10 Unique Honeymoon Places in India

The next time someone suggests that you go abroad for your honeymoon, forget what you heard and tell them that romance is best when its ‘desi’. You’d be surprised at the number of unique honeymoon places in India. From ski resorts to dense greenery, the options in our own country are mind-boggling.
So unlike Indian weddings, honeymoons need not be expensive for them to be memorable. Here is our list of unique honeymoon destinations in India that are ideal for snuggling up and proclaiming your everlasting love for each other:

1. Hampi - An offbeat honeymoon location in India

unique honeymoon destinations in India

Image Source: Sissssou/Flickr.com

Did you think Hampi was for history buffs? Well, you couldn’t be more mistaken. This World Heritage Site screams romance; miles of earthy terrain that speak of forlorn tales in pink-hued stone that is contrasted gloriously by the green of banana plantations and palm groves. Hampi is a gorgeous town gleefully stuck in the past. Yet its soul is that of a hippie; kind, beautiful and ever flowing. Check out some interesting facts about Hampi before planning for your honeymoon.

How to Get There: By Train, most express trains stop at nearby Hospet Junction. Nearest airport Hubli is 144 kilometers away.
Best time to Visit: October to March when there’s a pleasant chill in the air at night and daytime temperatures are at maximum 32 degree Celsius.

2. Gangtok - Less crowded honeymoon place


Image Source: proxygeek/Flickr.com

Gangtok is cool, hip and charming. This hill city has an incredible personality; it is friendly, insanely beautiful and irreverently modern. With Khangchendzonga playing peek a boo with the city, Gangtok is one of the promising offbeat honeymoon places in India. Use it as a base to explore the enchanting Rumtek or the majestic Tsomgo lake. Or linger around hand in hand at the achingly pretty main market. Gangtok will give you lots of ‘aww’ moments.

How To Get Here: Closest airport is Bagdogra and closest railway station is in Siliguri.

Best Time to Visit: For honeymooners, the best time to visit Gangtok will be between October to June.

3. Poovar - Unexplored honeymoon destination in india


Image Source: Nagesh Jayaraman/ Flickr.com

That backwaters are romantic, is something that is unquestionably true. But why not explore something different honeymoon destination in Kerala rather than the places advertised on glossy vouchers? Poovar is your answer if you’re looking for less crowded honeymoon places in India. A rare combination of river, lake, beach and sea, Poovar is unspoiled and untamed. A sleepy fishing village, Poovar has a stunning golden beach where the only sound is that of the waves. It is a romantic's rejoice!

How to Reach: Nearest airport and train station is Trivandrum.
Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit Poovar is from November to March.

4. Chikmagalur - Charming hill station

Image Source: Supriya/Flickr.com

Chikmaglur is quietly serene and boisterously bountiful. Imagine young coffee plants bouncing in delight and misty surroundings that scream romance and mush. Chikmagalur has a number of hotels nestled cozily in the midst of coffee plantations. The gushing waterfalls that thrive here will steal your hearts. Chikmagalur is a blessed paradise that is one of the best unconventional honeymoon spots in India. Check Out: Best Resorts in Chikmagalur

How to Reach: Chikmagalur has a railway station that has good connectivity with most big cities in India. One can also reach Chikmagalur from Bangalore by bus. The nearest airport is Mangalore.
Best Time to Visit: From September to March.

5. Tarkarli - For the beach lovers

Image Source: AnkurP/Flickr.com

Tarkarli is quite unlike Goa. And that is probably its biggest draw. Spiritual, calm yet splendidly beautiful, this village in Malvan area of Maharashtra offers the perfect getaway for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by anything else but each other. The lullaby of the ocean and the soft talcum-like sand are the perfect backdrop for romance and cuddles. This secluded paradise is one of the most unique honeymoon places in India and offers activities like snorkeling, dolphin spotting and scuba diving for adventure seekers.

How to Reach: Tarkarli is around 510 kilometers from Mumbai and 408 kilometers from Pune. Nearest train station is Malvan.
Best time to Visit: October to March because of mild temperatures.

