12 Unique Date Ideas in NYC You'll Fall in Love with

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Thinking about dates, the first thing that comes to mind is - a nice movie followed by a leisurely dinner in a quaint restaurant. While this 'Tried and Tested' idea has always been there to help us out, it just doesn't seem to make it to the cut anymore. For the more adventurous folks, the millennials, who are looking for something different (and more exciting), it's time to step up your dating game!

Check out these unique date ideas in New York City which will surely give you an inkling of what else you can do to make your upcoming date a memorable one! 

1. A quiet escape in Brooklyn Botanic Garden

unique date ideas in new york city

Image Source: Dan/flickr.com

A romantic detour in this zen garden is probably one of the best ways to experience togetherness in NYC. Far from the city's hubbub, this little oasis offers a peaceful getaway for couples. The place is decked with Cranford rose garden, a vast spread of cherry blossoms and a lovely koi pond, all of which perfectly blends in to give it its romantic vibe. Come here to feel the love in the air, which is quite palpable; and as you go on chatting the day away, exploring more about each other, you will realise that nothing would have been better than this summer date.

Address: Prospect Heights, 1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY
What else to see and do: Climate-controlled rooms for a fun experience, an excellent Bonsai Collection, Brooklyn Museum which is a mere 200 Eastern Parkway.

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2. Share the geeky love at the Brooklyn Art Library

cheap date ideas in NYC

Image Source: Michael Voelker/flickr.com

A library for a date may sound crazy at first, but not for those intellectual couples who share a mutual love for books. It is, in fact, one place where you can go up against each other in a playful war of wits, quibble on your favourite authors (or books you have read in a while), or dwell on subjects which both of you find interesting. And apparently, if that's not enough for you, you can even write your heart out on the empty books given by the place (under The Sketchbook Project).

Address: Williamsburg, 103 North 3rd St., New York, NY

What else to see and do: Read the previously written works under The Sketchbook Project

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3. Challenge each other at West Side Rifle and Pistol Range

West Side Rifle and Pistol Range

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

No matter how amazing, the usual 'Wine and Dine' dates are bound to get you bored after a while. It is when breaking the monotony becomes necessary, that this awesome place comes into play. Even if you are going out for the first time, bringing her here for an adventurous endeavour will not disappoint. Let your free-spirited sides clash against each other in a boisterous gun play and experience a date that is both unusual and fun. The affordability will only add up to your delight.

Address: 20 W 20th St, New York, NY
What else to see and do: A relaxing moment in den Mayahuel with its numerous cocktails and flavours.

4. Abandon your sleep in Sleep No More

Image Source: Edgardo Avilés-Lute;pez/flickr.com

A weirdly funky place, Sleep No More welcomes you for a date like none other. Settled in dramatic premises in McKittrick Hotel, you will be swept into a live world of theatrics and art (all inspired by Shakespeare's renowned novel- Macbeth), which you can see and touch as well. Believe it or not, this immersive theatre, with its freaky props and eerie surrounding has enough material to bring you two even closer than before. Hold her closely while you are given a chance here. To complement this offbeat date, have a drink later in the hotel's rooftop bar relishing the stunning sights of the city (and of course, each other's!)

Address: 530 W 27th St, New York, NY

What else to see and do: Watch the story of Macbeth unfold in a new way (it all depends on your interpretation!) 

5. Cook and Hustle together at Sur la Table

special things to do in new york

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A date cannot get more delicious than this! While it may put your culinary skills to test, engaging yourselves baking cookies with your love, will certainly provide you with a leeway to understand each other better and strengthen your relationship (or build one in case it is your first date!). Exchange some stolen glances while preparing for the dishes, stir up the love and create some memories that you both will cherish forever. The idea of having a story to tell afterward- of how the food turned out to be pretty okay or how hilarious the entire deal was, only adds up to this flavorful exploit.

Address: 306 W 57th St, New York, NY

What else to see and do: You can enroll for regular or weekly classes, to relive the date again. 

