Weekend Getaway Ideas For couples

By Guest Blogger on Oct 11, 2017
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One way to spice up your marriage is to get away for a few days with the one you love. Picture the two of you away from the kids and your responsibilities, free to spend your days however you choose. The only holdup is figuring out the perfect place to go.

Think about your personalities and places you’ve already gone in the past. It’s possible you want to try someplace completely new and different from what you’ve ever done before. Breaking away for a few days may be all you two need to reconnect and feel refreshed. See weekend getaway ideas for you and your spouse. 

Big City

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One idea is to head to the big city and reserve a fancy hotel to stay in for the weekend. You can spend your time checking out the buildings, eating at new restaurants and scoping out museums and attractions. It gives you a chance to dress up and wear outfits that are probably at the back of your closet. This will be an especially fun trip if you don’t live near a big city and don’t get to experience the culture very often. 

National Park

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If you’re the type who likes being outside, then pick a national park like Bryce Canon and spend a few days exploring the amazing sights and landscape. Lodging in Bryce is affordable, and there are lots of hotels for you to choose from. The list of things to do in the park is incredibly long. From leisurely activities to intense and physically demanding ones, there’s guaranteed to be an activity you’ll enjoy. Since there are so many options, it’s important to get an idea of what you will like to do before heading out on your trip.

Bed & Breakfast

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If you’re the type of couple who prefer a little more peace and quiet, reserve a unique bed and breakfast in a city or town you’ve been wanting to visit. This is a personalized experience that’ll feel very relaxing and quaint. Your room will likely be adorable and tucked away in a tranquil area. Pick a location where you can spend the day shopping, trying new foods and sitting by the water. You’ll have somewhere special you two can come back to where you can talk and have a nice dinner.


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Go to the beach for a few days and soak up the sunshine together. Play volleyball, splash in the water and read a book in your lawn chair when you’re tired. You’ll feel like two kids again as you play on the beach and have a wonderful time reconnecting. Pick a hotel right on the water or close that’s down the road where you can walk to the beach each morning. This is one type of vacation you won’t forget. 


Now you should have a good idea of what type of trip you want to book. The good news is there’s a solution out there for every kind of couple. These are weekend getaway ideas for you and your spouse.