveler is not easy. And if you belong to this category, least said, you are lost. This confused traveler will not be sure if he is at the right terminal of the airport, will never know the exact address of his hotel or sometimes will just be extra conscious if he has packed the right amount of luggage.

Adorable Aspect: Help this one out by flaunting your Gyaan! Who wouldn’t like to be called a saviour!

5. The Babu-Baby Couple

If you are a fan of DDLJ, you will be delighted to see the cuddly romance of this traveler couple. But otherwise, you might just want to rip off your brains by looking at the extreme PDA of this couple even on a science trip.
Matching T-shirts: Check
Holding Hands: Check
Feeding Chips: Check

Adorable Aspect: Tere Chehre Se Nazar Nahi Hatati, Nazaare Hum Kya Dekhe!

6. The Sick Traveler

This one will throw up in the first 15 minutes of your road trip that was supposed to be inspired by Dil Chahta Hain. Upset tummies, aggravating migraines, altitude sickness and the ability to spit and puke after every snack; this one’s a keeper! (Pun intended)

Adorable Aspect: You will have a medication packed in the carry-on for every possible ailments in the world.

7. The Family Guy

Highly inspired by the movies of Alok Nath, this traveller will make sure that his Mom, Dad, Wife, Kids, Cousins, in-laws, Chachi, Fufaji, Mamiji and tommy will accompany him on the journey. Probably spotted in a mini-bus playing antakshari, this traveller is a Bal-Baccho wala Aadmi!

Adorable Aspect: Ghar ka Khana, Baccho ka rona, Daadi ki Kahani aur Bua ki Manmani- it’s all about loving your family!

8. The Explorer

A traveler and not a tourist, this one embarks on journeys for learning! Making memories, jotting down experiences and stepping out of his comfort zones; this one is meant to travel! Stuck with a wanderlust for a lifetime, a journey with this one will help you find deeper meanings behind travel and living!

Adorable Aspect: They might just ask you to join him on his next road trip or you might be the next character in their book; be ready for surprises!

Have you travelled with any of the above types of travellers? Are you one of them?
Comment below and let us know!

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