8 Travel Web Series To Binge-Watch For Serious Roadtrippers

One of my friends, who is a wonderful voice artist, was extremely happy when he lent his voice to the traveler Rohan Thakur in the travel show “Way Back Home”. “I always wanted to be a part of travel series; creating the mood for the destination is like feeling the soul of the traveler inside”, I could sense the joy in his voice. So, I watched this Himalayan travelogue called “Way Back Home”, and this made me explore more web travel shows that one can watch while traveling to create a perfect atmosphere to ignite wanderlust. I bet, the following web series will help you see things with a whole new perspective. Check these out!

1. Tales By Light

media_gallery-2018-09-21-10-Tales_By_Light_d148318d4162a4ce888c5c4205a99380.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

“Tales By Light” is like a visual treat that proves how gorgeous our earth is. Tales By Light features the travel photographers Darren Jew, Richard Anson, Krystal Wright, Art Wolfe, and Ernest Shackleton who capture the far-flung areas in their camera. You will be delighted to see the pictures of 70-year-old biplane wreck underwater, colors of Holi, free divers, mountain gorillas of Alaska, and Ethiopian masks. 

2. Departures

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“The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

“Departures”, one of the best web series you will ever watch, strengthens this thought. You will see Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach with their cameraman Andre Dupuis embark on a journey to the unknown lands leaving the regular life behind. The adventure and fun that awaits them further is something you will never forget!

3. Expert Vagabond

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Do you like backpacking? Then, you should save all the episodes of “Expert Vagabond” offline to watch them during your backpacking adventure. Owned by Matthew Karsten, Expert Vagabond is one of the best reality travel shows that will give you some awesome travel goals and tips to achieve them.

4. TVF Tripling

media_gallery-2018-09-24-12-234_c066bbf6304728608b4bb4d4c743d209.jpgImage Source: tvfplay.com

If you are traveling with your siblings, “TVF Tripling” should be right there on your must-watch list. TVF Tripling is the best Indian web series that tells the tales of three siblings Chandan, Chanchal, Chitvan who go on a hilarious journey. This Indian travel show will make you laugh and plan your next road trip. 

5. Booze Traveler

media_gallery-2018-09-24-11-Booze_Traveler_ba9a866252b18d61b228f0ecb30e1769.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

Go “Cheers” with a beer in your hand with the people from different parts of the world and your booze time will be a never-to-be-forgotten experience. “Booze Traveler” show is hosted by actor and adventurer Jack Maxwell who travels to Mongolia, Ireland, India, Nepal, and other countries to learn their tradition, custom, beliefs and of course, their unique drinks.

6. Aerial America

media_gallery-2018-09-21-11-Aerial_America_878746ef98f0ac2c627d31a0021d1abe.jpgImage Source: pxhere.com

You might have seen plenty of natural and man-made landmarks, but watching them from the flight above is a unique experience. All the episodes mark a perfect HD quality making it even more picturesque to watch. Besides, “Aerial America” will also increase your knowledge of American history.

7. Human Planet

media_gallery-2018-09-21-11-Human_Planet_07e673135ab1d433db2f2090667a1950.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

A co-production of BBC and Discovery, “Human Planet” has been a favorite show for many travel enthusiasts and now available on the web. This eight-part show explores different regions of the world and discusses the relationship between human beings, animals, and nature. Each episode on the diversity of human life will prove to be an addition to your knowledge.

8. Long Way Round

media_gallery-2018-09-21-11-Long_Way_Round_3ae2ed2cc4ce22028889887486566b74.jpgImage Source: pxhere.com

Do you fancy yourself hitting the road long way around on a motorcycle? Then do watch “Long Way Round”, the best road trip web series. As two friends Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travel through the amazing places of Asia, Europe, Alaska, and London, the world seems to be a smaller place. 

 Such a fun it is to watch a travel show while actually traveling! Have you watched any of these already? Which episode did you like the most?


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