5 Unique NYC Restaurants to Try

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When people think of NYC food, they often think of pizza and hotdogs. And while you should definitely get your fill of both of these while visiting, there’s a lot more to New York cuisine that you need to checkout. 

New York is the epitome of a cultural melting pot, and this is evidenced in it’s diversified cuisine. There are many restaurateurs here who take the culture of the city and the culture of their homeland and infuse it into their cuisines, making NYC one of the most diverse and exciting eating destinations in the world. 

So what are the spots you need to check out to keep your palate guessing? Read on to learn about the top 5 unique NYC restaurants.

1. The Black Ant 

The Black Ant may appear to be like any other Mexican restaurant to the untrained eye, but a quick glance at the menu will quickly tell you otherwise. 

You may think someone is pulling a prank on you as the waiters roll up with dishes such as black ant guacamole and grasshopper-crusted shrimp. But, the insect-based dishes are exactly what make this restaurant so popular!

And to wash it all down, don’t forget to order an agave-infused cocktail that the Black Ant is also famed for. You might need your TopView New York bus to roll you out of the restaurant after packing in a delicious feast here!

2. Cameje Bistro’s Dinner in the Dark 

In the bustling city of New York, all of your senses are heightened. And there’s no better place to test how truly heightened they are than Cameje Bistro. 

Twice a month, this restaurant hosts a “Dinner in the Dark” event. Patrons are fed a delicious four-course meal while blindfolded in a dark room. This allows for a deeper appreciation of the meal as your senses of smell and taste are put to work. 

And of course, you get to experience a fun “ah-ha” moment at the end of the night when the dishes are revealed. 

3. Jekyll and Hyde Club 

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience that the whole family will enjoy, then Jekyll and Hyde Club is the place to go. 

Spooky sounds, decor, and table-side entertainment make this restaurant experience one you’ll never forget. Your family will get to hangout with Frankenstein, mummies, mad scientists, and werewolves all while chowing down on some delicious Create-Your-Own-Monster burgers. 

And don’t worry, if you’re not a burger person, there’s over 60 unique items on their menu to choose from. 

4. Ellen’s Stardust Diner 

Looking for the Broadway experience without the pricetag? Then you need to head to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. 

The Broadway-aspiring staff at this 1950s-themed diner will make you feel like you’re sitting front row. Plus, this restaurant doesn’t only know theater, they know good food as well. 

Open since 1987, Ellen’s Stardust Diner consistently ranks in the top 5 percent of restaurants on Tripadvisor. Make sure to take a mental picture of the waitstaff, as many have gone on to star in shows all around the country!

5. Takashi 

You may know a good piece of beef when you taste one, but what about the other parts of the cow? Have you ever tried it’s stomach, intestines, or better yet, it’s brain?

Well at Takashi, a Korean bbq joint famed for its ability to serve a cow every way possible, you can do just that! 

These dishes may not sound appetizing, but there’s a reason this place is known as West Village’s “New Meat Mecca”.