Top 14 Unusual Things To Do In Oregon

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
Oregon is a state of many beautiful things. It can be defined as anything but normal. So the next time you plan your vacation there would you really want to explore it like a tourist and visit the popular clichéd places, or would you like to explore it as a traveler and go where the locals go? Well look no further we bring you a list top 14 unusual and offbeat places you can only find in Oregon.

1) Jump Into The Deepest Lake In United States

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Yes you need to know swimming before you do that. But if you do know it, you should consider taking a dip into one of the deepest lake in the United States of America. Carter Lake has a depth of almost 2000 ft (1964ft) to be precise. But that is not the only attraction of this place. It is also incredibly beautiful. The water is as blue as it can get. It is almost surreal!

2) Have A Pie The Size Of Your Head

The Apple Valley Country store in Hood River, Oregon serves up an apple pie which can easily weigh up to 4 pounds (yes really). Not only they are huge, they are also damn delicious. You can pair them up with some huckleberry milkshake and apple butter, and you’d never want to get out of Oregon ever again. 

3) Climb A Mountain


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Oregon has abundance of mountains in its vicinity. If you’re a beginner you can go for the beginner’s trail like the Dog mountain trail, or if you’re a daredevil who just wants to seek adventure above everything else you opt for Mount Jefferson which is very steep to climb. But we’d suggest you wait till the winter gets over and the routes are opened for public. We wouldn’t want James Franco playing you in a biopic. 

4) Brave The Line For Magical Donuts

Magic Donuts are actually magical, but not in a Harry Potter way, more likely in a delicious foodgasm way. Why you may ask? Because you get a giant donut covered in fruity treats, some cheese and a strip of bacon on it! There aren’t many places which serves Donuts with bacon on them. 

5) See A Ghost-ship!

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No we’re not talking about Pirates of the Caribbean here. This place can be referred more as an aftermath to titanic. The uo;Peter Iredale” is the most accessible ship-wreck in the Pacific Ocean. It draws over hundreds of people over the weekend, mostly teenagers looking for some good instagram photos. Despite being over a century old it remains to be a famous attraction on the Warrenton, Oregon Coast.

6) See The Goonies House 

Anyone who grew up in the 80s wouldn’t miss out this opportunity. The house is located in Astoria, Oregon is now owned by a young Jewish couple. Goonies fan themselves they let other fans have a stroll around the house as long as the guests are polite and come on foot.

7) Eat A Crab

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It will be considered as a cardinal sin if you visit Oregon without eating the Dungeness crab, which are local to the Oregon coast. You can visit any restaurant along the coast line, and you’ll be served with some of the best crab. But the Norma’s Seafood and Steak in Seaside, Oregon is famous for serving the best crab in the state. If you’re feeling ambitious enough you can visit the fish market on the Rockaway beach where they are caught and cook one up yourself. 

8) Go On A Beer Adventure

The Bend Ale Trail is basically the equivalent of uo;The World’s End” movie for craft beer lovers, minus all the cameramen, director, actors and the drama. The beer trail will take you across all the 14 breweries in the city. Try to make it at the end of it (if you can). Don’t blame us if you end up on the front page of the paper (not for a good reason) the next day. 

9) Taste The Famous Pinot Noir

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Oregon may be the perfect place to be for beer snobs, but don’t feel left out yet, wine snobs. Oregon has everything for everyone. The Willamette Valley Wineries Association is a great place to start for those looking to take a walk through Oregon’s famous vineyards and taste their delicious pinot noir. They also offer brunch service on Sundays!

10) Be Impressed By Kites 

The kite festival is one of the highlight of the city. It is hosted annually with over hundreds of people participating in it. If you don’t know how to fly a kite, don’t worry the view of hundreds of kits flying in the sky makes it up for everything. After all who doesn’t get impressed by kites?

11) Take A Tour Of The Tillamook Cheese Factory


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We all agree that nothing can beat the tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, but as it is fictional, how about the next big thing? The Tillamook Cheese Factory gives you a chance to go on a self-guided tour in their factory and try out anything your heart desires. So make sure to eat all the fudge you can while you are still inside.

12) Relax At An Authentic Japanese Garden 

Have you ever wanted to visit Japan for its amazing gardens, but don’t have time for it?  You need not to worry because Oregon has an authentic Japanese garden right in its back yard!  The garden consists of wide variety of exotic flowers and plants which are maintained in a very good condition. The place is filled with beautiful green lush through the year. Sounds like a good place to Meditate, right?

13) Defy Gravity At The Oregon Vortex House Of Mystery


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This place is located in Gold Hill area of Oregon; this bizarrely weird roadside attraction will turn skeptics into believers. Sure, there is a high chance it will be an optical illusionon it could be totally paranormal. You decide which one is more fun to believe.
The Vortex House of Mystery located in the Gold Hill area of  Oregon may seem like an optical illusion at first glance, but it’s not. It is a bizarrely constructed house that will fool you into checking your glasses twice! 

14) Meet The Largest, Oldest Life Form In The World

If you ever had an interest in fungus, this is the right place for you. The "Humongous Fungus" is located in the Malheur National Forest and is connection of fungus spread through 2000 acres of land. The studies have shown that it is almost over 2,400 years old! 
Now that we have helped you with the list, how about you bring us back that delicious crab? 
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