Last Minute Weekend Getaway Ideas For Families

By Neha Kapoor on Feb 29, 2016
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There are travelers who like to explore this world alone. For them, it is through solo travel that they can truly discover their own selves. However, there is another category of travelers who wish to explore and travel across the world along with their families - whether it be with kids or even with their parents. For them, travel is a way to form a deeper bonding with the loved ones and make them see and wonder at things they would like to uncover. Weekends can be the best time to embark on such family trips as it remains an off not just for you but also for your kids from school or your parents for that matter. Let us have a look at some of the last minute weekend getaway ideas to churn out some most memorable moments with your family. After all, a family that travels together, stays together:

1. Explore your own city

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Staycation! Yes, that's the word for taking out time to explore your own city. While most of the  families wish to get away to some nearest location for a night stay, its best to explore your own city first over the weekend and see what you have missed noticing about it. Explore your city’s heritage, museums, theatres and anything that keeps you engaged. Believe me, this is the best way to keep your children both educated as well as entertained.

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2. Take those Coveted Road Trips

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The best way to talk while you travel with your family members is to take up short road trips that can be covered over the weekend. This way you can have the leisure of having endless conversations with your parents or your kids, something that you have to really work hard for in working days.

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3. Rent a countryside House

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Many would say why do they need to shift from one home to another! But a countryside home gives you all the benefits of a home along with great views to covet for. It also provides the excitement of something new. Renting a house for the weekend getaway gives you plenty of freedom to cook, watch movies, take naps on the couch or play board games - the possibilities are endless. Most rentals are available on a nightly basis and come fully stocked with kitchen equipment, bedding, towels, and moreit’s all up to the individual owners, so make sure you check what’s included before booking. And for terrific offers in hotels, Book with us!

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4. Camp out

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Camping out with family can be a fun weekend getaway. This is one of the ways to teach your children about ways to manage in outdoor conditions as well as adversities. Also, staying in camps can give you ample of time to talk to each other, sing songs, share jokes and even clear out misunderstandings. Just keep one thing in mind: Don’t take that mobile with you, it would ruin those beautiful moments.

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5. Amusement parks

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Have children ever said no to any amusement park? Visiting an amusement park is the best weekend getaway idea, it will keep your children happy and you have the chance to relive that child in you. In summers, opt for water parks and in winters go for the usual rides. Planning your itinerary well in advance is the best way to enjoy with family. Plan with us for a hasslefree trip itinerary!

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6. Pick up that Bicycle

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This is actually the good old-fashioned family fun! Try taking a bike tour with your children as well as elders. Bicycling is a great way to stay fit, and is also a proven way to de-stress. Plus, environmentalists give it the green light because it doesn't cause pollution.

7. Watch Wildlife

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Children love to see the wildlife. The idea of heading out to a local park, or into the countryside, is a free way to see nature in action. From wild parks to national parks or to bird sanctuaries, most of the cities are endowed with such areas where a family can have ample of fun together. Activities such as wildlife safari fascinates all. For tours and activities, book with us!

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8. Go Hiking

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Once a month, try to join a hiking trip with your family. It is a great way for children to be in the great outdoors and become one with nature. Plus, it is an excellent opportunity for them to mingle with other like-minded children not to mention the exercise they get from the walking.

9. Visit the Beach Less Traveled

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Beach vacations are the Holy Grail of family vacations. Sand, sun, relaxation, and family time all add up to a stress-reducing, memory-making experience. However, staying on premium beach real estate is going to cost you, particularly if you set your sights on popular vacation destinations. That doesn’t mean you have to skip the beach altogether. Most of the countries are endowed with a number of beaches that are still less explored and can become your perfect destination for family weekend. Just check the proximity part of it.

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10. Visit a Farm House

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Think of all the fun that your kids will have in learning about farm life, collecting eggs, taking care of animals, and even horseback riding. Most of the countries today have open- to -visitors farms where you, your children and your elders can have hands-on experiences with pets. Mostly they feature rustic lodgings usually a cabin or a room with bunks and also provide meals that you share with other families.

So which of these idea would you like to materialize this weekend?

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