12 Warm Places To Visit In November

The month of November comes with its share of pros and cons. While it globally is a cooler month, tourism-wise, this is honestly the best month of the year for finding cheap destinations that surprisingly have fantastic weather. If you are wondering where to go on a holiday in November, want to avoid crowds, get the best bargains and enjoy some sunshine, here is a list of warm places to visit in November, you can totally cash on! From swimming at rock pools in Spain to warm Tango embraces in Argentina, you will be surprised to expect the following experiences.

1. Segway around Tenerife, Canary Islands


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Situated north of the Tropic of Cancer, and about 300 km from the African coast, this Spanish island is one of the best holiday destinations in November. Making it more perfect is the fact that, holiday peak season is not yet in full swing here, so finding cheap hotels and apartments is easy. Popular as a bargain destination for middle-class Europeans, particularly with the Brits, this place has a number of activities to do, too. From submarine safaris, guided walks and many museums for enlightenment to jeep safaris at the La Gomera, this place has something for everyone. 
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 75F/23C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 65F/18C 

2. Tango embracing at Buenos Aires


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Post September, temperatures start dropping after a sweltering summer, but the city’s spirit remains red-hot! With a packed calendar of art, theater, tango and much more there are many reasons Buenos Aires is easily one of the best places to travel in November. What you must do here - revere the cozy historic cafes, participate in one of the tango embracing sessions at the city milongas and rent a bike to explore the city.
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 78F/26C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 61F/16C
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3. Discover your inner pirate at The Caribbean


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This rum-soaked, colorful region is disregarded until Christmas! Warm sea breeze and some great off-season deals await tourists, in anticipation. Flooded with all-inclusive resorts, further, beckon paradise-hunters. A region that homes 7000 islands, out of which a mere 7% are inhibited, this is the place for beach holidays in November! A vacation paradise, the Caribbean islands offer you activities like partying at resorts, water sports, island hopping, amongst others.
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 86F/ 30C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 75F/ 24C 
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4. Rafting in Punta Cana 


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Situated at the eastern most tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is known for its long beaches and crystal clear waters. Serving a very international crowd, this place is a very popular destination for the Brits and Americans, which also makes this is a mid-market to up-market holiday destination. Rafting, aquatic tours, and other ocean adventures are great to-do activities here. The Santo Domingo, a UNESCO world heritage is a must-see sight, along with the Saona Island, and the Manati Park.
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 86F/30C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 74F/23C

5. Cherish the Rio de Janeiro beach culture


Image source: flickr.com/Rafa Bahiense

With a warm weather, almost throughout the year, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a go-to destination for those November holidays in the sun, for many! Also, compared to Europe and the rest of America, this second largest city in Brazil, is even more reasonable. Popular for its breathtaking landscapes, laid back beach culture and annual carnival, the Rio culture captivates you. You cannot miss the beach culture here and you cannot leave without visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue! Other adventurous things to do here are paragliding, hiking, and taking some panoramic flights. 
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 86F/30C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 70F/21C
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6. Stroll around the back streets of Chiang Mai


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Chiang Mai, the city of temples is a calm, laid-back space in spite of the frequent arrival of planes and trains full of sightseers! Ditch the commercial Pattaya and Phuket, after Bangkok come here to just relax, unwind and be. Indulge in some fabulous food and wander about leisurely, in this city that is still firmly Thai in its aspect, atmosphere, and attitude. Rent a motorcycle or a rot daang ('red truck') to explore pristine rainforest reserves, churning waterfalls, serene forest wát, bubbling hot springs and peaceful country villages as well as a host of adventure camps, elephant sanctuaries, and souvenir markets!
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 86F/30C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 66F/19C
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7. Get amused at the traditional market streets of Essaouira


