14 Most Unusual and Weird Towns Around the World

By Sameer Kapoor on Sep 09, 2015
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If being normal would have defined the contours of the world then there would not have been any place for fancy and imagination! Imagine everything being normal and then living in this world would have the most monotonous things to do here. If you think you are living in a normal town, then let us introduce you to some weird towns in the world that would jolt you out of complacency and normalcy.

1. Rennes-le-Chateau, France

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This petite French hilltop village knows how to take you away into the lands of romantic imagination. The town is known to keep mysteries: hidden treasures, unsolved murders, rituals and secrets hidden deep in the roots of Christianity. This entire unusual ensemble became the source of Dan Browns inspiration to make his controversial Da Vinci Code.

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2. The Villages, Florida

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The residents of this town certainly know how to keep themselves happy. The community in Florida (USA) clearly states that no residents be less than 19 years of age, and that each household must have at least one permanent occupant over 55. A perfect haven for retired folks!

3. Neft Daslari, Azerbaijan

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Located in Caspian Sea, this town is an intermeshed structure of an oil platform. Built in 1940 by USSR, this place evolved from an oilfield to a locality inhabited by around 5000 residents. Today, this town has apartments, bridges, a library, community center and a cinema too. Neft Daslari was also featured in James Bond movie, The World is not enough.

4. Coober Pedy, Australia

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We always thought that people live above the ground! Coober Pedy in Australia is an underground town, made from old abandoned mines. It is known as a very pleasant place to live since most daily activities are shielded from the unpleasant amount of sun in the area. The place is also well known as the beautiful opals that are mined there.

5. Elista, Russia

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People here are in love with chess! Known as the chess city in Russia, this place was designed by someone who was obsessed with the game and made it the theme of the whole town. There is even a giant chessboard in the town square, isn't this just the most unique town ever?

6. Battleship Island, Japan

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This island is a part of Japan and is completely walled in by a fake battleship. Although the island has been unoccupied for decades, but has always been a curiosity of people who saw it on the horizon. Today, this uncanny island is dilapidated from years of disuse, but open to tourists who wish to see something unusual.

7. Hell, Michigan

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This is a gothic small town in Michigan (USA) that has numerous spooky and devilish restaurants and tourist attractions, true to its name, Halloween is one of the residents favorite holidays.

8. Najaf, Iraq

Further in line with Gothicism and mystery, this town outnumbers all. Believe it or not! This village houses people along with graves. Home to worlds biggest cemetery, Wadi-Al-Salam, the people here live together with the dead.

9. Noiva do Cordeiro, Brazil

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This town consists only of female population who wish to create a counter space against patriarchy. Senhorinha de Lima, a woman charged with adultery established this town in 1891. Since then, this town has only women residents. Only a very few are married and have husbands. But the handful male population work in cities and come only on weekends. Well why men should have all the fun!

10. Thames Town, China

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Situated in Songjiang, China, Thames Town is an imitation of a British city. The aptly named town has traditional English architecture, cuisine, and even those classic phone booths- everything that you would find in London. It's England right in the middle of Asia. People come here to take pictures and get a feel of London from far away, a definite hit on our strange town list.

11. Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

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Senetil de las Bodegas is named after its famous wineries Sentnil. While most of the Spanish towns were built on well carved strong rocks, Bodegas made its way through cliffs and caves. The town has beautiful country houses that gives an impression of rising from the cliffs above them. Quite an unusual town, no?

12. Slab city, USA

Meant as The Last Free State in America, Slab City has no postal address or landmark, no electricity, water or even a toilet. This free-land can be accessed while driving from Los Angeles to the deserts in the east. While most of the population, who call themselves as Slabbers inhabit this land temporarily during winters just to get at a taste of free living. However, there are some permanent residents who either wishfully or due to poverty are forced to live here.

13. Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA

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This is somewhat dangerous place to stay in and that makes it weird too. The town was deserted because of the eruption of a fire that has been mysteriously been burning for decades.

14. Dwarf Village, China

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Located in China, this village is home to only little people. This might seem like a nice place, the only sort of place where they can feel accepted and not get second looks.

Tell us what you really think of these weird towns and do Let us know if you want to add more to this unusual list in the comments below!

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