The World's Most Unique Rafting Experience!

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When one mentions rafting, the first thing that comes to your mind is of course a lot of white ripples around that keep brushing you with showers at every passing moment. You also tend to have the oars and paddles that help you emerge out victorious against the race you are having with an opposing current. If someone tells you that let’s go back in history for transportation and make an adventure out of it, you would definitely think they are demented and pass on the offer as swiftly as possible.    

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In Japan though, the culture of olden times has been re-born as a new adventure. The age old tradition of transferring logs of timber downstream the Kitayama River was changed into a fun rafting activity for tourists in the year 1979.

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Today you can live through the times of Wakayama and travel through these timber logs and enjoy it too. The real catch is that you cannot sit through the journey. You have to stand holding on to the support of metal and wooden handles located at the base of the rafts. The waters of Kitayama river are the only place you can enjoy white water rafting in Japan. Remember it lasts from May- September and the minimum age is 10 years old. So make it your next family trip perhaps?

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Also, if you think it is life threatening and clutching onto the metals and wooden base is not reassuring enough, remember it is the riders in front of you without any life-jacket who balance their act beautifully and literally!

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Fun fact: The season from May- September attracts around 8,000 visitors who try out this activity, would we see your next story next time. If not, then tell us about your favorite adventure activities, we love to hear from you!  



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