Veterans Day in Washington DC

The Veterans Day in Washington DC is the day of honoring the brave men. On this day the United States takes the pleasure of honoring all the men and women who had bravely fought and faced every hardship throughout the history of The United States of America. The day is celebrated every year on November 11. 

The day also serves as a reminder to all the citizens that life is a gift and this gift should not be taken for granted by anyone. It is a message to the people to have respect and gratitude for all the brave-hearts who have sacrificed their blood and life just so that the generations further do not have to see the shadows of the dark. 

They pray for all the young and old souls who were complete strangers but they had given their lives in wars and movements just for some other strangers in the future to live a peaceful life.  

The day draws it relation with the Armistice Day, Memorial Day and Remembrance Day which is observed by other countries to mark the anniversary of the ending of World War I. It was earlier observed as the Armistice Day and was later renamed as the Veterans Day in 1954.  The Veterans day is different from the Memorial Day. The Veterans day celebrates the contribution and service of all while the Memorial Day honors those who died during the service.

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1. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Ceremony

In this ceremony, many visitors, veterans and the relatives of the ones who lost their lives in the battle gather at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It is a black granite memorial which is known among the people as “The Wall”. It is an honor to those who were killed in the Vietnam War. There have been instances of people leaving their own personal effects. As many as 400,000 items of personal belonging have been found at the memorial since it opened to the public. Annually on the veteran’s day noted speakers and observances of wreath-laying being at the memorial from 1 pm. 

2. The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

A visit to this memorial is a hard-hitting reminder of the brutal aftereffects of the wat. It reminds the citizens the cost of the war that they had to pay. This particular memorial honors those individuals and their sacrifice who were left disabled after the war. This honor is for the disabled people from all branches of the armed forces of the United States of America. 

3. The National Cemetery and The Women's Memorial 

The cemetery has been open for about 150 years. The gravestones in this cemetery are a lesson for all the citizens. It reminds them of the cost they had to pay for seeing the day they are seeing at the moment. It rests more than 400,000 military veterans. The Women's Memorial is the only one of its kind which pays a respect to the sacrifices of the women for the country, irrespective of the eras and the kind of services that they provided. 

4. Korean War Veteran’s Memorial

This place consists of many structures that pay a tribute to the ones who have sacrificed their lives during the Korean War. There are a lot of structures depicting the plan of action followed by the war veterans. 

5. National World War II Memorial

The memorial is magnificent and beautiful. It glows especially during the sunset paying tribute to one and all who participated in the World War II and to those 400,000 who lost their lives. 

6. United States Navy Memorial

The place has a very prominent value of heritage. People visiting here pay their respect to the veterans who served particularly in the Navy of the United States. It reflects the naval pride and achievements of the country. 

7. The US Air Force Memorial

The U.S Air Force Memorial pays a tribute to the service, manners, and heritage of those men and women who served the Air Force. There is a wreath laying ceremony conducted here annually and it is accompanied by the military band. All of this takes place around the three stainless steel spires. 

Such is the grandeur in which the citizens of the United States of America pay their tribute to each and every one who has been a part of the making of their country what it is at the moment. Every small and big service of the veterans is respected and is paid tribute to. 


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