6. Track the Trails in Lake Clear, Adirondacks

Lake Clear

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Perfect for adventure buffs, the Adirondacks, with its rocky terrains, well-paved hiking trails and ski resorts provides ample opportunity for indulgence; and to spend some exciting moments together. If climbing seems too strenuous to you for a date, go fishing in the clear lake, instead. Just watching the splendid views of the mountain tops while treading through its trails is enough to kindle the romantic sparks between you.

Address: Lake Clear Town, Adirondacks, New York
What else to see and can do: Activities like horse riding, boating and swimming.

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7. Get high on music at Scratch DJ Academy

Image Source: Pixabay.com

'If life is a song, love is the music'- nothing can be more befitting for this maxim than a captivating date evening in Scratch DJ Academy. The place will not only get your creative juices flowing, but let you churn out your own music beats while bonding over a lively song-making tryst. You can create your own 'Love Song' in the free open house and play it later as a memory of your romantic rendezvous.

Address: 32 Cooper Sq, New York, NY
What else to see and do: Get great insights into the 'DJ World', Enrol for one of its various programs if you are interested.

8. A Fairytale like Date at Jane’s Carousel

Image Source: Shinya Suzuki/flickr.com

Sometimes, even the cliched date ideas can be endearingly romantic, given the era we are living in. Amidst the modern tides, as amusement parks are becoming more of a common phenomenon for couples, this revamped serene place makes up for a fanciful retreat. Just riding the carousel while looking into each other's eyes will make your hearts flutter. Follow it up with some nice cocktail shots in the nearby bars and you will find yourself having the time of your life.

Address: 56 Water Street, Dock St, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY
What else to see and do: Tequila shots at Gran Electrica, Macaroons and eateries in Almondine Bakery, gorgeous sights of the east river a few walks away.

9. The Cliff at LIC- A Thrillful Date

Image Source: nydailynews.com

Couples who wish to experience adventure without venturing out of the city might come here. The place is an exclusive rock climbing venue and has a massive climbing wall. You would be having a lot of fun here learning the tricks and techniques while teasing each other throughout the task. Once done, chill out in the nearby cafe while indulging in an engaging conversation about the 'Date'.

Address: 11-11 44th Dr, Long Island City, NY

What else to see and do: Get the membership card for more such time. 

10. Make the best of the night at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Image Source: rufus/flickr.com

This is probably one place in New York which caters to every couple's delight. Adventuresome, quiet, braggartly romantic, no matter which kind of duo you are, you will definitely enjoy it here. Make your partner feel special by dedicating a song in the Karaoke room, try your hands at the various arcade games, or spend some quality moments in Brooklyn Star, with nothing but warmth and subtle music to accompany your talk. End your wonderful date by witnessing a performance in the concert venue which will be forever etched in your mind.

Address: 150 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY
What else to see and do: Shopping at weekend Bazaar with numerous artefacts and vintage items on sale.

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11. Get bedazzled at Slipper Room

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Amorous, peculiar and slightly provocative, a date in Slipper Room is an extravagant affair (not money-wise). Though many would deem this place to be a little over the top, it none the less mesmerises with its wild theatrics, lavish food affair and spectacular performances. There will be instances when you will be hard pressed containing your laughter while the sexy ladies will entertain you and your partner for an enjoyable time. Not your conventional romantic place, but it will certainly let your love foster in those quirky light-hearted moments.

Address: 167 Orchard St, New York, NY
What else to see and do: Aerial performances, Comedy sketches, Circus and Sideshow tricks.

12. Exotic movie night at Nitehawk Cinema

Image Source: nymag.com

Yes, we know this list is all about the unusual date ideas, but before you scroll down assuming it to be just another movie house, hold on! Because this one is different. The entertaining place had been New York's first 'Dine-in Cinema' theatre where you can eat and watch a movie while having a hearty talk with each other just about anything. To add more to its fun, the menus are often based on the latest releases which will keep you second guessing as on what's on the list today?!

Address:  136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY
What else to see and do: Look out for your favourite classics if you both share a common taste. The theatre screens them from time to time.

A perfect date needs a perfect place! Choose anyone from the aforementioned list and wow your partner with a lovely time.

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