15 Ravishing Waterfalls in Karnataka

By Sameer Kapoor on Jan 29, 2016
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Awe inspiring, sublime and majestic are some of the objectives that would define the beauty of these waterfalls in Karnataka. However, these words would be too thin to capture the essence of the grandeur that these waterfalls exhibit. Nestled in the lush green surroundings of Karnataka, the waterfalls such as Jog, Irupu, Shivanasamudra and many more inspire imagination for the travellers to take up their backpacks and come here. Let us explore Karnataka today and see some of the most bewitching waterfalls in the state whose beauty won’t let you sit at home:

1. The Sublime Jog Falls

PC: Wikimedia Commons

One of the highest plunge waterfall in India, the Jog falls are situated in Shimoga district of Karnataka State. Locally known as Geruoppe Falls, Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi, the Jog Waterfall comes to delineate the beauty and tourism of Karnataka. Falling in four cascades whose milky water gushes down the high levels, the Jog falls look enamouring and jaw dropping.The best way to experience its beauty would be to trek towards it.

Best Time to Visit: August to January

Nearest Place: Hubli (161 Kms)

2. The Magnificent Iruppu Falls

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Situated in Brahmagiri Hills between Srimangala & Kutta in Coorg District of Karnataka State, bordering the Wayanad district of Kerala, Irupu falls are one of the best waterfalls in Karnataka. Apart from the picturesque surroundings, the Irupu falls also acquire significance due to their mythical connections. According to the legend, Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana passed along the Brahmagiri range in search of Sita. When lord Rama asked his brother to get some drinking water, Lakshmana shot an arrow at the Brahmagiri hills and brought into being the river Lakshmana Tirtha from where these falls originate.

Best Time to Visit: August to January

Nearest Place: Mysore (110 Kms)

3. The breath-taking Shivanasamudra Falls

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Bangaloreans must be best aqauinted with Shivanasamudra falls. A popular weekend getaway from Bangalore, the Shivanasamudra is a segmented waterfall that has several parallel streams to add to its beauty. Literally meant as Shiva’s sea, these falls look sublime and awe inspiring. Check out other places you can visit near Bangalore in Monsoon.

Best Time to Visit: September to January

Nearest Place: Mysore (81 Kms), Bangalore (130 Kms)

4. The Wonderful Abbey Falls

PC: youtube.com

Situated amidst the mountains of Western Ghats, the Abbey falls actually make up one of the most important attractions in Coorg. What adds to the beauty of this waterfall is that it is located in the centre of coffee plantations and spice estates. Abbey falls was called as Jessy waterfalls during the British times, in memory of Jessy, the daughter of Madikeri's first British Captain Chaplain. The best way to soak in the beauty of this waterfall would be to stand on a hanging bridge that has been built across the gorge here.

Best Time to Visit: September to January

Nearest Place: Madikeri (8kms)

5. The Enamouring Chunchi Falls

PC: youtube.com

Very near to Bangalore and Mysore, the Chunchi Falls drop from a height of about 100 feet with multiple cascades into a transparent pool of water. This is also an exciting tourist destination as people can swim, play and relax here. To add to its beauty are naturally formed rock formations.

Best Time to Visit: September to December

Nearest Place: Bangalore (83kms)

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6. The twin beauty of Sangama & Mekedatu Falls

PC: Nagarjun Kandukuru/ Flickr 

A famous weekend getaway from Bangalore, the twin falls Sangama and Mekedatu look lovely with their gushing waters. Arakavathi river merges with River Kaveri at Sangama and moves towards Mekedatu through a narrow gorge. The gorge is so narrow that it can be easily climbed over. The best time to experience the beauty of these falls would be to visit them during monsoons when the water gushes out at its best.

Best Time to Visit: September to December

Nearest Place: Bangalore (93 Kms)

7. The Cute Muthyala Maduvu Falls

PC: youtube.com

In Kannada language, Muthyalu means Pearls and Maduvu means Pond or Pool. So the meaning is quite clear- pearls that go into the sea. Nestled amidst hills at a secluded place, the Muthyala Maduvu waterfall beams as the masterpiece of nature. Overlooking these falls is a small shrine dedicated to Shiva.  

Best Time to Visit: August to November

Nearest Place: Bangalore (43 Kms)

8. The Tortoise waters of Chelavara Falls

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Although the Chelavara falls are seasonal, but they offer the maximum beauty whenever they are gushing. Locally known as Emepaare, which means tortoise in local Kodava language, this waterfall cascades down like a tortoise and hence its name. 

Best Time to Visit: August to November

Nearest Place: Coorg (43 Kms)

9. A perfect retreat at Hebbe Falls

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Located in the Chikmagalur District of Karnataka, the Hebbe cascades down from a height of 550 feet in two stages to form Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls). What makes this fall significant is that its water is considered to be infused with herbs and can cure skin diseases. Taking a refreshing bath in the herb-infused water is popular among the visitors.

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Nearest Place: Chikmagalur (66 Kms)

10. The Picturesque Kalhatti Falls

PC: youtube.com

One of the most picturesque tourist destinations around Kemmanagundi, the Kalhatti waterfall gushes down through the Chandra Drona Hills in front of the Veerabhadreshwara Temple, the Shiva Temple. According to legend, sage Agastya had done his penance here.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Nearest Place: Kemmanagundi (10 Kms)

11. The Ravishing Apsara Konda Falls

PC: Sudarshana/Flickr

Already defined as nymph, the Apsara Konda falls look ravishing while coming down from a height of 10 meters into a pond below. The attraction of this waterfall lies in the fact that it it faces the sea and appears like a lagoon. According to the legends and oral folklore, angels used to come from heaven and take bath in that pond, hence the name Apsara Konda. Swim here to commune with the nature.

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Nearest Place: Murudeshwar (20 Kms)

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12. The Gorgeous Hidlumane Falls

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Cascading down in 6 falls, the Hidlumane waterfall looks absolutely gorgeous and breath taking. In order to reach this fall, you need to take a trek that runs through thick forest and includes rock climbing. If you are trekking enthusiast make sure to plan for these 15 Best Monsoon Treks in India.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Nearest Place: Murudeshwar (72 Kms)

13. The Mesmerizing Chunchanakatte Falls

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Chunchanakatte Falls is a popular waterfall formed by Cauvery River. According to the oral folklore, Lord Rama during his tenure in the forests stayed in this place on the behest of the tribal couple Chuncha and Chunchi. It is also believed that the Goddess Sita used to take bath under this fall.

Best Time to Visit: October to January

Nearest Place: Mysore (55 Kms)

14. The Quaint Hanuman Gundi Falls

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Located close to Sringeri & Kudremukh, the Hanuman Gundi falls make up for a quaint attraction. Falling from a height of 100 feet, this is a majestic waterfall located in serene location. Less crowded and quiet, this is one natural splendour that you should not miss.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Nearest Place: Sringeri (26 Kms)

15. The Enchanting Barkana Falls

PC: youtube.com

Located at a distance of 52 Kms from Udupi, Barkana Falls is the 10th tallest waterfall in India situated in the dense forest of the Western Ghats. The name Barkana comes from the words Barka which means 'Mouse Deer' and Kana means 'Home'.

Best Time to Visit: September to March

Nearest Place: Udupi (52 Kms)

So which of these waterfalls would you like to visit? Let us know.

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