10 Unique Places to Visit in the USA

By Niraj Kakade on Feb 19, 2019
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America has been the staple of western culture over the years. Many people have seen sights such as the Statue of Liberty or the Washington Memorial only on a screen. Don’t you wish you could see these monuments in real life?
For example the beauty of Grand Canyon cannot be comprehended in some pictures or post cards, you have to see the place with your own eyes to even believe its beauty. But if you are still not convinced about the uniqueness of America, follow our list of Top 10 unique places to visit in the USA:

1. Underground Tunnels of Los Angeles, Los Angeles

unique places to visit in USAPC: Liquid/flickr

The city of Los Angeles is no stranger to secrets hidden underneath it, one of the example of it are the underground tunnels of Los Angeles. The tunnels were mainly constructed to serve as a service tunnels, although that wasn’t the only purpose of these tunnels. During the prohibition era the tunnel used to house many secret speakeasies. They also served the purpose of transporting huge amount of cash by banks and dangerous criminals by police; we just hope both of them never crossed paths.

2. Abandoned City Hall Station, New York City, New York

unusual attraction to visit in USAPC:Julian Dunn/flickr

New York is home to many beautiful things such as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State building, but some of those beautiful monuments are forgotten way too early, the abandoned city hall station serves prime example of that. It is constructed in 1904 for a luxury metro travel; the station itself was fitted with marbles and chandeliers, but not many trains visited this station due to its unique construction, hence few years later it was abandoned.

3. The Winchester House, San Jose, California

The Winchester HousePC:HarshLight/flickr

There are many rumors and urban legends about this house from stairs leading to nowhere to spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifle haunting the descendants, but the fact remains that it is one of the most beautiful mansion in the area. The mansion was constructed in 1884 and has over 166 rooms and numerous bedrooms. The most peculiar thing about the house is that it remained in construction for the next 40 odd years. Sara Winchester ordered the construction staff to keep building stairs and doors that led to nowhere in order to confuse the spirit that was haunting her. Certainly an unusual place to visit in the US.

4. Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

an unusual museum to visit in PhiladelphiaPC:Amy Meredith/flickr

The Mutter Museum is a one of a kind museum with a collection of medical defects and oddities over the years. Some of the famous collection includes skull of the tallest man in North America and brain matter of Albert Einstein himself. The museum which was started in 1857 also has a collection of different objects obtained from a person’s body.

5. Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

Gateway ArchPC:Charles Barilleaux/flickr

The arch is visible from far distance because of its 192-meters of mightiness. It is located stretching the skyline of St. Louis at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. The stainless steel structure was built as a minimalist form of architecture. We recommend taking the tram which will take on top of the arch. At the end you’ll witness a 360 degrees bird’s eye view of everything around you. You can see as far as 30 miles in any direction.

6. Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie, Louisiana

must see places in usaPC:Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar/flickr

The Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, is a perfect place to slow down and take in some of that Southern charm. It is located an hour drive away from New Orleans. The old mansion was built in 1820s consists of a 230-meter path of thick tree lines and bushes. Some of the trees in the estate are around 350 years old. There is no need for guided tour as this place can be easily explored by you. This place makes a nice spot for an afternoon picnic.

7. The Wave Organ, San Francisco, California

The Wave OrganPC:MK Feeney/flickr

The Wave Organ was constructed in the year of 1986 as a part of an art project. The organ itself consists of pipes of different length and diameter. This unique design of the pipes creates music whenever a wave hits the shore. It is truly an amazing sight to witness when the waves are in their full flow, they create a natural opera of sorts.

8. Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park

Crater LakePC:taylorhatmaker/flickr

Famously known as one of the deepest lakes in the world, Carter Lake is a very picturesque landscape of beautiful blue water and big cliffs. It was formed around 7,700 years ago by big volcanic eruptions. It is also one of the cleanest lakes in America which was possible because of stricter regulations by the local authority. To take full advantage of the beauty of this lake take a boat ride or just simply hike across the neighboring trail of the lake.

9. The Hamilton Pool, Dripping Springs, Texas

The Hamilton PoolPC:BrandonLord/flickr

The Hamilton Pool located just a few miles from Austin is a naturally formed pool with amazing turquoise green water. The cliffs that surrounds the pool makes it look like a modern architecture, but don’t let that fool you as they are formed naturally over the years. The pool houses a river inside it which provides fresh water to the nearby flora. It also has a 50 ft drop from the cliff which will lead you directly in the middle of the pool. So you know what to do when you visit the place.
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10. The Wave, Marble Canyon, Arizona

The Wave, Marble CanyonPC:Ryan Cadby/flickr

Sure Grand Canyon is charming, but if you ever wanted to escape the never ending flood of tourists and still don’t want to compromise on the experience, the Marble Canyon in Arizona is your closest bet. The spectacular sand dune formation took over 190 million years to form. The Canyon which now stands 5,225 ft above sea level is said to be carved out by a river, although that has been up for debate. It has also started gaining popularity recently so visit this place before the herd comes.
Keep that American spirit high and pack your bags!
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