Top 15 Unsolved Mystery Places In The World

By Nikita Das on Jun 02, 2017
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Who doesn't like a little bit of mystery? Shrouded in the garb of unravelled facts and theories, these mind-boggling events not only entice us to look into them but propel to go beyond our limitations and find out what's underneath. While many of them have been figured out over the time, some mysteries still exist, challenging people and their perception to provide with a logical reasoning for it. Here are few of those that has made into the books of 'forever mysterious'. Check them out and tell us if you already knew about any of it?!

 1) The Constant Humming in Taos

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The phenomenon apparently started in 1990's when residents of a small town Taos in New Mexico started complaining about weird humming sounds in the area. While not all of them can hear it, a healthy population of 2% agreed of its presence. The creepiness of it all further inflated when researchers tried to identify the source by placing numerous equipment in different the town. Needless to say, the endeavour was unsuccessful despite the technological prowess, leaving much to be answered for people. 

What's more interesting is that Taos is not the only town that has witnessed something like this. Various such cases have been reported in other areas of UK as well. Rumours have it that few people have even committed suicide unable to bear with the annoying 'hum' any longer.

2) The Sunken City of Atlantis

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The lost city of Atlantis has always been an intrigue for everyone, be it a reader or an explorer. The mysterious existence of this extremely advanced society and its later downfall has garnered numerous speculations from researchers and science enthusiasts alike, who had conjured up various theories for its destruction. Among all, one which is often spoken about is the wrath of Greek God Zeus who was angry on people's vicious conduct and decided to punish them for their misdeeds. It is believed to be his curse that the entire city was swallowed up by the sea. 

The city was first mentioned in Plato's work, making it one of the oldest topics of debate in the world. Although nobody has been seen yet, it is nonetheless a mystery which is going to be with us forever.

3) The Hessdalen light in Norway

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The enigma of this place lies in the various lights that brighten the sky of Norway's Hessdalen valley. First spotted in the 1930s, the phenomenon now can be easily witnessed 10-20 times a year. More so, there is no explanation as to why that happens. Appearing from the ground and then flashing off to the sky colouring it in multiple hues, Hessdalen light is a breathtaking thing to see. Till now various scientific universities and groups have conducted tests but no results have been out. Guess some things are better off like that!

4) The Mummifying Secrets of Bog People

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The encounter with bog bodies has stirred up a whole new conversation in the research world. While mummifying a body through salines and solutions has been nothing new to us, these naturally preserved corpses have paved way for a different method which not only let the organs and skin be intact but let the body survive for a comparatively long period of time. The bog people were found in sphagnum bogs in Northern Europe and some of them are way old, dating as back as the iron age. There are signs of struggle and cuts on these corpses which often leads to the conclusion that they were part of some pagan rituals. 

Nobody can say anything for sure, of course, but any other explanation is hard to derive as to why so many were dumped in such a way throughout the Europe.

5) The Combustion Story of Jeannie Saffin

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This one actually blew my mind away. The story starts on a quiet day of September 15th in the year 1982 when a girl named Jeannie Saffin suddenly caught fire out of nowhere. She was merely sitting on a chair in her home when suddenly a burst of fire hit her and she died on the spot. As per his father's account who was sitting near her, she didn't even struggle, it was as quick. Even the police investigation failed in concluding a logical reason on the case, given everything else in the house was pristine clean except the girl's body. Perhaps, how Jeannie died is a question that is meant to haunt us forever.

6)  Red Rains in Kerala

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Some say it is an outcome of the global warming, while others believe it to be the resultant of airborne spores from the locally terrestrial alga, none the less, the red rainfall that bathed the city of Kerala in 2001 certainly raised many questions that didn't seem to have an answer. The rainfall happened from July to September, pouring gallons of blood-red on people. Years later, a media report was published adding a new horizon of 'Extraterrestrial' to it. Till now many theories has been splurged, forth as the same has been seen in many parts of the world. Nobody can say for sure why it happened, but the mystery of this Red Rain has certainly piqued the interest of many around the world.

7) Jack the Ripper- A Mysterious Killer

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History has seen many cruel and unworthy, but the serial killer- 'Jack The Ripper' undoubtedly gets a special mention here. His identity, however, a contrast to his reputation, is something that is yet to be revealed. While his notorious acts of murder (mostly of prostitutes) have churned fear among the people, the fact that he escaped the police so well has made him a sensation for all. His name first came into public speculation when a letter was sent to the police by the murderer, though he hasn't been caught. Started from August till November 1888, he has murdered about 5 prostitutes in a serial killing rampage, castrating them beyond recognition.

Some theories believe he was from a royal family, hence was easily able to escape while other thinks that Jack the Ripper was a woman. Despite the interesting may or may not be's, he was always a mystery that needs to be solved.

