Wacky But Good Indian Food Combinations Worth Trying

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I am a complete foodie. My experiments in the kitchen have brought on the awe and disgust of my family members! It was by fluke that I discovered that Teekhi Boondi and Shrikhand taste so good together! Also, have you ever tried dipping your French fries in vanilla ice cream? The last time I did that at McDonald’s, the school kids on the next table gave me weird looks! Thankfully though, restaurants and eateries in India have started experimenting with food. Their innovations have brought to the table many a different delicacies. Here are a few dishes I have tasted and loved. Although some of these Indian food combinations might sound disgusting to you, I assure you, they taste heavenly.

Chocolate Momos:

Image Source: Zomato.com

Two of my favourite things brought together! Although not easily available, Chocolate Momos are a USP of Krystal Chopstick located in Hindusthan Park, Kolkata. You also get them at Wow! Momo in Delhi and at Chic Chocolate in Mussoorie. These momos are sinful bites of paradise filled with gooey chocolate.

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Ice Cream Burger:

Image Source: InterContinental Hong Kong/flickr.com

I recently tasted the Ice Cream Burger at a cafe in Bavdhan, Pune. My friends gave me judgemental looks; they had ordered Shawarmas and pastas. And once the order came, oh boy, was I pleased with my dish! The Ice Cream Burger was made up of 2 warm and buttered buns with a thick slice of vanilla ice cream in between them. The burger was topped off with chocolate sauce.

Momo+ Burger= Moburg:

Image Source: insatiablemunch/flickr.com

Ever heard of a Moburg? It is basically a Momo Burger. Available at the Wow! Momo outlets in Kolkata, the Moburg is a burger filled with pieces of fried momos topped with schezwan and coriander sauce and creamy mayonnaise.

Chinese Bhel:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chinese products are invading the markets and they haven’t even left our food alone! Our regular chatpata Bhel just got a Chinese twist. Available at roadside Chinese food stalls and even a few restaurants, this bhel is made up of crispy noodles and various Chinese sauces. The end result is spicy, crunchy and delicious. Some vendors even add capsicum, tomato and onion to the Chinese Bhel to make it taste even better.

Pani Puri and Vodka Shots:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The traditional spicy-sweet Pani Puri just got a makeover! The Pani Puri and Vodka Shot is an amalgamation of crispy puris filled with regular mashed potato filling (or ragda filling) and topped off with flavoured vodka shots instead of the spicy sweet water.

Yak Butter Tea:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

I recently returned from a memorable trip to Ladakh with friends. During the cold dawns and chilly evenings in the region, I found solace in cuddling upto and sipping on warm Yak Butter Tea. The tea is made up of water, tea leaves, yak butter and salt. For my liking, I used to add a few spoonfuls of sugar to it!  

Schezwan Dosa:

Image Source: Youtube.com

Another Chinese twist to an authentic South Indian dish. The Schezwan Dosa consists of a plain dosa filled with spicy Schezwan noodles. Best had with coconut chutney or tomato ketchup. A delicious match made in heaven!

Nutella Appam:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sambhar and chutney are so boring to eat with this spongy South Indian rice pan cake! Top off an appam with a generous spread of Nutella and you are good to go.

Noodle Samosa:

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Also known as Chinese Samosa, I first tasted the Noodle Samosa at Kaka Halwai in Pune. I was so used to the regular potato and green peas filled samosa that the idea of a samosa filled with noodles repulsed me. However, I did give it a try and I absolutely loved it. This samosa tastes best with tomato ketchup or sweet imli ki chatni.

Have you tried any of the above mentioned combinations? How did you like them? Did we miss your favourite wacky food combination? Do let us know by commenting below.

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