Will weed Gelato change the perception of people in Italy

By Jai Rawat on Mar 02, 2016
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The hot news of the day is "Perleco”, a gelato parlor in Alassio that has recently launched a new flavor named after the music maestro Bob Marley. The flavor called Marley is made up of gelato and Shelled hemp seeds. The owner of the shop says that it will change the perception of people towards the cannabis stigmatization in Italy. Where there were places in Italy which offer cannabis pizza and liquors;the store has gained much praise because of its innovative idea and of course the name that is like an invitation to all cannabis lovers. But wait, while on one hand it may seem like a stoner’s dream treat the owner of the store says it will not get anyone high! "Cannabis has a very intense flavor," Aldo De Michelis, the creator of the flavor says that the frozen treat is surely tasty but will not get anyone high. The flavor was also created with the help of son Mauro and Wife Emanuela Baudana. Do try the flavor out and when in Italy do use Triphobo's Trip planner for hassle free travelling. 

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"At first it tastes like nuts, but the aftertaste is strong. That's why it took us a month to find a good recipe.” The gelato that has all eyes on it is made up with good quality shelled hemp seeds which according to De Michelis contains minimal and legal traces of tetrahydrocannabinol that is the main ingredient in Cannabis. As surprising as it may sound the shop owner also has a weed-infused range of chocolates bars and ganache that came into being because of health reasons. Find the best hotel for you in italy using Triphobo's Hotels.  

The shop owner said, "I'm a runner and I love competing in marathons”, "But I am a vegetarian too. Therefore I needed food rich in protein to replace meat. Search more tours and activities in Italy using triphobo's tours.

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"Cannabis is one. That's how I started using extra-virgin cannabis oil and similar products, and how the idea of this gelato flavor came about." In a Roman Catholic Country like Italy, cannabis is a controversial issue and the legalization would be very difficult. The Recreational use of marijuana is illegal and punishable in the country bit medical marijuana is often sold at ten times the price of illegal pot available on the street. The medical use has been legal for patients with prescription since 2013.

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De Michelis says. "When we announced the new flavor, we received up to 10 phone calls per day” "Some kids even came thinking they could get high with our gelato." He added. De Michelis’s family hopes its invention will spread the nutritional benefits of cannabis and free the plant of all the assumptions. "Time has come for Italy to rediscover the versatility of this plant, including its medical and, why not, recreational use," De Michelis says.

The new flavor of Gelato has infused the whole street with a new revolution, but will it have an effect on Italy’s mindset towards the drug, only time will tell.

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