What to Do and See in Washington City : Unexplored Corners of This Statesmen City

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"- Marcel Proust

Writing down about Washington can take ages to incorporate what all you can see in this historic city, however, let us see those unexplored corners that wish to gain recognition amongst the famous emblems of civilization here. First, let us see what makes this city to be written down in the pages of history.

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Washington- the city where monuments come alive and unravel a history replete with politics, culture and American identity. Walk down the city of Washington and you shall see its monumental glory glaring hard in the middle of traffic circles, on tiny slivers of park, and at street corners and intersections. The city speaks of its political and historical significance with its statues, plaques, and simple blocks of marble honoring the generals, artists, and statesmen who helped shape the nation. Of these tributes, the greatest and grandest are clustered west of the National Mall on ground reclaimed from the marshy flats of the Potomacwhich also happens to be the location of Washington's most striking display of cherry trees.

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Well if you are thinking that the city has always housed the well known politicians through history, then you are wrong! Washington is also the land of loggers and farmers, ranchers and cowboys, fishermen and sailors, high-tech visionaries and ambitious entrepreneurs. This is where commercial aviation took flight. It's where computer technology was transformed from a science fiction abstraction in the minds of most Americans into an everyday tool. It's also the place where some of the planets coolest rock stars and greatest songwriters picked up their first guitars and found an audience.

Everyone would have recognized Washington with its stately ensemble however, be pleased to know that the city today houses a cosmopolitan culture. While it has always had foreign delegations from the countries of the world, it also boasts an increasingly diverse ethnic population. A growing Latino population represents every Central and South American country with a particularly large community of Salvadorans. A large Ethiopian population has resulted from the political turmoil there. New ethnic groups have brought new restaurants, as well as new residents. While DC lost residents to surrounding suburbs in the 1990s, new housing and urban revitalization is now attracting people back to the city for a downtown renaissance of housing, offices, entertainment and nightlife.

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Talking about the memorials of Washington that have inextricably merged with the landscape of this beautiful city, very few people know that their beginnings were often controversial. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, they sparked sometimes-fierce debate over how and why America should enshrine its history. Now, they are icons of unquestionable significance.

Visiting these memorials situated on the Mall and Tidal Basin at night can be a beautiful sight as they have fewer crowds and cooler air. Although you won't get the views, the lighting is particularly beautiful on the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials. Inside the Lincoln, lights and shadows play across his face, making him appear even more thoughtful.

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After walking down the lanes of culture, wander the woods of Theodore Roosevelt Island that offers the car- and bike-free isle floats in the Potomac River, where you can also spot birds, trails and tranquility via a footbridge from the mainland.

Well if too much of history and culture have tired your brains nerves then get on to some of the best bars in Washington that are located in Spokane, a quirky, beautiful, and historic Eastern Washington town nestled on the Spokane River. Hold on to a drink here- from regional microbrews to wines from Columbia Valley, Spokane's bars offer plenty of great drinks that will make your tour to Washington a happening one.

The underbelly of this city is as rich as its history. Follow the graffiti to Thr Fridge which is a friendly gallery in Capitol Hill that specializes in street art. Part of the fun is finding it.Following the murals and graffiti into the alley beside the oyster shop on 8th St SE, and Voila: public art in all its funky glory.

If you want to truly immerse in the music culture of Washington then visit the DC Jazz festival that features more than 100 performances at various concert halls and clubs in the city. They're held in June and include diverse styles of Jazz attracting Jazz aficionados from around the world.

Visit Washington during Christmas and you shall come across a resplendent glittery city basking in the glory of the Christian faith. With winters that freeze you to the bones, the city dazzles with Christmas carols and lighted trees.

As the title said, you just need to have fresh perspective to travel. Visit this city with a newer perspective and see how the city enamours you further.

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