10 Undiscovered Places in Europe For Passionate Travelers

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As you plan your vacation to Europe, you fill your list with some of the most popular and most frequently visited destinations totally forgetting about the less explored places. And you time and again visit the same places that are already explored thousands of times by thousands of travelers and start clicking pictures. Tch Tch! Instead, you should definitely check out this new list of undiscovered places in Europe that will offer you with a surprisingly amazing experience like no other. 

1. Amiens, France - Quaint medieval town in Europe


Image Source: Maurice/flickr.com
Situated on the banks of the Somme River right in the heart of the Picardy region, Amiens is a quaint medieval town that is famous for its gothic style cathedrals. Explore the intricately built Amiens Cathedral that looks absolutely marvelous with its minute details, visit Musée de Picardie to take a walk through history, and relax in the botanical garden of Samara Arboretum. When you are in Amiens, some of the amazing foods that you should have a bite of includes macarons d'Amiens, tuiles amienoises, ficelle Picarde, and flamiche aux poireaux. 
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2. Haarlem, Netherlands


Image Source: Wikipedia.org
Wedged in between Amsterdam and the North Sea just seven kilometers from the coast on the River Spaarne, Haarlem is one of the oldest cities in the Dutch heartland - full of history, cobbled streets, and winding waterways. If you like exploring, then the city of Haarlem would be the best place for you to unleash your love for sightseeing and exploration. Loaded with plenty of attractions to experience from, Haarlem will keep you occupied and given the compact size of the city, you can almost explore all the attractions in a single day. Some of the top attractions include Grote Kerk, Frans Hals Museum, Ten Boom and Teylers Museum.
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3. Cinque Terre, Italy


Set in a most picturesque and natural setting, Cinque Terre is a gorgeous district in Italy that comprises of five small fishing villages namely:  Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, and Monterosso al Mare. The whole place looks surreal and is completely traffic free. A part of the UNESCO world heritage site from 1997, Cinque Terra features steeply terraced cliffs bisected by fields and gardens that make up for an amazing backdrop for photographs. Book your stay well in advance before visiting Cinque Terre because the place is gaining popularity very fast. And the whole place is itself an attraction.
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4. Kokkari-Samos, Greece


Image Source: Commons.wikimedia
With a handful of lovely beaches, excellent harbourfront, and scenic views, Kokkari in Samos Island of Greece is for those who want to have an unspoiled Greek holiday experience. Originally a fishing harbor village, Kokkari is slowly blooming as a tourist destination. And one of the best features about Kokkari-Samos is the hospitality. Even after the intrusion of the cultural and the technological influence, the neighborhood of Kokkari still remains the same with age-old traditional practices that are so heartwarming. When you are in Kokkari, visit Kokkari and Lemonakia Beach & be sure to taste their freshly made seafood.
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5. Bled, Slovenia


Image Source: Ramon/flickr.com
Set on the Lake Bled in the midst of the Alps, Bled is a small town in Slovenia that looks totally magical and mesmerizing. One sight into the place and I am sure, you would your hearts to the place without even exploring it that is how beautiful the place is! Considered as one of the breathtaking destinations in Europe, Bled is slowly becoming one of the top tourist destinations to visit in the continent. Row along the Lake Bled and make sure you explore every nook and corner of the town that is so lovely and romantic.
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6. Coimbra, Portugal


Home of the country's greatest university, Coimbra is an architectural wonderland that is adorned by plenty of famed medieval churches, monasteries, and cultural institutions. Highly influenced by the Roman Empire, a visit to Coimbra will take you on a ride through history teleporting you to over 2,000 years back, making it one of the best places for historic and architectural buffs to visit in Europe. Some of the major attractions in Coimbra that you should visit are Biblioteca Joanina, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal dos Pequenitos, Monastery of Santa Cruz, and Penedo da Saudade.
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7. Korcula, Croatia


Image Source: Pixabay.com
Korcula is the sixth-largest Adriatic Island that is located just off the Dalmatian coast. Known for its dense forests, rich vineyards, small villages, and olive groves, Korcula is one of Croatia's much-treasured islands and is one of the less explored places in Europe. Given the number of churches, squares, and palaces in the island, Korcula is locally referred to as 'Little Dubrovnik'. On your visit to Korcula, indulge in water sports activities on the island, go on wine tasting tours, and take some time off in the beaches of Pupnatska Luca, and Przina.
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8. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


Image Source:Pixabay.com
Roughly translating to 'many fountains', the village of Lauterbrunnen is one of the untouched beauties in Switzerland. The totally green valley of Lauterbrunnen that is iced with snow, transforms itself completely during the winters into a snow wonderland. If you want to get adventurous while exploring the beauty of the Lauterbrunnen, rent interlaken bikes and ride around the scenic trail of Murren and Winteregg or go on a hiking expedition to Wengwald that offers some of the amazing views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. And so you know, Lauterbrunnen is also famous for skydiving and paragliding.
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9. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


A part of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Luxembourg is a charming little city in Europe that is much more than banks and suits. Covered in a varied landscape that includes museums, concert halls, theaters, historical buildings, and business centers, Luxembourg is an explosion of different cultures and mannerisms, including some of the best dining options. The major points of interest in Luxembourg city are Bock, Grand Ducal Palace, Notre-Dame Cathedral, National Museum of History and Art, & Luxembourg City History Museum.
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10. Rothenburg, Germany


Well-known for its medieval setting, Rothenburg is a fairytale destination town in Germany that is one of the best hidden vacation spots. If you are planning to travel to Europe with your loved one and are looking for a romantic destination that is less congested and totally one-of-a-kind, then Rothenburg is totally for you. The town of Rothenburg has a subtle charm to it that can be best experienced as you take a stroll through the cobbled streets. And before you leave to Rothenburg, be sure to pack your cameras. The location is absolutely photogenic and social media pages are in for a treat!
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