10 Breathtaking Waterfalls in India During Monsoon

There are several gigantic waterfalls in India which are attracting tourists from all over the world, since ages. Visit these 10 waterfalls in India during monsoon and enjoy some breathtaking visuals.

1. Jog Falls: Karnataka's natural wonder!

Undoubtedly, Jog Falls in Karnataka have always fascinated nature lovers with its sheer beauty. Second highest plunge waterfall in the world, Jog falls is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Karnataka.
The falls have four small cascades named Raja, Rani, Rover and Rocket which come together to form this giant natural wonder. You can spend hours witnessing the beautiful visuals of these falls which are located in the lush green forests of Sagar.

2. Dudhsagar Falls: The Milky Way, quite literally!

Located on Goa’s border with Karnataka, the falls look like as if milk is flowing from the height and hence the name Dudhsagar. The railway track which passes through the route of Dudhsagar falls makes it one of the most beautiful railway tracks. The Dudhsagar-Kuveshi trek is also one of the most thrilling treks near Goa.

3. Chitrakoot Falls: Widest waterfall in India

Chitrakoot Falls is known as India’s answer to Niagara Falls and is the country’s widest waterfall. Located on the river Indravati in Bastar, Chhattisgarh at a distance of 38 kilometers from Jagdalpur district. The best time to visit this enigmatic wonder is in monsoon because the rain just enhances its beauty.

4. Hogenakkal Falls: Tamil Nadu's major monsoon waterfall

Located on River Kaveri in Tamil Nadu, Hogenakkal falls is one of the major waterfalls in Tamilnadu and a popular tourist attractions in South India. The site of Hogenakkal Falls appears as if smoke is emanating out from the rock and hence the name which is derived from the Telugu language. The monsoon makes the visuals of the falls, even more beautiful and makes up for your failed boating plans.

5. Abbey Falls: The shimmering waterfall from the hills of Coorg

One who witnesses the beauty of Abbey falls in Coorg instantly falls in love with it. In monsoon, there is no other falls as magnetic as Abbey falls. Located 8 km from Coorg’s headquarters Madikeri, Abbey falls attracts thousands of tourists across the globe during monsoon.The place where the falls are located is surrounded by private coffee plantations and spice estates. The roaring sound of the waterfall is so loud that it can be heard from a few metres away. A perfect spot to spend some quality time in the arms of nature.

6. Ethipothala Falls: Andhra's important waterfall in monsoon

Located on River Krishna’s tributary Chandravanka River, Ethipothala falls in Guntur is a 70 feet fall which is also one of the most visited monsoon waterfalls in Andra Pradesh. Derived from Telugu language, Ethipothala means lifting and pouring from a great height. This name is aptly given because of the giant downpour of water from a height.

7. Thosegar Falls: Must-visit Waterfall in India during monsoon

One of the most unexplored waterfalls lies in the west of India in Satara, Maharashtra. The 500-metre waterfall named Thosegar falls is a treat for every nature lover because of the spectacular view it offers during heavy rain. Amidst calm and scenic atmosphere, one can easily embrace the nature when in Thosegar falls. There is a newly constructed space near Chalkewadi, a small village near Satara from where you can get a clearer and perfect view of the giant falls.

8. Chachai Waterfalls: famous waterfall in Madhya Pradesh

The heartland of India, Madhya Pradesh also has a beautiful waterfall in the store.It is considered to be the tallest waterfall in the state and 23rd highest in India. Located in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh and on the watercourse of Bihad river, Chachai falls are one of the most famous monsoon waterfalls in the country. 

9. Athirapilly Falls: Perfect selfie point in Monsoon


Biggest waterfall of God’s own country Kerala, Athirapilly Falls is a major tourist attraction in the state. A perfect place for every nature lover, Athirapilly Falls, which is located on Chalakudy river in Thrissur district of Kerala,  is also known for the number of bird species that flock throughout monsoon. One of its kind riparian ecosystem in Kerala, a lot of flora and fauna can be seen near the falls. In addition, a lot of Malayalam films have been shot here, hence adding to its popularity.

10. Nohkalikai Falls: From the wettest part of the country, Cherrapunji!

The tallest plunge waterfall in India, Nohkalikai is located in Cherrapunji, the wettest part of the country. In addition to being a treat for every trekker and adventure lover, Nohkalikai is also every photographer’s delight. The mesmerising locales around the waterfall, make it a must visit destination, this monsoon. 
India has a lot to offer when it comes to waterfalls during monsoon. So pick any one from the above list, go and witness one of these nature's marvels. 
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