10 Ways To Save Money While Travelling In London

By Niyati Shinde on Dec 02, 2015
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Standing on the River Thames, London is one of the most visited cities in the world. Being the political, cultural and economic capital of Britain, did you know that about one third of the city area is dedicated to open spaces and lush green parks? While a vacation to this vivacious city is definitely not cheap, here are 10 tips that will help you save money on travelling while in London:

1. Oyster Card:


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Used instead of paper tickets, an Oyster Card is a smart card one can use while travelling via public transport like buses, trams, tubes, rail, DLR and some river transportation services. It is possibly the best way to save money in London. Cost wise, using a Visitor Oyster Card turns out to be 50% cheaper than buying paper tickets with cash.

2. London Pass:


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If you buy a London Pass, it becomes sort of a one time investment for you for sightseeing in London. The Pass gets you free entry to more than 60 top London attractions. These include Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, the London Bridge Experience and even the Thames River Cruise. If you are heading over to the city during the holiday season, think of how much money you would be saving this Christmas because of this pass!

3. Free Attractions:


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There are many things to do in London that demand no entry fee. Why not explore these first? Make the most of your stay in the city with free attractions and events such as Changing the Guard, Guildhall Art Gallery & Roman Amphitheatre, Bank of England Museum, British Museum, The National Gallery, famous museums in London, The National Portrait Gallery, Old Royal Naval College, Natural History Museum, Queen's House Greenwich, The Royal Academy of Music Museum and a lot more.

4. Explore on Foot:


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London is definitely a huge city to be covered on foot. However, if you are in central London and are going from one place to another within the area, it is a good idea to check the distance between two spots, put on your walking shoes and explore the area on foot. Infact, during rush hours, it is better to walk than to get stuck in traffic jams. Besides, you will witness amazing sights of London while exploring the city on foot.

5. Street Shopping:

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London is a shopper’s paradise no matter what your budget and shopping style. From high end boutiques to cheap street shopping, the city houses it all. If you want to go bargain shopping, places such as Brick Lane Market (for second-hand furniture, vintage clothes and gorgeous shoes), Broadway Market (for delicious ingredients, ready-made food, unique clothing and souvenirs), Borough Market (for all your food related needs), Greenwich Market (for unique gifts, accessories, clothes and a lot more) and Portobello Road Market (for everything under the sun) are the ones you should visit.

6. Off Peak Hours:


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A simple way to save money while travelling in London is to travel during off-peak hours. You will be charged an off-peak rate which is cheaper than the peak hour rate. As a rule of thumb, peak hours for public transport in London are Monday to Friday between 6.30 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. and between 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. This is when most of the people travel to and from work.

7. Happy Hours:


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If you are heading to London this holiday season, the best tip for saving money during Christmas would be to visit the various clubs and pubs during happy hours!  Check the clubs’ website for happy hours timings and enjoy your vacation on a budget. During happy hours, many clubs have drink promotions and even free drinks on meals deals. A great way to enjoy your holiday season while in this gorgeous city.  Also, did you know that many clubs in London have free entrance during off season/ off-peak hours? Find out when different clubs start charging a cover and get to the place before that time!

8. Book online:


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There are many  things to do in London on Christmas  which offer online ticket booking option. Most of the times, the online ticket rate is cheaper than the ticket you buy at the ticket window.  For example, London Eye tickets are up to 20% cheaper when booked online. 

9. Cheap Eateries:


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To save money on food, it is best to eat at budget friendly eateries. You can buy pre-made sandwiches from supermarkets or eat at food stalls present near the parks and courtyards of London. Some budget friendly restaurants in the city include Franco Manca, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Canton, Arancini Factory, E Pellicci, Dosa n Chutny and Books for Cooks. 

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10. Budget Accommodations:


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Try staying in hostels, bed and breakfast inns and budget hotels to save some money while staying in London. We recommend St. Christopher's Inn, Rest Up London Hostel and Hostel 639.

Hope these tips come in handy when you go on your dream vacation to London. Do let us know how helpful they were when you come back.

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