6. Rishikesh - Off the beaten path honeymoon

Image Source: Ryan/Flickr.com

The gateway to the Ganges, Rishikesh is meditative yet vivaciously alive. There’s nothing as enticing as waking up to the visual of a ferocious Ganga by your bedside. Whether you and your partner are the yoga types or love a bit of an adventurous action, Rishikesh has much to please you. A popular white water rafting center and well known all over the world for its yoga courses, Rishikesh offers many exciting possibilities.

How to Reach: Nearest airport to Rishikesh is at Dehradun and by bus, it is 6 to 7 hours away from Delhi. Train connectivity is poor.
Best Time to Visit: Months of February, March and August-October.

7. Dharamkot - Less crowded romantic place

Image Source: Dave Kleinschmidt/Flickr.com

Dharamkot is the closest you’ll come to heaven in living. Flanked by tall trees and mighty mountains, Dharamkot lies ahead of the commercial hill station of Mcleod Ganj but seems a whole world apart from its frenzy. Dharamkot feels hippie but in its green heart, it’s spiritually beautiful. Cute cafes and simple accommodations let you concentrate on the endless magnificence of the surroundings. Choose to take a trek to Triund, Illaqua or Indraha Pass or just revel in the majestic beauty that surrounds you, you will fall in love with this place.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Gaggal and nearest train station is Pathankot
Best Time to Visit: Months of March to July and September to December

8. Pahalgam - Uncommon honeymoon spot in India

Image Source: Bombman/Flickr.com

Tall conifers cover deep valleys as snow clad alpine peaks remind you that the Himalayas are not too far. Pahalgam is as picturesque as it gets. This hillside glory boasts of about twenty lakes and verdant nooks that remind you that time has slowed down into a beautiful serenade. From golf to rafting, Pahalgam offers a number of activities with a drop dead gorgeous backdrop. Or you can snuggle up with your lover in front of a fireplace too! Pahalgam is also great for hiking enthusiasts.

How to Reach: Nearest Aiport and Train Station to Pahalgam is Srinagar which is approximately 47 kilometers away
Best Time to Visit: The best months to visit Pahalgam are March to November

9. Cherrapunji - Really a unique place for honeymoon

Image Source: 2il org/Flickr.com

Lying precariously on the edge of Khasi hills, Cherrapunji or ‘Sohra’ as it's officially known as a green haven. With cloud trapped valleys and rolling green hills, there’s much to fall in love with in this gorgeous town. Once known as the wettest place on the earth, Cherrapunji is teeming with the boundless bounty of nature. From trekking to river canyoning, there are a number of activities to indulge in here. The most notable attraction here is the living root bridge created by locals.

How To Reach: Reach Shillong by flight or taxi and take a shared or private taxi to Cherrapunji.
Best Time to Visit: November to March if you want to avoid the wet days.

10. Pushkar - Not your conventional honeymoon idea

Image Source: Francisco Anzola/Flickr.com

Apart from the reverence, there’s an undercurrent of placidity at Pushkar. Even though it is one of the most religious pilgrimages for Hindus, Pushkar has a chilled out vibe that you have to experience at least once. There’s a certain romanticism about this town but it's hard to pinpoint where it comes from exactly; whether it’s the milky hued temples by the lake or the dusty mountains that surround this place, Pushkar is a great way to start your life together and it makes one of the most unique honeymoon places in India.

How to Reach: Nearest airport to Pushkar is Sanganeer airport Jaipur and nearest railway is at Ajmer. Bus connectivity to Pushkar is good.
Best Time to Visit: October to February is the best time to visit Pushkar.

Your honeymoon should be a good mix of your interests, picturesque locales, and interesting sightseeing. Your first trip as a couple is the most memorable one and should be planned with your partner according to your collective preferences. India offers a plethora of beautiful locations that are ideal for romance. Before considering any other country, give your nation a chance to surprise you.

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