53 Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians in 2020

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Nov 18, 2019
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Countries Offering Visa on Arrival for indians

Do you want to go abroad, on a vacation from India? Are you aware of the provision of "Visa on Arrival for Indians" to travel abroad?

In the past, many first-time travelers, as well as experienced Indian passport holders, used to face challenges in getting a visa. Traveling abroad was a challenge due to paperwork, long queues, time, and money spent. VOA is a quick solution for this.

"Visa on Arrival" or VOA helps Indians to travel to around 58 destinations in Asia, Europe, Oceania & Caribbean, Africa, & the Middle East. You can travel to countries with status "Visa on Arrivals" or visa-free very easily. For every Indian passport holders, this list of "53  Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians in 2020" is worth exploring. Let us explore all one by one.

1. Nepal

Nepal is a visa-free country for Indians. Indians can stay for a maximum of 150 days. This is also a no passport required countries from India. You need to provide a valid Identity card showing you are Indian. Get your bags packed and travel to Nepal almost anytime.

2. Bhutan

Bhutan is the happiest country. Indians can obtain a 14 days tourist visa at the port of entry on producing a valid Indian passport. A voter ID with a minimum of 6-month validity is also enough. You can explore this beautiful country very easily.

Bhutan - beautiful country near India

3. Thailand

Tourists visiting Thailand for up to 15 days can avail Visa on Arrival facility. A visa fee of 1000 Thai Baht needs to be paid in Thai currency. Check out the process to apply visa for Thailand.

4. Maldives

The Maldives allows 90 days to stay with visas on arrival for Indians. Maldives Tourist Visa is issued to Indian nationals on arriving at the airport in the Maldives provided you have a passport with at least 6 months' validity.

5. Indonesia

Indonesia can be visited with a visa on arrival with a valid Indian passport. Visa is valid for 30 days and cannot be extended.Know more about the Indonesia Visa application, the travel documents, and visa application fees.

6. Cambodia

Cambodia issues on arrival visa for tourism or business trip valid for 30 days. One can also apply for an e-visa before arrival for a fee of USD 36.

7. Hong Kong

Now for Indians is Visa not required to visit Hong Kong. Pre-arrival registration before visiting Hong Kong is mandatory.

8. Malaysia

For Indians visiting Malaysia from Singapore, Thailand visa on arrival is valid now.

9. Mozambique

Mozambique offers a visa on arrival for Indians

10. Serbia

If you want to visit Serbia, then Visa not required for 30 days

11. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers visa on Arrival for 30 days to Indians

12. Egypt

If you travel individually Visa is required to visit Egypt. But, if you are traveling with tourist groups from India, local authorized tour operators can arrange Visa on Arrival for you.

13. Belarus

If you are staying up to 5 days in Belarus then, visa not required for you with an Indian passport.

14. Myanmar

"Visa on arrival" is available for Myanmar based on your needs. For more details please visit the official website.

15. United Arab Emirates

UAE allows visa on arrival facility for Indians holding a valid US visa.

16. Laos, Asia

Visit the stunning backwaters of Laos with a visa on arrival for Indian nationals valid for 30 days. The visa fee is US$ 40. Visa can be extended by paying US$ 3 plus a taxing fee of US$ 2.5 per day.

17. Jordan, Asia

If the ancient monuments of Jordan captivate you, visit this historical country with a visa on arrival facility for Indian passport holders valid for 2 weeks. You must hold US$ 1000.

18. Seychelles

Indians can avail Visitor's permission for 1 month. An Indian passport with 6 months validity is needed. Check more details here.

19. Macau

Visa not required for Indians for 30 days in Macau. Macau is the ultimate destination for understanding Chinese heritage.

20. Fiji

Fiji is one of the countries where a visa is not required for 4 months. Fiji is the ultimate destination for every beach bum.

21. Palau

Palau offers a visa on arrival facility for Indians and a stay of maximum of 30 days is allowed here.

22. Tuvalu

Tuvalu island can be visited with a visa on arrival and you can stay for 1 month.

23. Marshall Islands

You can easily attain a "visa on arrival" to the Marshall Islands valid for a maximum stay of 90 days should you hold an Indian passport of 6 months' validity. On arrival, you need to produce these 2 documents: a recent police record and health clearance.

24. Micronesia

You can visit this sub-region of Oceania embellished with several islands with visa on arrival facility valid for 30 days, which may be extended up to 60 days.

25. Samoa

Samoa allows Entry Permit on arrival and stays for 60 days for Indian passport holders.

26. Vanuatu


Citizens of India do not require a visa to travel to Vanuatu for 30 days. A blissful island minus any commercialization, Vanuatu is ecstasy!

27. Guinea - Issau

Explore the natural beauty of this African country with a visa on arrival for 90 days.

28. Burundi

Indian passport holders can avail of a visa on arrival for 3 months. An amalgamation of soaring mountains relaxed lakeside communities with a conflicting past.

29. Comoros

For Comoros, an African nation a visa on arrival is available for 30 days.

