Valentines Day Romantic Ideas for Couples in 2020

By Reshma Dewda on Jan 23, 2019
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Bring on the mush; the most romantic month of the year is here! The sugar rush of Valentine's Day inevitably infects almost everything around; the waltz of red roses, the luscious seduction of chocolates and the overdose of heart-shaped knick-knacks doesn't escape anybody. Grand romantic dates and extravagant displays of puppy love have become the order of the day. But if you are one of those who would rather drown in muddy quicksand than fall for the over-the-top, tacky ideas sold by commercial wisdom as ideal Valentine's day, then this article is just for you! 

1. Bury a time capsule

Before you start devising ways to build a time-travel machine, let me tell you that a time capsule is just a box full of your best romantic memories that could be in the form of small trinkets, cards, letters and curios that have special meaning to you as a couple. You could reminisce about those memories together as you put them in this private box that can be buried in your backyard, and dig out years later to revisit the happy memories.

2. Camping with your Love

You can escape the overload of commercial mush and the chaos of the city by camping under the stars and in the arms of wilderness for a night. Pack a portable tent, a few blankets and a bottle of your favorite champagne. Light up a bonfire and bring along your guitar or fill your mobile with Phil Collins numbers; this one promises to be a legendary night!

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3. Paint the world red!

Plan to spend your Valentine's day indoors? How about putting a stamp of your love in your home? You and your partner can paint a wall of your home in bright colors and shapes and give those mundane whitewashed walls a kiss of love! If you like your walls as they are, you can even use a regular canvas to make a cute keepsake portrait as a romantic memory.

4. Rejuvenate and reconnect:

Love to pamper yourself with relaxing massages and facials but couldn't be bothered with the gravity-defying rates of a good spa? Why don't you create your very own spa at home? Stock up on aroma oils, scented candles, rose petals and mud masks and use them to give each other pampering treatments and massages or in any other way you fancy!

5. Take a hike:

Are you both the adventurous kind? How about going hiking together? Head out to the closest hill from the city and discover the romance of unadulterated air, birdsongs, and verdant pathways. Once you reach the top and have recovered from the awe-inspiring beauty of the view, you can lay out a small picnic-for-two and reminisce about simpler times.

6. Something fishy:

If sweating or panting aren't your ideas of an ideal Valentine's day, you can rent two fishing rods, pack a few cold beers and head to the closest lake for a peaceful day by the water with your lover. Whether you manage to draw a good catch or not, your Valentine's day is sure to turn out to be memorable.

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7. Take the leap of love:

And if you're not patient enough to wait for a fish to fall for your bait, you can choose to go kayaking with your partner or even just jump in for a relaxing swim in the lake. You'd be surprised at how much fun it can be!

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8. An Evening with the Stars:

Are you and your lover die-hard romantics at heart? Why don't you surprise your partner by organizing a stargazing night just for the both of you? Rent a telescope and show your darling the big wide universe beyond your own world. Earn lots of brownie points and kudos for this incredibly sweet and romantic evening!

9. A spoonful of love:

Romance could just be a simple thing like cooking a meal together. Stock up on the ingredients for your partners favorite dishes and you can together cook a delicious meal for each other. Go one step further and try to bake a cake or an indulgent souffle for dessert too. Don't forget to use generous amounts of aphrodisiacs!

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10. All we do is radio gaga :

A great old school idea to profess your love in front of the world would be to make a radio dedication to your love. Dedicate her favorite love song on the radio and accompany it with a message that will make her go aww.. And sit back and enjoy how the rest of the day plays out smoothly!

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11. Love is in the air:

Earmark the most romantic day of the year with Chinese lanterns that illuminate the sky like bright little parachutes. Get about a dozen or more of these beautiful, dreamy lanterns that are easily available over the internet or even at your local Chinatown and tie a small message for your lover on each. You can together watch them take their heavenly flight and take back memories of a luminous sky that's lit up with the warmth of your love.

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12. Organic Love:

Enroll yourself and your lover for a day-out at an organic farm which could turn out to be an incredibly romantic thing to do on Valentine's day. The Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is one such foundation that lets you help out at the organic farm closest to you . You get the hands-on experience of being a farmer for a day and also get to be a part of a refreshingly rural ambiance where the food is still fresh and the air is still pure.

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13. A Little Good Deed:

When was the last time you did an unselfish deed? Dedicate your valentines day to helping those who are really in need. Volunteering together for a good cause will add a new dimension to your relationship and is sure to get you closer to each other.

PC: Wikimedia Commons

14. Kites,ho!

Go back to your childhood and relive your carefree days with a kite in your hand. Head out to a windy place in the outskirts of the city and fly kites with your partner. You could even have a kite flying competition! Kite flying sure is an incredibly fun thing to do on your Valentine's day!

Thankfully, there are still some of us who want to make this day unforgettable with the spirit of togetherness and by doing simple things in a special way. Looking for ways to escape the heart-rose-chocolate frenzy of Valentine's Day? These ideas for Valentine's Day will make this 14th February personal, cozy and memorable without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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