15 Unrealistic Bars To Visit Around The World

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There are a lot of bars in the world that serve the best drinks and provide the coolest ambiance for us to hang out. But ever wondered what it would be like to sip a drink in a million years old cave or inside a giant tree?

Unrealistic much? Well, we aren't just plucking things out of the air. These places are real and unbelievably awe-inspiring.

Here's a list of enthralling bars from the world that will surely give you an unforgettable experience. 

1. Cova D’en Xoroi, Menorca, Spain

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Cova D’en Xoroi is a series of stunning old caves that are carved into the cliffs of Cala En Porter in Menorca, Spain. There are terraces that run along the edges of this bar offering a magnificent view of the waters. Nothing can beat the wonderful experience one has when the indoor caves are transformed into rocking nightclubs.

2. The Bar at Hotel Palacio de Sal in Potosí, Bolivia

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Located on the banks of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is the Hotel Palacio de Sal. The entire resort, including the furniture, is almost made up of salt. While you are here, you must try the appetizing drinks with a salty spin. 

3. The Old Forge in Inverie, Scotland

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Located amidst the gorgeous landscape in the Inverie village, The Old Forge is considered to be the most remote bar in mainland Britain. There are instruments lined up for customers who enjoy playing them and for foodies there is seafood, venison and a variety of ales. 

4. Cloud 9 in the Mamanuca Islands

When there are sundecks with day beds, bar stools and hanging chairs in the middle of the Ro Ro Reef in Mamanuca Islands, who wouldn't be on cloud 9? True to its name, Cloud 9 is a one of a kind restaurant and Fiji's only two-level floating lounge bar. It serves great international drinks offering an experience you'll never forget. There is also an onboard DJ and the customers can enjoy adventure activities like parasailing and jet skiing.

5. Sossovlei Lodge in Sesriem, Namibia

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The Sossosvlei is located next to the world’s oldest desert amidst the remote wildlife setup. The customers can sip the best African wines and German beers and can take a dip in the in-house pool. There is no match to this experience especially when you are witnessing the springbok and jackals wandering in the desert.

6. Jeff's Cellar at the Bajarin Hotsprings Retreat in Malaysia


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Jeff's Cellar is one of the best things to do in Ipoh, Malaysia at Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, is a wine cellar situated in a limestone cave that dates back to millions of years. It was once a private cellar and today they have a wide collection of the best wines. While your wine is breathing, you can have a striking view of the natural waters along with large stalactites and stalagmites.

7. Faraday Bar in the Vernadsky Research Base, Antarctica

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This could be a once in a lifetime experience because Faraday Bar is housed in the Antarctica's Vernadsky Research base, thus making it the southernmost bar in the world. Enjoy delicious drinks with wild penguins and the offbeat decor of the place. 

8. Sky Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

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Remember the movie " The Hangover Part II"? Well, this is exactly where the quirky shot of the movie was taken due to which this bar is a much talked about affair. There are drinks like Hangovertini that is dedicated to the cast and crew of the film. And that's not all, the sky bar is one of the highest rooftop bars of the world suspended at a height of 820 feet.

9. Monkey Bar in Berlin, Germany

This bar has its own charm. Housed in the chic 25 hours Hotel Bikini, the Monkey bar faces the Berlin Zoo which allows travelers to spot the zoo animals while they indulge in a drink or two.

10. Buza Bar in Dubrovnik, Croatia

While exploring the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, you might stumble upon The Buza Bar. Fans of the television series, Game of Thrones, will find it particularly interesting as the adjoining areas have often been used for filming the show. Located on the cliffs over the Adriatic Sea, you can enjoy drinks and a serene view overlooking the sea.  

11. Rock Bar in Bali, Indonesia

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The Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali, located on the rock formations high above the Indian Ocean, gets its fame from its breathtaking views of the setting sun. Guests can enjoy the views during daytime and dance through the night to the DJ's tunes, played from the booth carved in the cliff.

12. Fragrances in Berlin, Germany

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Bvlgari, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo - these are just a few of the drinks - yes, drinks - you can order at Fragrances in The Ritz Carlton, Berlin. Guests here can sample various liqueurs based on exotic perfumes, served in unusual glasses which could be shaped like a birdhouse, a giant strawberry or even cotton candy! 

13. Rick's Cafe in Negril, Jamaica

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Rick's Cafe in Negril, Jamaica, is unique in its own way. It is a beach bar, yet located on a cliff. The atmosphere is always buzzing with travelers looking for a good time and professional divers who take turns jumping off the cliff into the ocean, from a height of almost 60 feet.

14. Sunland Boab Tree Bar in Limpopo, South Africa

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If you're exploring Limpopo, South Africa, take some time to find your way back to nature at the Sunland Baobab Tree Bar. As the name suggests, the bar is inside a hollowed out baobab tree which is thousands of years old. This is a natural phenomenon, wherein baobab trees start to become hollow once they are 1000 years old, producing caves and crevices such as this one.

15. Ozone Bar at The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

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Imagine a lesson in mixology taught by a professional, high up amongst the clouds in a blue-themed bar. The aptly named Ozone lets you do just that, at the world's highest bar, perched on the 118th floor of The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong.

Visit these remarkably quirky bars for a unique drinking experience and lose yourself in the plethora of choices they offer.

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