Entombed Cities You Never Knew Of

While the world is busy constructing to flaunt its talents, our ancestors concealed it underneath. Our idea about cities today, are lavish structures with vague material and fancy architecture, while theirs was something that could save them from uncertainty, enemies, calamities and other harm. While we build today to beautify the surface of the earth, they dug before so no one could figure out their hideouts. Today, what we call underground cities was a mere attempt of our forefathers to build what they could, what they rather needed.

Here a list of those buried cities that havent lost their shine and pass as more charming cities that most others on the surface of Earth today.

Derinkuyu Turkey

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The massive underground city can shelter 20 thousand people with their livestock and food. The city is as deep as eleven stories and as old as the 7th century. Turkey is popular across the globe for the many underground cities it is home to. One of the many reasons that gave rise to these cities was the volcanic rocks, dominant in the country, that were easy to carve out.

Petra - Jordan

 Photo Credit: themuslimtimes

Carved into rocks, Petra is as old as the 2nd century. The tower-like structure is assumed to have been once used as a monastery or church that formerly was built as a temple. The city was inexistent to the world for hundreds of years and was recognized sometime in the 1800s.

Beijing China

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What served and a gigantic bomb shelter back in the 70s is now popular as an underground city in Beijing. Commonly known as Dixia Cheng, the intricate architecture of this city has given the structure 90 entrances that are hidden in normal shops.

Montreal Canada

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No, this wasnt an ancestral construction to take refuge. This was built as an underground commercial complex. The complex is home to shopping malls, condominiums, museums, universities, an amphitheatre, commuter train stations, and apartments. Labeled as The Indoor City or La Ville Souterriane, the space first began as a shopping mall by itself and later expanded into so much.

Central Government War Headquarters - UK

Photo Credit: wikipedia

Designed to protect Her Majesty's Government in case of war in the 50s, the stone quarry in England could accommodate about 4000 people at a time. It featured the second largest telephone exchange in the UK and a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) station through which the Prime Minister would address the nation. The locales were unaware of this underground city until 1981.

Setenil de las Bodegas - Spain

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This underground city unlike the rest on the list still shelters about 3 thousand people in Spain. Setenil de las Bodegas is termed as an underground city because it features houses that are directly built into stone walls, precisely in the face of mountains. As the houses arent entirely hidden, this isnt completely an underground city, however, factually it is.

Kish - Iran

Photo Credit: panoramio

A petite Iranian island in the Persian Gulf thats a popular tourist destination, is home to an underground city as well. Although the buried city is only partially open to tourists, Kish gained fame as an attractive tourist spot because of it. The underground city is indeed beautiful and well maintained. The attractive architecture and ancient look is simply commendable.

Coober Pedy - South Australia

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The underground city in this part of the world comes with climatic conditions behind the reason to its existence. Coober Pedy is an extremely hot and remote town in Australia. During summers the city gets so heated up that golfers play in the nights using radium golf balls. The underground cities in this area help save the locales from the scorching heat. Hence this town features churches, shops and even a graveyard in the buried city. People stay in 2 and 3 room caves here that are commonly known as dugouts.

Toronto Canada

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Ontario in Toronto, Canada is home to a network of underground tunnels that lie beneath the streets of the city. This underground city is popularly known as PATH. These tunnels have an array of shops as well, that have contributed in making it the largest underground shopping complex in the Guinness book of records.

Portland - Oregon

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Portland is home to the Shanghai Tunnels that was once used to transport goods. The tunnel shamed the city as it later was recognized for illegal activities like prostitution and kidnapping. For the same reason the tunnel was referred to as the Forbidden City. Today, it is safe to tour and explore the ancient beauty.

Kansas USA

Photo Credit: bloomberg

The mysterious buried city that lies below the Kansas army town connects to a lot of buildings in the town. It is assumed the tunnels may have served as hideouts during war or were built to illegally store alcohol during the prohibition of alcohol in the city once upon a time. However, the true reason and hands behind these tunnels are still unknown.

Cheyenne Mountain Colorado

Photo Credit: wikipedia 

There was an underground city built beneath the Cheyenne Mountain as shelter for thousands of people during the disastrous nuclear attack. Some people still reside here. However, the city may be turned into a museum in near future.

The Pyramids of Giza are believed to have a network of tunnels and chambers neath the massive ancient treasure, as well. They call it the City of The Gods. While these underground cities still exist in todays day and age, there are quite a few cities that couldnt make it to the present time. However, what matters is that the praiseworthy wit of our forefathers. We may think today that we have risen above them with technology and advanced means, but the fact is that they survived and survived well without all of these means we solely bank upon.

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