30. Ethiopia

Ethiopia - get an e-visa

Indians can avail an e-visa valid for 30 days. The perfect blend of culture and nature, Ethiopia in one word is Utopia!

31. Grenada

Visa is not required for Indian passport holders in Grenada for 3 months.

32. Madagascar

Discover this island, straight out of the movie, just the way it is shown! Indians can attain a visa on arrival for 30 days.

33. Malawi

The Indian nationals need to obtain a visa in India before arrival from their Mission in Delhi. It is not a visa on arrival in " a real sense". Check the official website of the Malawi High Commission for correct details.

34. Mauritania

Indian citizens can avail visa on arrival at the International airport of Mauritania. Beautifully barren, this one’s perfect for fans of minimalism. A great option for transit to Marrakesh, Dakar or Bamako.

35. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint vincent

Visa not required for 1 month to visit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Enjoy Pristine beaches and sparkling blue waters, with a lighthouse on a hill; not a storybook but the idealistic island of SVG!

36. Mauritius

Mauritius allows visa on arrival valid for 60 days for Indian passport holders. It can be extended further by Passport & immigration office based on necessity.

37. Tanzania

Tanzania offering on arrival visa for indians

Indian citizens can obtain a visa on arrival for 90 days to Tanzania with a 50$ fee. For business or work visas, you need to pay $250 with an invitation letter from the sponsor.

38. Timor-Leste

Indian citizens can avail visa on arrival for 30 days to Timor-Leste.

39. Togo

Togo issues visa of a maximum of 7 days to citizens of India. If an extension is required, one can attain the same for a maximum of 90 days.

40. Brazil

Indian passport holders can now travel to Brazil without worrying about visa requirements. Now you can explore this vibrant South American country and soak in its cultural beauty to the fullest.

41. Uganda

Citizens of India can avail visa on arrival to Uganda. But the duration and restrictions final authority decisions are taken by Immigration officials.

42. Somalia

Somalia limits visa on arrival for 30 days for any nationals. Provided Sponsor needs to submit an invitation letter to immigration authority 2 days before arrival.

43. Cape Verde

Wonder at the beauty of this arrow-shaped archipelago that can be entered by Indians with the facility of on arrival visa valid for 30 days.

44. Senegal

Senegal tourist visa is not required for citizens of India for a stay of up to 90 days. Visit this enamoring French Colonial heritage shortly before February, when the country experiences a pleasant wet season.

45. Trinidad and Tobago

Visit this twin-island country off the northern edge of South America with on arrival Visa for Indians valid for 90 days. Make sure your passport has blank Visa pages.

46. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and NevisPC: Isabelle Acatauassú Alves/flickr.com

Enter this country which offers Indian nationals visa valid for 30 days.

47. El Salvador

Visa on arrival facility is available for a visit of 30 days. From India, you can easily visit this Central American nation known for its Pacific Ocean beaches, surfing, and mountainous landscape.

48. Jamaica

Jamaica is well known for its beaches and all-inclusive resorts. This is an American destination where a visa is not required for Indian citizens.

49. Dominica

Discover the unspoiled beauty of Dominica, a tourist visa is not required for citizens of India for a stay of up to 6 months.

50. Haiti

Visa is not required for Indians and can stay for 90 days in Haiti. You need to apply for one month in advance before leaving for Haiti. Check the Visa entry requirements for Haiti

51. Saint Lucia

Visit Saint Lucia with Visa on arrival for 6 weeks. You must have a return ticket or ticket for an onward journey.

52. Guyana

Guyana allows visa on arrival facility for Indians valid for 30 days. Note that you require a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. You need to have a letter of invitation from sponsor or host; and contact details of sponsor, host or hotel; and two passport photos.

53. Suriname

Citizens of India are granted a tourist card or visa on arrival valid up to 90 days by Suriname. A warm place where cool rivers converge, Suriname is effervescent!

So don't think more about where can Indian citizens travel without a visa choose the destinations and get on a long vacation.

Note: The article is created by referring updates from The Consular, Passport & Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs India webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions on Visa in India

  • Q. What are the documents needed to go abroad from India?

    When you travel abroad you need a valid Indian passport, visa if required, Foreign currency, Overseas mediclaim insurance, air tickets, an invitation letter from hosts and any other specific documents needed from Immigrations officials.

  • Can I travel with Indian passport validity for less than 6 months?

    Most of the countries do not allow travelers with passport validity for less than 6 months. It is always better to get a passport renewed if you want to travel abroad.

  • Q. Does Indian passport need a separate visa for Phuket?

    All Indian passport holders who are visiting Thailand for Tourism and plan to stay less than 15 days can get visa on arrival. For Phuket, you don't need a separate visa.

  • Q. Do Indians need a visa for Singapore?

    Yes. Indian passport holders need to apply for a Singapore tourist visa which allows a stay for a maximum period of 30 days with a validity of 2 years. The passport should be valid for 6 months.

  • Q. Which are the cheapest countries to visit from India?

    Some of the cheapest countries to visit from India are Nepal, Vietnam, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Thailand.

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53 visa on arrival countries for indians in 2020
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