11 Best Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu

By Akshata Mishra on Feb 11, 2016
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When you start to plan a nice getaway, you make sure to pick out an exotic cozy location. A nice quiet place away from the din of the city. Where you can embrace nature. To name a few: hills, grasslands, boulevards, lakes, woods and waterfalls! Yes, the not too cliched company of a waterfall proves to be quite soothing and refreshing. Be it a family picnic, romantic day-out, fun-filled day with friends or just solo tripping; a tete-a-tete near the falls can be both soothing for the mind and body.

If you are in the land of greens in monsoon, you must visit the following waterfalls in Tamil Nadu to beat the heat or just chill.

1. Hogenakkal Falls near Dharmapuri

Photo by Mithun Kundu

Hogenakkal Falls is a waterfall on the Kaveri (or Cauvery) River located in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. It is famously referred to as "Niagara of India". It is one of the best waterfalls and most popular tourist destination to visit near Bangalore and Chennai. The Carbonatite rocks found near the river are one of the oldest in the world. The literal meaning of it is "Smoky Rocks”.

The fall has about 14 channels of descending. To reach the outer regions of the waterfall, one needs to take a boat-ride. During the winter and monsoon seasons, Coracle riding is looked forward to by the tourists. The waters will spur you, almost as an insinuation to take a dive and test your skills. After a nice dip and some cool relaxation, you can stretch by trekking in the adjacent hills.

2. Monkey Falls near Coimbatore

Photo by Sivakumar B

Monkey Falls are the extravagant milky falls located near the Anamalai Hills. With a height of 60 feet, these falls are quite near to the road. If you wish to freshen up and relax, taking a cool dip is possible at the bottom. The best time to visit the falls is between October and March. Acting as a magnet to thousands of tourists, the falls are graced with an influx of people on weekends.

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3. Catherine Falls near Coonoor

 Photo by Bastintonyroy

These are the second largest falls in the Nilgiris at a height of 250 feet. It is also a good trekking destination. The Catherine falls are encircled by tea-plantations, grand views of forest and Mettupalayam plains. Though it’s not possible to reach the foot of the waterfall but you can reach the top, also called as Dolphin’s Nose, to get the spectacular view. 

4. Bear Shola Falls near Kodaikanal

Photo by Marcus334

Bear Shola Falls is a tall waterfall in a Reserve forest. It derives its name from the myth that bears used to drink water from the top of the falls. It ranks in the top slots of tourist places to visit in Kodaikanal.

The road that approaches the falls are bumpy and hilly. There’s no water in the falls in the summer season. They are best to visit in the months of September and October. The pathway along the main road follows through dense forests amidst serene locations. From a height of 40 feet, the water falls into a small cervice. Swimming here is preferred by most and the place demands a 10 minute walk from the entry point. To add to the mood of frolic is a shop at the entrance to the fall, that sells tea, snacks and water.

5. Fairy Falls near Kodaikanal

Photo by Nowhere

Located at a distance of 5 km from Kodai Lake, these falls merge into Vaigai River at the foot. A swim at the foot of the fall will leave you refreshed and revitalized. It is the spillover of the rural community water reservoir, streaming southwards of the hill to form the enchanting fairy falls. The sparkling water that fills at the foot, is one of the most exquisite destinations for tourists to take a dip, when on a Kodaikanal tour.

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6. Silver Cascade Falls near Kodaikanal

 Photo by Nijumania

These waterfalls are formed from an outflow of Kodaikanal Lake. It is one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Kodaikanal. This waterfall is the perfect point to enjoy a nice view of the greens and surroundings. The place has its quirks with a few souvenir, fruit vendors and the jumpy monkeys. There is also a smaller and more serene waterfall here, below the bridge which crosses the stream. The waterfall is close to the main road and does not demand much walking and trekking.

7. Thalaiyar Falls near Kodaikanal

Thalaiyar Falls near Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu

Photo by Barbaragailblock

Also known as Rat-Tail Falls, these are the highest waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. Interestingly, they are the third highest waterfalls in India. The falls are visible from a great distance too. One can reach these falls after some trekking. The very borders of the top of the falls is lined with a concrete wall. You can stroll around the wall and get near the centre of Thalaiyar Falls. This could be one fun filled journey with both trekking and soothing waterfalls to enjoy.

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8. Suruli Falls near Madurai

Suruli Falls near Madurai, Tamilnadu

Photo by kmurugeshbabu

Suruli waterfalls are situated amongst rich vegetation and beings, hence, serves as a perfect picnic spot. The falls begin from Megamalai hills and descend from a height of 150 feet. They are surrounded by the gorgeous beauty of thick forests.

You could visit these waterfalls all year round. The Suruli Falls also serve as the venue for Summer Festival organized by Tamil Nadu Tourism Department. The Kailasanathar Temple Cave is also an added appeal to the place. There are around 18 other caves circling the Suruli Falls.The Kailasanatha Temple and Suruli Velappar Temple are also nearby the falls. A trek of about 1-2 kilometers through the dense forest is required to reach these waterfalls.

9. Pykara Falls near Oooty

Pykara Falls near Oooty, Tamilnadu

Photo by Natarajan A

Pykara Falls are the majestic falls from the Pykara River and go downstream to the reservoir. These are one of the best waterfalls around Ooty and one of the most popular tourist destinations too. The falls cascade down through multiple steps of the rocky bed to enhance and provide the unique beauty of the stream. The falls offer the best view in winters and early monsoons. Swimming is possible at the upper cascades. Hike up from Pykara lake to reach the falls.

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10. Five Falls/ Aintharuvi near Tenkasi

Five Falls - most famous waterfall in Tamilnadu

Photo by Aronrusewelt

After the main falls in Courtallam, these falls are the most famous and most enjoyed waterfalls in this region. The water here gets divided into five falls while descending. It’s an exclusive sight as the water here splits and goes into different directions, resembling a 5-headed cobra. It is highly revered amongst the locals.

Among the five falls, three are open to men and two for women. There is a Swami Ayyappa Temple and Vinayaka Temple close to waterfall. Bathing is very safe here, in fact quite enjoyable at that. There’s a boat house and Eco Park nearby too. About 100 metres walk is required to reach these waterfalls. There’s a deep forest range above the fall.

11. Puliyancholai Falls near Tiruchirapalli

Photo by Ananthraj sekar

Puliyancholai is a scenic spot at the foot of Kolli Hills. It is a forest region, studded beautifully with tamarind groves. The whole region is covered with small streams and lush green foliage.

The place is a favorite spot for tourists to bathe and lounge. There’s natural springs to enjoy too. These are terraced waterfalls, which appear like a stream that cascades through rocky terrain. It’s surrounded by a thick forest region, best suited for adventurous activities. This is the perfect escape from the hustle of the busy city life. There’s also a Shiva Temple, located 12 km inside the thick forests. The forests around the area is surrounded by thick medical herbs. It’ll take a trek of five hours to reach there.

We are just as swooned as you are! So, pack your bags, trekking shoes, camping gear and a bunch of friends to head out to the madness of splash that awaits!

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