10 Warm Places To Visit In December 2018

December, the epitome of the holiday season, when everything around is joyous and merry, may sometimes get a little overwhelming with the steep dip in the temperature. Yes, it is holiday season and all you want to do is curl up inside the warmth of your home devouring that Hershey’s hot chocolate, brimful with your favorite marshmallows or be around with family taking in the holiday spirit.
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But winter blues spare no one! You are ought to feel like getting out of that cold, biting weather. What could be a better way to overcome this, with an escapade to some sunny, warm places that will remind you of golden summers and give you a much-needed winter-break, literally?! And so, we bring to you this list of warm places to visit in December, that you should totally consider for that alluring warm, winter break!

1. Stroll along the ancient coasts of Oahu

Often missed as the transit point, to neighboring islands, Oahu awaits exploration. Delight yourselves with this place’s multicultural heritage thumping with rich Hawaiian traditions. Surf on the gushing waves, hike the lush mountains, windsurf the uninhabited islands or kayak as you explore your own discoveries. There are more than a zillion reasons as to why Hawaii is synonyms with paradise! What keeps this diverse community alive is its boisterous arts and cultural festivals. Not surprising, that someone from here is the American President! (Yes, Barack Obama!) 
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 82F/27C
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 67F/19C

2. The ensnaring Jamaica


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Mention Jamaica and the only thing comes to my mind is sunny, viscerally alive tropical beaches with blue waters, and happy people around! This Caribbean gem has every requisite of that perfect Caribbean holiday. From all-inclusive resorts, great sights, amazing leisurely things to do to great food! Street parties, hidden waterfalls, lots of adventure, this country is powerfully beautiful and is certain to ensnare you, as soon as you touch down! A great destination for beach holidays in December, Jamaica wins patently.
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 98F/37C
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 53F/12C 
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3. Experience informal hospitality at the Dominican Republic

Another gem in the Caribbean’s crown, the DR is one of the most geographically diverse countries on the globe. If you are wondering, where to go on a warm holiday in December, this destination is a strong potential. Given its stunning mountain scenery, desert scrublands, evocative colonial architecture, and beaches, you don’t have to think twice on this one. If you are considering some December romance, Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial is the place to head! Beautifully restored monasteries and cobblestone streets exude charm and romance! Puerto Plata and Santiago is a pleasure for history lovers. Your chance to experience informal hospitality, this place is big on culture and heritage. 
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 85F/29C
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 66F/18C
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4. Get enchanted by Costa Rica’s misty crater lakes


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A bliss for the adventure connoisseur! Costa Rica is a playground of great hikes amidst the rainforest, brisk high-altitude trails, and world-class surfing. For the not very adventurous ones, lazy beach strolls and sunbathing come to rescue. With National Parks spread across, you also get a glimpse of the tropical and cloud forests, fuming volcanoes. This is perfect for those crisp, short December holidays in the sun, you have been planning forever now! 
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 60F/15C
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 41F/5C

5. Stargaze at Bora Bora

Little will you be able to hold your excitement, as you fly to this dreamland! The sites from your plane will make you want to dive into the blue heaven within no time. Often overlooked as just a honeymooner’s go-to destination, you will be surprised how perfect this is as a family destination too. Ideally blending slow paced sun-and-sand holidays with action-packed adventures, Bora Bora is flawlessly one of the best places to travel in December.
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 84F/28C
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 59F/15C

6. The time capsule, New Zealand


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An appreciable blend of landscapes and culture, the quirky New Zealand, is like a time capsule! Rolling hills and hedgerows collude with the irreverent, easygoing locals are your reality check as you wonder if you still are in the same century! With potent Māori culture, impressing itself on contemporary Kiwi life, you will hear Māori language across the nation, deeply making its presence felt. Food and beverages win hands down here; you cannot miss out on the craft beer! All these factors nimbly make New Zealand our favorite warm vacation spots in December.
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 68F/20C
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 52F/11C 

7. All things spicy Mexico

World famous for it's cuisine, the Mexican land is laced with palm-fringed beaches, steamy jungles, teeming cities and fiesta fireworks! Perfect for both outgoing people and reserved people, Mexico is one of the most ideal holiday destinations in December! The outgoing ones can enjoy the diversity of the Mexico City, while the reserved ones can retreat in the misty, mysterious highlands of Chiapas! Resorts of the Riviera Maya are pampering, but the budget beach huts on the Pacific or colonial mansions in the highlands are our picks! The chic city restaurants are a gastronomical delight, serving gourmet fusion food. The perfect temperature makes this an obvious on the list of warm places to visit in December. 
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 66F/18C
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 42F/5C
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8. Taking love for beaches to another level at Mauritius


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A thumping tourist destination, it is surprising how the colors of the Indian ocean here still remain the same! With rich wildlife and great beach culture, Mauritius does not cease to attract tourism, over the years. Hiking the Black River Gorges National Park, taking time in your hands at the Rodrigues island, watching the dolphins and whales in glee or savoring The Mauritian Table, you will not have to wonder what to do here! Luxury resorts sprawl this nation, with utmost refinement and impeccable service, also offering a front-row seat onto some of the most beautiful views in the Indian Ocean!
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 85F/30C
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 71F/21C

9. Search for the perfect cove beach at Vietnam

Exoticism that just doesn’t seem to abate, stupendous natural beauty and a highly unique heritage Vietnam will have you addicted to it! Surreal seascapes of limestone islands, riding bikes through lonely mountain passes, cave systems that can be endlessly explored, to some great gastronomical gratification, Vietnam is easily one of the best go-to warm vacation destinations for December! The Ha Long Bay- a superb natural wonder, Hoi An Ancient Town - an old port is more than just a charming seaside town, the Cu Chi Tunnels, My Son Sanctuary are some amazing places you must visit in Vietnam!
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 75F/23C 
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 58F/14C

10. Pamper your heart and soul at Bermuda


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Surrounded by fantastic coral reefs that harbor colorful fish, Bermuda has captured several shipwrecks that make for memorable diving and snorkeling at spots like Elbow Beach in Paget Parish! Not surprising why this place is being called home by many celebrities and millionaire executives off lately. Providing crystal-clear waters and perfect conditions for kayaking and yachting are the waters of Southampton Parish. Golf is another activity that is widely undertaken here. Lazy strolls on the crooked streets of the colonial settlement of the Town of St George are perfect too! All elements that make for great warm places to visit in December are what make Bermuda our pick for this list! While it not maybe exceptionally warm, it sure is sunny!
Approximate maximum temperature in December: 43F/6C
Approximate minimum temperature in December: 24F/-4C
For once, 'What are you waiting for? Christmas?' would be easily answered. Come on now, get planning your next winter escapade! 
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