Places to go on Valentine's Day in Delhi

By Reshma Dewda on Jan 29, 2018
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Best Places to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Delhi

You'll find romance in Delhi at the most unlikely of places. From the morning azaan to the small doses of heritage in unlikely corners, Delhi has preserved the heart in its concrete soul.

So, lucky you if you're in Delhi for Valentine’s Day! There are a number of places to take your sweetheart out for a date, that are not the usual balloons and Thermocol hearts cliché.

Here are our best suggestions where you can celebrate that warm, fuzzy feeling this Valentine's day in Delhi:

1. Lodi Garden, Khan Market

There is nothing more soothing to a tired eye than an expanse of green strewn with flowers. Lodi Garden and its gorgeous ruins take you back to a time when love was celebrated grandly. Witness your heartbeats go up and time slow down at this beautiful garden near Khan Market.

Cupid’s tip: Take her to Lodhi Garden Restaurant for a scrumptious romantic meal afterward.

places to visit on Valentines day in Delhi

2. Deer Park, Haus Khas Village

The Deer Park is one of the few places where the mayhem of a metropolis has not filtered through. Peacocks dance here in utter disregard and herds of deer roam freely in stubborn joy. The small lake has become an ecosystem that nurtures spectacular sights and sounds, quite different than what you might be used to in the smog-laden streets of the city. Perfect for a romantic rendezvous!

Cupid’s tip: Take her for an authentic gelato in the lanes of Haus Khas later or better yet, woo her with a glass of sangria at the rooftop Amour.

3. Qutub Minar Complex

Rediscover your love as you rediscover your city this Valentine’s day. Brimming with history, this place is full of magnificent heritage that has come to be synonymous with the city of Delhi. Spending your valentine’s date amongst these ancient landmarks would not just be incredibly romantic but it’ll also make you realize what a gem of a city you live in!

Cupid’s tip: Commemorate this iconic day by having a sketch artist make a beautiful portrait of you and your lover against this glorious backdrop.

valentine’s date at Qutub MinarPC: Koshy Koshy/

4. Parthasarathy Rocks

Enviably the best sunset you are ever to witness in the city of Delhi, the open air auditorium of JNU is a unique place for you love birds to spend your valentine evening. Just hold each other’s hands and talk about what life and love means to you; you’d be surprised at how spiritual beauty makes you.

Cupid’s tip: Pop in at Chaudharyji’s shop in KC market for a hot jalebi!

5. Dilli Haat

Whether it’s the small knick knacks or the bursts of color everywhere, there is something about Dilli Haat that is extremely endearing. And that is why it is an ideal place to spend a part of Valentine’s day. And if your date loves to shop (she does, doesn’t she?), this is like a little wonderland for her.

Cupid’s tip: Have some hot momos at the north eastern food stalls! Our favorite!

PC: Travelling Slacker/

6. Old Fort

Old Fort has a certain undeniable charm that makes it stand out from all the other historical monuments of the city. Whether it’s the sprawling spaces surrounding it or the cute man-made lake that adds to its ambiance, this place is great for lovelorn couples. Amidst the lush greenery, you will find many other beautiful monuments that are worth a visit too.

Cupid’s tip: Surprise her by hiring a professional photographer for a couple shoot against the Old Fort. Check if any prior permissions might be needed first.

7. Safdarjung’s Tomb

Get lost within the pavilions of this marvelous place where the viceroy of Awadh peacefully rests. Although it is on a smaller scale than the mighty Humayun's tomb, it is a sheer delight to visit. Just walking around this complex itself is incredibly romantic.

Cupid’s tip: Hop over to Elma’s Bakery, Bar and Kitchen later for some live music and delicious treats.

8. Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of Five Senses is a brilliantly landscaped place that oozes romance from every nook and corner. With its eclectic sculptures and murals, this place is bound to surprise you with its vivacity. This paradise is definitely one of the most romantic places in Delhi.

Cupid’s Tip: Hop in to Magique for a lovely meal after you are done meandering through the greens.

PC: Os Rúpias/

9. Agrasen ki Baoli

Okay, so just for one day lets choose to disregard the rumors about this place being haunted. If you change your perspective, you will be able to see that this is also an incredibly romantic place that begs to be explored. Its arched niches and many steps give it an eerily beautiful aura.

Cupid’s tip: Learn how to play her favorite song on the guitar and surprise her with a small show here.

10. Sevilla

Sevilla’s great flavors do absolute justice to its stunning décor that transfixes you the moment you walk in. The warmth of the candlelights over the meandering waters makes this place ideal to proclaim your love over a pomegranate sangria and some tapas.

Cupid’s tip: Reserve a canopy in advance for that out-of-the-world feeling ( and we mean waaay in advance!)

11. Thai High

With fairy lights screaming romance and winter winds nudging you to cuddle up, Thai High is almost postcard perfect. Cherry on the cake is the peek-a-boo with the gorgeous Qutub Minar. With the coal pit and the immense love in your heart keeping you warm, this restaurant completely delivers on the romantic front.

Cupid’s tip: Try the Satay Kai and Prawn Tom Yum.

12. Farzi Café, Cyber Hub

They say food is the best way to ignite the romantic spark. Well, you’d find this to absolutely true at Farzi Café where Indian food is rediscovered in a whole new way. The décor of this place is warm and cozy and encourages you to linger on. You might find yourself eating more than conversing but that is a good sign in some cultures, isn’t it?

Cupid’s Tip: Try the Parle-G cheese cake. Feel like a child again!

13. Lavaash, Mehrauli

Lavaash serves up Chef Saby’s rare genius in Armenian cuisine. It is decorated with beautiful details and scores spectacularly in the romance department. Valentine’s day is a great excuse to explore something new and you would be surprised at how flavorsome Armenian cuisine can be.

Cupid’s Tip: Opt for outdoor seating, especially the beautiful swings!

14. Imperfecto, Haus Khas

For some live music and Sheesha, this perfectly ‘imperfect’ place is a great pick. As you groove to the foot tapping melodies of the live band, enjoy some yummy paninis and croquettes with your date.

Cupid’s Tip: Get in early to get the best seats!

15. Cherie One Qutub, Mehrauli

Arguably one of the most romantic places for a date, the interiors of this place will melt your heart. Almost every aspect of this place shouts romance; the soft lighting, the flavorsome cuisine and the location too. Live musical performances are held on a regular basis.

Cupid’s Tip: Ask for your table to be strewn with rose petals for that additional awe factor.


This Valentine’s day, take a chance to explore your love and your inspiring city in a whole new way. After all, rekindling your love needs some creativity and imagination!

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