Things To Know For Business Visit in Manchester


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So you're visiting Manchester on business? Lucky you! Manchester is one of the largest (and best) cities in England. It comes with all of the perks of being in a city like London, but has the unique aspect of being home to England's quirky northern population. There's plenty to do in and around Manchester during your visit, and Manchester is a business hotspot so you'll also get plenty of work done. Here are four things we think you need to know before you embark on your business trip to Manchester.
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It's Easily Accessible


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Manchester is an incredibly easy place to get to and then travel around. If you're travelling in from abroad, Manchester Airport is right on the doorstep of the city centre, with bundles of trains, trams, taxis and buses ready and waiting to take you where you need to be. Manchester is also home to two large train stations; Piccadilly and Victoria. So if you're travelling by train, it will definitely be hassle free. Unlike London, it's free to drive around the city centre and by pre-booking a parking spot at  you'll have no trouble driving to Manchester and finding somewhere to leave your car. Manchester also has a relatively new tram system, so check out metrolink if you aren't driving as it's a quick way to get around the city.

It's Packed with Amazing Bars and Restaurants

After a hard day working and in meetings, Manchester is the perfect place to unwind with loads of bars and restaurants dotted around the city centre. This city is known for its lively nature on any night of the week, so if you're after some well earned downtime then you're in the right place. Check out Manchester bars for the best insight into where you should be heading to for a great meal in Manchester.

Home to Some of the World's Biggest Companies

There's a reason why you're heading to Manchester to do business, and that's because the city is packed with some of the world's biggest companies. You're definitely working among the world's business elite during your trip to Manchester. This website will tell you all about the companies you'll be rubbing shoulders with when in Manchester.

Has the Best Two Football Teams in Town


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Lastly, a definite highlight for Manchester is that it's home to two of the biggest football teams in the world. Manchester United and Manchester City welcome hundreds of thousands of fans to their grounds each season, and many more for tours of the stadium. If you're lucky enough to be in town on a match day, then we highly recommend trying to get a ticket. If you don't manage a ticket, don't panic, just being in the town when either team are playing is a great atmosphere. Manchester is definitely a city that loves football, and the buzz proves this.
Now you know a bit more about Manchester, we feel that you are equipped to make the most of your business trip to the city. Once the work is finished, make sure you check out some of the sights this great city has to offer.

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