Things To Pack For Monsoon Getaway

Don't rain on my parade

There are some among us who absolutely love the rainy season. They plan their trips to coincide with the monsoons. Their idea of the perfect vacation involves heavy downpours, lush greenery and some chai. While there are others who plan their trip and later realise that the monsoons have made a date with their destination of choice as well. What a pickle to find yourself in! Well, whatever the case is, we've compiled a handy list so that you don't forget to carry all essentials you would need to combat, appease or enjoy the rainy season. Here is our list of things to pack for monsoon getaway:

1. Raincoat

This is a little obvious, but people have this notion that an umbrella would suffice. Umbrellas have this annoying habit of getting away from you when its windyweve all been there. And think about it the top your head will be dry but the rest of you? You'd rather carry a raincoat along with your umbrella so that you can keep your clothes dry and you don't fall sick. You can always buy one in a bright colour or groovy pattern to make things interesting!


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2. Mosquito repellent

Monsoons are synonymous with mosquitoes. Carry mosquito repellent and there will be no more itchy bites and you also protect yourself from mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. Otherwise, you might find yourself scratching the entire night, not being able to sleep and ruining your trip (not to mention, being cranky and ruining other people trip too!).


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3. Skid proof shoes

There's a huge danger of slipping and falling during the rains. Besides the fact that your friends will probably mercilessly make fun of you the entire trip, you can seriously hurt yourself! Carry a hardy, skid proof pair of shoes and you will be able to dance in the rain without the fear of falling. Avoid wearing sandals or chappals because your feet are going to be really dirty at the end of the day, no matter how daintily you take a step!

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4. Waterproof bag

This is essential if you don't want your things ruined, especially expensive electronic items like laptops, phones and tablets. Carry a waterproof bag or a plastic sheet to wrap your things in so that rain doesn't play spoilsport.


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5. Clothes (the right kind)

For a monsoon getaway, you'll need quick drying, synthetic clothes if you happen to get wet. It's wise to carry shorts because full-length clothes like jeans or long skirts get muddied during the rains. Also carry a windcheater to keep yourself warm.

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6. Airtight containers

If you're carrying food along with you for the trip because you're the Joey of the group and you love your sandwiches, remember to pack them in airtight containers. Food spoils easily during the monsoons and airtight containers keep food fresh for longer.

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That's all from us. Have an awesome Trip. Happy Monsoons! Plan a trip with us.

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