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With an appeal enshrined in its long stretches of beach, superb for kite and windsurfing, Essaouira keeps a toe in the low twenties Celsius in November, that make this a good choice for warm places to visit in November. This is an uber exotic destination with its fortified walls, fishing harbor, and seagulls soaring and screaming all over the town. Delight yourselves in the beautiful sights of the ramparts, an argan oil cooperative, the fishing market, and the traditional souk. 
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 73F/22C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 68F/20C

8. Take a hammam at Cyprus


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There is something evocatively appealing about dipping into two very different cultures of the Greek and Turkish, so effortlessly. You possibly cannot miss the stories of Cyprus’ tumultuous past, which are told through its historic sites, Roman ruins, multifaceted museums and dusty urban streets! Culinary feasts, great outdoors with some superb water activities, and if you are tired of all that blue, just head to the interiors where pine-clad mountains, sweeping valleys and densely planted vineyards offer hiking, biking, wine tasting tours and, yes, even winter skiing!
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 72F/22C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 55F/13C

9. Go quad-biking in Perth


Image source: flickr.com/Hernán Piera

This sophisticated, cosmopolitan city with myriad bars, restaurants, and cultural activities in the Aussie land, Perth is one of our top picks for warm places to visit in November! Given its parklands, nearby bushes, river and ocean beaches along with a good public transport system this is a good November vacation destination. Surrounding places of Lancelin (quad-biking), Shoalwater Marine Park, ings Park and Botanic Garden, the Historic Seaside Port of Fremantle or simply chilling out at the beaches are some of the best things to do here. 
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 81F/27C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 54F/12C

10. Tea estates hopping at Malawi


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Initially overlooked as a fantastic safari destination, this vivid country of Malawi has a striking geographical diversity! Diving, snorkeling, kayaking or chilling out on one of its desert islands at the Malawi lake are the most popular activities to do. You cannot miss the Mt Mulanje and the mysterious Zomba Plateau, on your visit here, especially if you are a trekking and wildlife enthusiast. Malawi is also famous for community project visits, the numerous tea estates too can be a delightful experience, and the Nyika Plateau are a must do thing here! The maximum temperature being around 32C makes Malawi one of the most exceptional warm vacation spots in November!
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 90F/32C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 61F/16C

11. Dive in the blue waters of Bodrum


Image source: flickr.com/Yilmaz Oevuenc  

With tourists flocking this place throughout the year, Bodrum consistently remains one of the best warm destinations in November. This Turkish seaside getaway has an enigmatic elegance that pervades it, from the town's crowning castle and glittering marina to its flower-filled cafes and white-plastered backstreets! The city is a delightful contrast with a rich ancient background and a playground for well-off Turks and avid foreigner tourists. Popular as a party destination, this place has some crazy day parties with international DJs, food, drinks, various watersports, and much more at many resorts around, hammam after a full day of partying is perfect to conclude the day, windsurfing and scuba diving are some great activities too, to do here. The Bodrum Castle/Castle of St Peter, Windmills in Bodrum and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus a must-see attractions here.
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 70F/21C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 47F/8C

12. Admire the tropical Maldives


Image source: flickr.com/Mac Qin  

Last but not the least, the humble Maldives! As with most remote islands, some of the best adventures in the Maldives are to be had in the ocean. Particularly renowned are sunset cruises offered on most of the 200 inhabited islands (out of a total of 2000) Maldives is an Island Nation, sometimes called the Maldives Islands, located in the Indian Ocean near India and Sri Lanka. It is the most geographically dispersed country in the whole world. The island is famous for its deep blue sky, brilliant white sands, and sparkling sun-kissed beaches, tropical palms and much more. The country embraces travelers from around the world allowing them the freedom, holiday makers require without compromising the islands’ deep Muslim faith one bit. The islands have some great watersports activities apart from gastronomic indulgences. The tropical temperature makes it a good choice for warm places to visit in November.
Approximate maximum temperature in November: 87F/30C
Approximate minimum temperature in November: 77F/25C
A November vacation couldn’t get more ideal. So what are you waiting for, get planning!
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