Weird Airline Rules That Leave You Surprised

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Sometimes, we wonder how these airline rules must have cropped up initially. Some of the rules and regulations are actually so bizarre, that we cannot help but think as to why are they even necessary every time we check in. I mean, personally I always wonder when an Airline draws a cap on a number of the kgs that you should be carrying, because they do not have ample space- how then with extra money does the risk of carrying extra luggage become fine in the same flights? I could also never understand how a moisturizer which is 150 ml instead of 100 ml help people like us to hack a plane. Well, that’s just me I guess, these rules ofcourse have a lot of background research that has gone in making them. Here is a list of weird airline rules and customs that surprise us, amuse us and sometimes are just a part of our habit:

1) One piece is your favorite thing to wear..well not for this trip.

Virgin Airlines and Alaska Airlines are pretty lenient with what you choose to wear on your flights. Lenient until it is a top and a bottom apparel. So say no to one-pieces for this one. Although, Alaska airlines does give you a choice to bare your mid-riff, but this one is honestly a little too much to expect from passengers. We can understand them not allowing passengers travelling bare foot but this one is taking it a little too far.

2) Now we know why deodorants are being advertized so much.

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Well, this is an interesting anecdote. Long back a customer was booted from his flight in Air Jazz Canada because he was, *trying to be polite* smelling too much. Yes, thats right; and this is not one of a kind incident. American Airlines states that a flight can refuse to transport you if you are smelling. so remember that small bottle of perfume that you are allowed to carry in? Well, you should probably utilize it to the fullest right before checking in.

3) Respect to this one.. Your moral compass should actually be high

Alaska Airlines like many other airlines does not allow you to engage in abusive conduct. But, they are also pretty serious about remarks made against gender, color, religion and race. To this equality, we salute!

4) Discrimination for the animals though!

Most airlines allow dogs and some even allow monkeys. But apparently, you cannot carry a snake, ferret or lizard. I don’t think that there was ever any attempt of carrying a snake on a plane, but you never know, maybe this is where the movie came from.

5) Your journey is very valuable to us..NOT!

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Jetblue apparently has a rule for not letting you carry any valuables with you while travelling. A lot of airlines follow this rule and then we wonder, if valuables are not safe in your check-in baggage, then how would we carry them at all? A lot of times, we are advised not to put very valuable items in the check in baggage, for the luggage can get lost- it’s rare but it’s possible. So in such a scenario, well travel light- literally.

6) What is with the support to Antler’s? Feeling festive all year long?

Delta Airlines, infact a lot of airlines are okay with you carrying Antler’s. The only rule is that they have to be really clean. Also, after all that hassle you anyway have to pay roughly 100 dollars for the transport fees of Antlers.

7) Waiting..waiting..WAITING!


Well, the 3 hour prior check in rule is a little too much honestly. Most airlines have this for International Passengers and after a point in time, after all the customs- even the food, massage parlors, smoking zones, shopping cannot keep you entertained. I mean it is a great buffer time to keep-but with a lot more efficiency, a lot of time can be saved.

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8) Wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers are cool to carry, maybe you need to fix the flight sometime.


When we are going out of our way to make flights the safest, then how are we allowed to carry these items? What are they for? To fix a flight, for your own safety? This one has just really puzzled me. Oh but yes, they have to be lesser than 7 inches.

9) Wrapped Gifts can be suspicious

Well, this one is fair enough. It looks wrapped, if they get suspicious they might have to unwrap it. That is perfectly understandable, because people can try to sneak in stuff that is not allowed. Best deal is to not spend too much on packaging and get it wrapped once you reach your final destination.

10) Human Remains. Well..

So long back in Mexico, someone was allowed to check in with a human skull. It’s a story I read somewhere and I cannot really back up the authenticity of it. But, human cremated remains are allowed on flights. Just remember to not take them in metal urchins for that might be an issue with your security check.

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We should not actually be really too much, as most of these rules can be complied with. The next set of rules is for flight attendants who have it much worse than we do.

1) Feeling a little rebellious? Do not apply!

"Unacceptable hairstyles include, but are not limited to, extreme or unnatural colors (e.g., pink, purple), top-knots, dreadlocks, cornrows and Mohawks.” Hawaiian Airlines.

2) We simply care about your ears.


"Hoop earrings are permitted and may be no larger than 1 inches in diameter and/or inch wide on the surface.” Hawaiian Airlines

3) Anybody remember school?

"Length [of skirt] may not exceed 1 inch above or 1 inch below the crease of the back of the knee.” United Airlines

4) What if I have more than 4 fiances?

"A total of four rings may be worn, with no more than two on each hand.” United Airlines

5) Gender Discrimination. right here.

"Male flight attendants may not wear make-up.” United Airlines

This was our list of bizarre customs. Have you heard of any? Share your experience with us!

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