Unique Dance Forms Across The Globe- Part 2

By Renuka Shahane on Sep 03, 2015
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We bet that our previous blog in this series inspired you to either step into the dancing shoes or travel to the respective countries to witness these unique dance performances.
So, here we are with some more unique dance forms all across the globe!

1. Kecak Dance Trance- Indonesia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A dance form native to Indonesia, Kecak Dance trance is an ethereal dance-drama that depicts the epic battle between Rama and Ravana from the Hindu saga of Ramayana. It finds it roots in Sanghyang- an ancient sacred Balinese dance form which believes that a force enters in the body of the performer and induces a trance. The fire stunts add to the mesmerizing effect.

No wonder it is one of the places that will make you forget time!

2. Hip Hop Dance- United States

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Breaking, Locking, Popping: wait, this isnt some how to break into a house DIY! These are the primary styles of the 1970s street dance of US- the Hip-Hop. Popularized by the dance crews, this is one of the hottest and most happening dance forms today. The foot-tapping beats can make even a non-dancers go crazy!

3. Kabuki- Japan

Image Source: GanMed64/flickr.com

Dating back to the early 17th century, Kabuki has its origins in the word Kabukimono which literally means bizarrely dressed swaggers of the street! Known for its elaborate make-up, this dance-drama operates with extravagant styling of theatres. Whats more interesting is that the performance goes on for an entire day! 

Read more about this mesmorising country of the Rising Sun: here

4. Hopak -Ukraine

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Also known as Cossack or Gopak, this national dance form from Ukraine includes a lot of jumps and spins on the traditional folk music played on violins, bagpipes, cimbaloms, and fifes. Often based on the wars and battle-field events and executed like pantomimes by the military ensemble, this is one of the most acrobatic dances in the world!

5. Tango- Argentina

Image Source: Zabara Alexander/flickr.com

Argentineans know how to have fun and they do it just the right way. Argentine Tango- the native dance to Argentina is in fact, a genre of music that is accompanied by a social dance. The music played for this dance is extremely loud and as they say, you need two to Tango!
Did we miss the Dance form of your country? Comment below and well include it in our next part!

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