Martial Arts and Where You Can Learn Them From

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Legends like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li and a few more, effectuated the importance of martial arts while most of the world only looked at the fascinating techniques of the art as an impossible fad. In the 90’s mixed martial arts was recognized as a combat sport by the US. The popular sport comprised of ground fighting, striking, grappling and with standing. Most of the world today seek to master the art through practice. Here’s where you can learn the many different types and techniques of martial arts.


Aikido, a modern martial art, was initiated by Morihei Ueshiba in Japan. He is often referred to as 'O Sensei' or 'Great Teacher' and Aikido translates to ‘the way of harmonious spirit.’ Morihei Ueshiba wanted his subordinates to defend themselves and in the bargain not hurt the opponent either. The act is a compilation of throws, grabs, joint locks, grabs and pins.

Travel to Learn: Travel to Japan, where the art originated to learn the best techniques of Aikido.

Bando Thaing

Bando Thaing is a combination of various forms of martial arts. It involves Judo-like throwing, karate kicks and striking, knife fights, swordplay, sticks and spears. Although the many ways of practicing this act, most practitioners follow the basic instructions itself. The act focuses of defense discouraging aggression. The latter stages of the art imply offensive techniques to win over the enemy or attacker.

Travel to Learn: Whether to know the basic instructions or to master the art, Myanmar would be the perfect place to learn Bando Thaing.


Dance your way through this art without realizing you’ve outsmarted the enemy already. Capoeira is aerobic and dance he form of self-defense. The act is a rare blend of dance and fight, body and soul. The fight or defense disguised in dance moves are indeed impressive and interesting. Capoeira brings about the flexibility, power and endurance in a person leading to self-discovery on the whole.

Travel to Learn: This enchanting act can be learnt in our very own Brazil.


The coalition of several arts combine to form what we call today Kajukenbo. The name of the art was derived from KA- Karate, JU- Judo and jujitsu, KEN- Kenpo, BO- Boxing. The act was manifested by a group that introduced themselves as the ‘Black Belt Society’. This group were a crowd that attained black belts from the many types of martial arts across the globe. They put together all the stunts and techniques and embarked a new style of fighting, calling it ‘Kajukenbo.’  This group believed that every form of martial arts had something to offer. They weren’t wrong. Kajukenbo today is a rare form of art practiced worldwide.

Travel to Learn: To learn a bit of everything fly to Hawaii. That’s where Kajukenbo originated.

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Originated in 3620 BCE, the form of art comprises of various stunts like strikes, kicks, weaponry like daggers, spears, maces, swords, the bow and arrow, grappling, choreographed martial art sequences, as well as healing techniques. It is said that Kalarippayattu was known much before Kung-Fu and karate which make it the oldest existing form of martial arts.

Travel to Learn: Kalarippayattu can be learnt in the Kalari which respected as the temple of learning in India

Kali Silat

Kali Silat is a unique art form that’s practiced with or without the use of weapons. The art emphasizes on the use of locks, holds and chokes throwing the opponent to the floor in a jiffy. Kali translates to ‘body motion’ and Silat refers to the Art form of Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Travel to Learn: The art is widely practiced in the Philippines.

Kung Fu

Kung- Fu is no joke. You need to be mentally and physically strong. You also need to be calm and patient while perform the act. Kung Fu is dangerous and can cause hurt to the enemy as well. The force used during this act is enough to break a person’s arm.

Travel to Learn: Jackie Chan and Jet Li have mastered this art. If you wish to too, you can start your practice in the famous Shaolin Temple of China.

Muay Thai

Also recognized as Thai boxing, Muay Thai is an art that literally means ‘Muay Thai’. While performing the interesting art, the body acts like a weapon imitating weapons by actions.

Travel to Learn: The name gives it away. You can learn Muay Thai in Thailand.


Savate is full of street fighting techniques. The fight form was grasped by watching the common street fights in Paris and the north of France. Except some real crazy fight techniques which are obviously effective.

Travel to Learn: Savate originated in France and derived its name for French. You can learn this form of art on the land of fashion and beauty, Paris -France.

Tae Kwon Do

A martial art that resembles the Japanese karate style and technique is practiced worldwide today. Tae Kwon Do meaning ‘the kick punch method’ involves no kind of weapon but works solely on the basis of strength, reflexes and techniques. Tae Kwon, Kwonpup along with karate, kung Fu and Judo have largely contributed to this universally recognized form of art.

Travel to Learn: To learn this prestigious form of martial art, fly to Korea and take the Taekwondo Classes

Fighting may not be a good thing, but self-defense is the need of the hour. Fly away to the land of martial arts and learn your bit of defensive techniques so you no more fear walking those streets late night, all by yourself.

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