10 Amazing Mazes And Labyrinths Across The World

By Reshma Dewda on Dec 08, 2015
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Think about it..we’re all living in mazes and labyrinths already. You realize this when you visit a new city. The network of alleys and lanes seems nothing short of a maze to a newcomer. Even so, some ambitious and incredibly talented gardeners have created a-mazing masterpieces that have left the world stunned with their complexity and beauty.

Here are our picks for the top ten favorite mazes and labyrinths in the world:

1. The Tangled Maze, Victoria, Australia

Feel engulfed as you walk past the two meter high walls at this gorgeous maze that is both challenging and exciting. It is planted with loads of creepers and twining plants that make the meandering pathways even more confusing. On the way, you will encounter perfumed plants that will soothe your excited nerves and remind you that you are in the thick of nature.

2. Hampton Court Palace Maze, Surrey

One of the oldest mazes in UK, this labyrinth was created for the fancy of William III in the 17th century. The garden maze rivals the grandeur of the palace it stands in front of and much of its original design has been retained in its glory. The maze is known to have intrigued visitors by its various unexpected twists and turns.

3. Villa Pisani Labyrinth, Stra, Italy

Deceivingly complicated, the Villa Pisani labyrinth has not spared the likes of Napolean Bonaparte as well. It’s quite easy to get lost in this outstanding maze with its puzzling twists and dead ends. The beauty of the maze is befitting of the royalty of the villa where Hitler and Mussolini had their first official meeting.

4. Dole Plantation, Hawaii, USA

Also lovingly called the Pineapple maze, this labyrinth is truly one of the finest of the world. The maze covers close to 14,000 varieties of local vegetation in its zigzagging paths. This permanent maze has been lauded for its magnitude and intricacy.

5. Amaze Me labyrinth, Southbank Centre, London

A bibliophile’s dream come true, this Amaze Me labyrinth was made using thousands of books, by Brazilian artistes Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo. A whopping 250,000 books were used in this installation. The brainchild of writer and educator Jorge Luis Borges, this labyrinth is in the shape of his own fingerprint. The maze is over 500 square meters and has sections that are more than 2.5 meters in length.

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6. Cool Patch Pumpkins, Dixon, California

The largest corn maze in the world, this place is a wonderland in its own right. Spanning across 40 acres, this Guinness Book of World Record holder is definitely one of the coolest mazes in the world. Made by the unflinching hard work of the Cooley Brothers, the maze is packed with exciting confusions and a host of activities like a scare crow exhibit.

7. Andrassy Castle, Tiszadob, Hungary

Named as one of the top ten most beautiful mazes in the world, the Andrassy Castle maze is a spectacular maze that has been maintained immaculately. It resembles a giant squid and offers plenty of frustrating curves and turns to the visitors.

8. Masone Labyrinth, Fontanellato, Parma, Italy

The largest bamboo labyrinth in the world, this maze is sure to surprise you with its sheer size and magnitude. Made by Franco Maria Ricci, the love of gardening is almost palpable in every turn of this brilliant masterpiece. The maze has garnered much attention since it first opened doors earlier this year.

9. Reignac-sur-Indre, France

This elaborate maze will make you feel like a lost damsel in the woods. One of the largest plant labyrinths in the world, Reignac-sur-Indre becomes a playground of cheerful sunflowers in the summer. The whole puzzle is about 10 acres in size and millions of people have attempted to find their way through its complicated twists.

10. Ashcombe, Australia

This maze, planted over 40 years ago is one of the most thrilling mazes in the world. The challenge here is to find four mosaic flags in the two halves of the maze. What makes this labyrinth fun is that even though it seems pretty easy, it prods you to think and plan if you really want to emerge victorious.

The passion and perseverance of a few people has resulted in some truly unbelievable labyrinths that continue to astonish the world year after year. This only goes to show that with nature as the canvas, man can choose to make the most wondrous creations ever seen.

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