8 Most Unbelievable Natural Phenomena And Where To See Them

The world around is stranger than we can ever imagine! Why is the sky blue? Why does the Sun shine? Why are the bubbles round? We had been asking since childhood. However, there are some natural phenomena on earth that take you to a surreal world and make you bite your own teeth. Won’t it be a phenomenal experience to visit the places where these unbelievable phenomena occur? From the sparkling waves to blood falls, here is the list of most wonderful natural phenomena and places they can be seen at. 

1. Flammable Frozen Bubbles, Alberta


Image Source: Youtube.com

Have you ever heard of flammable frozen bubbles? You read it right! Come winter and the lakes of Alberta transform into a bubbly icy landscape filled with the jellyfish-like structures. One of the most incredible phenomena in the world, these are basically the methane bubbles formed by the bacteria consuming the dead organic matter in the lake. 

2. Black Sun, Denmark


Image Source: wikipedia.org

Black Sun or Sort Sol is one of the most amazing natural phenomena that happens in southwestern Jutland, Denmark. During the months of Spring and Autumn, a huge number of birds called starlings gather and move rhythmically as if to create a ballet in the sky. Since the birds are so big in number, they conceal the sun. Hence, the effect is called Sort Sol (Black Sun in Danish).

3. Sailing Stones, United States 


Image Source: Youtube.com

Known as the hottest place on earth, the Death Valley of the United States, itself, is a mysterious land. However, one of the strange natural occurrences happening here is the Sailing Stones. Rocks in different sized (some weighing hundreds of pounds) sail through the surface naturally as if they are part of a race. 

4. Glowing Blue Waves, Maldives


Image Source: Youtube.com

The night-time on the shores of Maldives turns into a magical fairyland when the waves breaking the sandy beach glow with bright green-blue color. This stunning effect is created by the Bioluminescent Plankton. Watching this is like witnessing throngs of fireflies in water!

5. Fairy Circles, Namibia


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Another bizarre natural phenomenon that appears in Namibia is the Fairy Circles. If you are ever to go for a safari to the Namib Desert, you will find the regular patterns of circles on the grassland. It remained one of the most interesting unexplainable natural phenomena for long. Many researchers believe that they are caused by the chemical compound created by a toxic bush. 

6. Polar Stratospheric Clouds, Norway


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Who doesn’t like the smiling rainbow in the sky? But, what if the entire sky is studded with rainbow-colored clouds?! The Polar Stratospheric Clouds adorning the Norweign skies are the best natural phenomenon in science you will ever see. These colorful clouds are said to be the result if ozone breakdown. 

7. Fire Tornado, Australia


Image Source: Youtube.com

The Fire Tornado in Australia is known by many names- fire whirl, firenado, fire twister, fire devil, and fire swirl. This is basically a rare full-fledged tornado that is usually caused by natural disasters or wildfire. The highest tornado was about 3000 feet captured in Western Australia. 

8. Blood Falls, Antarctica


Image Source: goodfreephotos.com

The snow-carpeted land of Antarctica is famous across the world. But, how would you feel to see a dark red blood emerging from a pearl white corner?! Well, the Blood Falls of Antarctica was discovered in 1911 in the Taylor Glacier. The oxidized iron in brine saltwater is considered to be the reason for the red color.

No matter what’s the theory behind these natural phenomena occurring on earth, one thing is sure, they are eerily beautiful! Would you like to witness their beauty? Where are you heading to then?


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