8) The Creepy Belmez Faces

It is another old mystery that is waiting to be solved. The incident took place in 1971 in the Pereria family home in Belmez. One day the residents observed that some faces have emerged on the floor. And while it freaked them out of their brains, they decided to not leave the house rather destroy the floor on which the faces has appeared. It turned out to be a fruitless endeavour, as those face appeared, again and again, no matter how many times they have been put off. More than three decades till then and the situation is still the same.

Many scientists do not believe it to be true and blame the family for creating such noise, while the family proclaims it to be true. Whatever it is, the mystery behind its appearance hasn't been solved yet.

9) The Green Children of Woolpit

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As the name suggests, this mystery revolves around an unusual pair of children with an unusual skin colour. While the actual roots of the story are not confirmed, legends have it that a girl and a boy made way to the English Village of Woolpit in somewhere around the 12th century. No one knew where they come from, their language was different along with their behaviour and they refused to eat anything but beans. The younger one (boy) later died due to sickness while the girl lived on, learning the language and losing her greenish skin tone. She later revealed to be from 'The Land of Saint Martin' where there is perpetual twilight and people share the same skin colour. 

While all this may seem silly to many, some people firmly believe in their existence. I would rather not comment unless I have seen so myself.

10) The Dancing Insanity of 15th Century

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The strange situation started in July 1518 when a woman named Frau Troffea started dancing on the streets of Strasbourg out of nowhere. Many say she was obsessed with dancing and couldn't stop. The weird situation soon spiralled out into a more bizarre outcome where 400 others joined her in this obsessive atrocity. The crazy dance continued on for days and weeks resulting in many deaths due to heart attacks and exhaustion. Till date, nobody can explain why that happened. How come the people were so dedicated on dancing that they didn't even care for their life. We can only assume so much, yet the mystery of the entire fiasco is enough to bring it into this list.

11) Mapimi's Silent Zone

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There is a place is Mexico that is more famous for its silence than its bustle. Hard to believe right? We are talking about Mapimi which is often deemed as another Bermuda Triangle where communication can't exist. Blame it on the US government for testing a nuclear bomb here, which ultimately fell into this radio silence zone. If you any day plan to visit the place, be ready to hear a lot of complaints as folks often say that they can't hear each other. A fun place would be for those who wish to get away from it all (literally!).

12) The Sleepy Hollow Town of Kalachi

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Ask a lazy person like me and I would definitely love to visit this place. It is a city for sleepy people, no actually, the sleepiness is the real mystery here. The people of this small town of Kalachi in Kazakhstan can go to sleep for days at once. At first, people thought it might be virus or infection but the various doctors who have conducted research in the place dismissed the notion as they could not find anything in the atmosphere. Few also suspected the nearby abandoned uranium mines to be the reason but since other neighbouring towns are fine, that is highly unlikely. 

Till date, it is hard to point what might be the reason for people's sleepiness, hence establishing this little 'Sleepy Hollow' as a solid contender in the list.

13) Stonehenge- Random Stone Edifices

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There may or may not be any mystery attached to these gorgeous stone pieces that adorn the Salisbury Plain of Wiltshire in England. The site is dotted with numerous carved blue stones with each of them weighing around six tonnes. They are decked upon each other and past studies have proved that they are actually centuries old- 2500 to 3000 BC to be precise. There extremely large size makes many believe that it was established by Neolithic people. You might debate on its purpose since the stones are just standing there, some scientists speculate it to be the doorway of human history and its hidden nuances. 

Few have also anticipated it as an alien's job, which again hasn't been proved. In all, there is only theories and assumptions about it.

14) San Antonio's Haunted Rail Tracks

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This is a place where mystery and paranormal come together. The railway crossing, located in San Antonio, is one of the infamous places known for its haunted stories. As per the natives of the city, you can't park your car on the tracks or else, you will start hearing whispers and noises of the children warning you about the oncoming train. Many daring ones even sprinkle the powder on their bonnet and bumper just o see the hand prints of many children printed on it. Why are they here? Can't say but if you are visiting the place, be ready for some creepy experiences like getting your car pushed off the tracks.

15) Severed Foot Beach in British Columbia

Image Source: TelanganaDaily

Just imagine strolling through a beach, enjoying the wind flowing by and suddenly coming across a shoe? Doesn't sound much right? But what if the shoe has a foot in it? (a severed one?) Oh yeah, then it is scary and that's what actually happens in this severed foot beach in British Columbia! Many of these severed limbs have washed ashore in past years. People have tried to delve into the mystery and find its source, but no results. They are often discovered by passers-by or rag pickers who then complain about it to the police. They then go on with their investigation. No one can tell where they come from, but if history is anything to go by, it is going to be a mysterious thing for a long time.

These are the mysteries that have been here for years, still wondered upon and explored. Did that baffle you or boggle your mind? Comment below and let us know!

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