Top 10 Most Unknown Beach Destinations

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Tell me one person who does not like a beach vacay! Unsurprisingly, beach destinations across the globe are getting highly commercialized, if not more crowded! Not being able to let go off the perfect picture of the crimson sun, golden sands and sparkling blue waters, we refuse to relinquish beach vacations. 
Unknown Beach Destinations 
You seriously need to come out of the Thailand moon parties, Capri’s overly populated beaches, families spending a day out at the Nazaré in Portugal, sultry dames of Rio de Janeiro or sunbathe next to a stranger on Lloret de Mar in Spain. Why? Because you have the luxury to miss all this and instead behold some tranquil and serene settings of some unexpected beach destinations in the world! With many like-minded people (hate crowd!) venturing to these places, you might want to go here ASAP, before the places lose their exquisiteness and become mainstream.

1. China’s oriental sojourns 

If you thought China was only popular for its huge population, The Great Wall of China, oriental cuisine and the infamous ‘Made in China’ products, hold on until you are enlightened about its beaches. The beaches of China will leave you awestruck. With similar terrains like the neighboring Vietnam, China is no less of a tropical retreat. However, of all the beaches, Hainan Island’s beaches take the crown. The Yalong bay, China’s best beach lies here, along with the Wuzhizhou Island which apparently is China’s first commercial diving location, and the Tianya Haijiao are oriental gems. 
Best time to visit: November to April

2. Ditch Cali for Washington

Image Source: Ralph Arvesen/

A hiker’s heaven, Washington’s beaches deserve a place in their own right. With some great spots to paddle, splash, and hike, this one will leave you pleasantly astonished. 
The Ruby beach, which the seals call their home, derived its name from the wine-colored sunsets the region experiences, a sheer delight! The Grayland Beach, situated South of Grays Harbor on the Olympic Peninsula for walks on powdery soft sands and the Birch Bay, a beautiful mélange of various topography will amuse you during the low tide and high tide times alike.  
Best time to visit: June to September 

3. Denmark, the happy country


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Scandinavia’s greatest little kingdom sure is full of castles and great architectural structures, but move a little towards the offshore and you will know why this country is called ‘the happiest country in the world’. Zealand with its plethora of fossil cliffs, the quaint town of Bornholm, horseback riding at Romo, windsurfing at Amager, and Tisvilde’s hilltop houses will mesmerize you.
Best time to visit: June to August 

4. Northern Michigan for Tumblr perfect beaches

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

While locals crowd the lakefront towns of southwestern Michigan come summer, head the opposite direction to find the beach towns of Muskegon, Grand Haven, Traverse City and other surrounding towns. The perfect Tumblr-y towns, expect the most picturesque beaches, colors of the water, some great food shacks and even resorts for all the leisure you need. 
Best time to visit: June to September 

5. Rhode Island for best unknown beaches in USA

Set right in the middle of New York and Boston, Rhode Island is barely spoken for its beaches. Good for you! Revere the pristine 17 miles of powdery sands of the Block Island, where you will spot absolutely no one for miles on end. The Mansion beach, especially, is the definition of serenity and tranquility, where the only noise you can hear is of the winds gushing and waves splashing. With a considerate amount of cute BnBs around, this could definitely be your perfect beach escapade. 
Best time to visit: February to April 

6. South Korea, more than cosmetics

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You might want to rethink South Korea’s preconceived notions as an electronic and beauty market! The beaches of JeJu City, Sokcho, Yangyang County, Songdo International Business District and Busan - the country’s second-largest city will blow your mind away! With carnival-like boardwalks, live seafood stalls, and some laidback resorts South Korea, certainly is a head-turner in this list. 
Best time to visit: March to May

7. France, a plethora of hidden beaches


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Think France, and you think Paris, right? Well at least most do, this is how it goes. We sneakily hope it stays like this, for as long as it can!
Interestingly, France has quite a few beaches that are secret and hidden. So before they become ‘famous as hidden beaches’, hit their shores. The Plaga Mala is beautifully secluded at the Alpes-Maritimes, hidden caves of the Calanque d’En-vau at Bouches-du-Rhone, the pyla-sur-mer and the rocky beach of Plage de la Galere in Var make France one of the best beach destinations in the world!
Best time to visit: September to November 

8. Iceland, where the sun doesn’t set

Image Source: sergejf/

No, we are not crazy to mention Iceland in this list. But you won’t believe it, till you see it! If you are desperate to get out of the hot summers and literally chill at some place, this is the place to head. The Nautholsvik Geothermal beach is filled with wonders, perfect to get a lovely tan. However, essentially keep in mind that during the summers, night doesn’t draw here and you will have daylight 24/7! Follow this up with a visit to the Reynisfjara, for its striking basalt caves. 
Best time to visit: July to August 

9. Peru for its contrasting beaches



Sigh! Let’s not even get started on Machu Pichu! The nation has a generous wealth of beaches on its northwestern coast and mind you, they are spectacular! Calm and long, the beaches in Peru must be in the news for not being spoken about! Punta Sal is one of those beaches, where you will spot hardly anyone except for some families having a day-out. Contrasting this is the Máncora beach where you will find a thumping scene of waterfront bars and restaurants. Los Pocitas will sway you with the number of palm beaches here. 
Best time to visit: May to September

10. Mozambique’s coral islands, gems in the crown

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Saving the best for the last, Mozambique earns its place here. The Quirimbas Archipelago made up of 32 coral islands has been proposed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and rightly so. The biodiversity and cultural harmony is exceptional on this land, amidst mangrove forests and sandbank beaches. The Ibo island is the biggest gem on Mozambique’s crown. 
Best time to visit: May to November 
While most of these destinations are less famous as beach destinations, we certainly hope they remain so!
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