Veterans Day in NYC

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1. Introduction

It is of no doubt that we should honor our country’s veterans every single day but there are few government holidays made in their memory and they are celebrated every year. One of the most important holidays of them all is the Veterans Day in New York.  Every year on 11th November, this day is celebrated in New York and all schools and banks remain closed. The biggest attraction of this day in New York city Veterans day parade. The tradition of Veterans Day began as  Armistice Day in 1991 on November 11th when the world war I came to an end, later after the end of World War II it was renamed as Veterans Day. It is a very important day in American history as this day honors the veterans of every year.

2. Veterans Day parade

One of the best events that happen in NYC is the Veterans Day parade. Every year on the Veterans day, the United War Veterans Council runs this mind-blowing event which will bring out your love for your nation and honor and respect for those we lost at war. The parade is started at 10 am in the morning with the opening ceremony at the Eternal Light monument which is situated at Madison Square Park in New York and this ceremony ends at 11 am specifically which shows that it is the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. After that, at 11:15 am the parade is started. In this parade, the marchers have to finish a 1.3-mile procession. The parade let the common people salute and honor the veterans and also help them by raising awareness about the organizations that are working for their life and needs. Every year in this parade, there are over 25000 participants involved approximately. This parade is the largest parade done in the country and it is the most memorable festival of all. It is the time when every citizen feels more patriotic and everyone honors those who died for saving the nation. It is the responsibility of every responsible citizen to cheat the participants of the parade and feel the nation getting united more than ever. The Veterans Day is sometimes confused with the Memorial day because both of these holidays are celebrated in the honor of those people who served us in the US military. 

3. Veterans day parade NYC route

No matter what climatic conditions are there, The NYC Veterans Day parade starts at 11am on 11th November every year and follow the same route.  The parade usually starts at 11”15 am after the opening ceremony at Madison Square Park and ends at 3:30 pm every year. The parade is marched along the Fifth Avenue which has the historic memories. It is started from the 26th street and ends at the 52nd Street of the Fifth Avenue. The marchers take the parade through some iconic places like Empire State Building, Saint Patrick's Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. The whole route they cover is of 1.3-miles and the approximate time it takes is 30 to 35 minutes. The marchers walk through the path and almost half million people in the public cheers them throughout their way. It is a proud moment for every citizen of New York to attend the parade and give the honor to the veterans. The whole NYC veterans day parade is live stream and broadcasted on television. The whole footage is streamed live online and anyone around the globe can see it. Also, some highlight programs are also made to be shown later in the different cities of the US.

4. Participants of the Parade

The parade on Veterans day is the most honorable time of the year for every citizen. The parade is seen by half a million people who cheer the marchers wholeheartedly. Other then the public, the participants of the parade have the biggest responsibility to lead the march without any fail The parade is organized by the United War Veterans Council (UWVC) and the participants are also managed by them. There are approximately 25000 participants in the parade. The participants of the parade include many different groups who have different responsibilities. They may include the marchers, marching bands, floats and many more. The other participants have the responsibilities of security which may include the active officers, security guards and many more. The rest of the participants may include junior ROTC members, different veteran's groups and the families of veterans. The parade also includes some participants from the military units of all different branches and also some recipients of the Medal of honor. They increase the feeling of honor in the public for the active military of the country. There are also some high school bands who are chosen from across the nation for the parade.

5. The Opening Ceremony

This honorable day is celebrated every year in the same way and the celebration always starts with an Opening ceremony. The largest parade in the nation is preceded with an opening ceremony in Madison Square Park every year which begins at 10 am. The ceremony includes patriotic music and flag presentation at the Eternal Light Monument and the ceremony ends at 11 am so that the parade can be started. The Veterans parade cannot be started without this opening ceremony as it has a deep historic value. The Veterans day in New York is all about feeling patriotic by watching and cheering the Veterans day parade. It is not just the responsibility of the participants of the parade to make it memorable every year but also the duty of every citizen to what it takes.  Although, we should honor and remember our veterans every day the Veterans day festival is the best opportunity to show your love and respect for the action and feel more patriotic than ever.


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