8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Destination Wedding!

By Isha Jalan on Aug 17, 2015
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Do we hear wedding bells?

You're engaged and you can't stop beaming. Your wedding is going to be the happiest day of your life and you want it to be special. You want to do something different; something everyone will remember. If you relate to this, we have two words for you: destination wedding. You should take your better half and loved ones to a destination far away and get hitched there. Here are some of the reasons why we think destination weddings are the best:

1. Everyones tired of boring weddings

Going to weddings is a hassle. Its the same deal with each and every one of them. But if the venue of the wedding is a pretty place far, far away, your guests (and you!) are going to love it! If you love being different and don't like following the status quo, and you want your wedding to be memorable, a destination wedding is the perfect idea for you!

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2. You can invite fewer people

All the irritating distant relatives who you don't even properly know you will be off the list! You'll be able to invite only the people who you absolutely love and adore.


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3. It might be less expensive

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Think about it. With a traditional wedding, you'll have to invite tons of people and pay for their food. The venues will be larger and obviously more expensive. With a destination wedding, you cut back on your guest list and the venue could be outdoors, which turns out to be much cheaper. Plus, some resorts give you great deals. Make the smarter (and cooler) decision.

4. The guests will always remember your wedding

It was not just a wedding, but a vacation for your guests. They will remember your wedding for being in a different setting and for giving them some well-needed time off.


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5. The pictures and videos will be breath-taking!

Destination weddings are always about the gorgeous locale you pick. The beach, the mountains or the plains, whatever your choice, its bound to be absolutely stunning. And a stunning locale always gives you stunning pictures and videos.

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6. No more bridezilla

Weddings create anxiety, a lot of it. And this is especially true for brides. There's so much to do: hair, make-up, worry about flower arrangements! It can be quite a nervous affair. With destination weddings, you'll be in a relaxed atmosphere and in a holiday mood. Plus, youll have your all-time favourite people with you. You won't have to worry all that much.


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7. One word: Honeymoon

You don't have to choose another destination for your honeymoon (or you can, you greedy little honeymooner!). You can just stay on at the locale you have chosen as your wedding destination. Whether its Paris, Jaipur or the Bahamas, you're bound to have loads of fun post-wedding!

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8. You'll have a great travel destination to go to with your better half

With a destination wedding, you'll have made perfect, picturesque memories that you will remember forever and that you'd want to relive. You'll have a travel destination that you share with your partner that will be close to both your hearts!

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It's always better to ditch the traditional wedding in favour of a beautiful, exotic locale where you can have some fun. Planning a destination wedding will be the best idea you've ever had! We guarantee it.

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