5 Types of Short Holidays To Explore

By Reshma Dewda on Jul 30, 2015
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Its Monday morning again. You've barely dragged yourself through the last working week and the weekend full of household chores and Monday stands right in front of you, smiling smugly.  You can feel a vapid numbness in your mind and an unexplained lethargy setting in. Do you find yourself wondering how your life became so mundane, predictable? Maybe its time you shake that lassitude off and get a fresh perspective on life. Take a break!!

Like Parker J Palmer said, The life that I am living is not the same as the life that wants to live in me. When you observe winters turn to spring from your office window, you should know that its time to re-look at the quality of life you are living.

Short holidays are great to add that much needed zing in your life. They act like rewards for hardworking weeks and give you something to look forward to. They're much more economical than long holidays that require you to take long days off work and take you back months of your salary. A great way for the family to spend quality time together or to just have some fun with friends, short breaks sure do break the monotony of daily routines.

Looking for a reason to take that short break? We've got you covered.

1. Its time for a mini-moon:

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Give your wife or husband the perfect just-because-i-love-you gift. Imagine the excitement on her face when she finds out that you have booked a cabin by the lake for the weekend! You can re-kindle your romance cuddling by that warm fireplace and even go fishing together. A great way to reiterate your feelings to each other, a mini moon is just what you need to re-connect with your loved one. We do believe that a healthy marriage is the result of many short breaks (together)! Also read about these things to avoid on a romantic getaway.

2. Weekend spa retreat:

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Does it feel like you've been lifting boulders even though you have just a regular desk job? Its the mental stress that makes you feel bogged down and tired. How about a weekend full of relaxing massages and knot-free shoulders? Give your body and mind the break they deserve. Envelop yourself in rich fragrances and lustrous oils as your body loses its toxic energies and your muscles relax under the rejuvenating hands of a professional. And while you're at it, catch up on all the gossip you've missed out on with your buddies. Try one of these 10 best massages in the world.

3. An Adventure break:

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Do you have trouble fitting in your pants? Have those nasty doughnuts settled on your hips? Do you feel like the only activity you do in the day is the walk up to the printer or the stretch for your TV remote? Maybe its time for an active holiday! Head out to the woods for some hiking or book a tent in one of those adventure resorts that offer some physically exhilarating activities, you will not regret it! Want to plan a trip to one these places for extreme adventure sports?

4. Volunteering: A break for a good cause :

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The world of excess that we have created around us blinds our sensibilities and often makes us too selfish to care about anyone else. That new gadget that youre dying to get your hands on or that expensive watch that you've been drooling over can buy meals for so many poor and under privileged people! How about using your free time for those who need it the most? There are a host of causes you can support. Spend some time as a Willing Worker on an Organic Farm (WWOOF) or visit a hurricane hit area to lend a hand with the rehabilitation work. After all, we could all do with some good karma!

Whatever be the reason.. Take a break and plan your trip NOW!!

5. Post Break-up/ Solo Holiday:

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Company is overrated. Ask anyone who's ever been in a horrible relationship or lives with an irritating roommate. Whether you have just broken up or are single and disillusioned by the talent in the market, a solo holiday is just what you need to get closer to yourself. Someone once truly said, when one door closes, the world opens up. Explore the beautiful world around you on your own terms and on your own pace. Get to know your true self and make friends with the person living inside of you. A solo holiday is not just refreshing; it also awakens you to the possibilities of yourself. Check out these places to travel alone in USA.

Its true that you don't really need a reason to holiday. There might be a hundred reasons to stay home but hold on to that one instinct that says its time to do something different. Every holiday gets us closer to ourselves and our notion of an ideal life. Short breaks remind us that life is much more than the desk at office and the couch at home. At TripHobo we believe; life is truly about exploring new frontiers and opening up new horizons!

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