15 Strangest Jobs in The Travel Industry

By Reshma Dewda on Jan 08, 2019
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When your grandmother ruefully says, ‘look what the world has come to..’, she’s not that wrong. You won’t believe how some people make their living. In fact, some of the weirdest jobs in the professional world are from the travel industry. From coconut safety engineers to sewer guides, the travel industry is going all out to please the patrons.

Check out these bizarre careers in the travel industry:

1. Air Nanny

As if it wasn’t hard enough to handle kids on land! Air nannies are the new addition to luxury flying- they will entertain your kids, fluff their pillows and make sure that they have very few reasons to bawl. Wish they had this feature for adults too, don’t you?

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2. Dog surfing instructor

‘Doctor, my dog just sleeps and eats’. Why not teach it to surf? Yep. Even though they are natural swimmers, dogs are a little new to surfing. So, they need an experienced surfing instructor. I feel sorry not just for the instructor but for the dog too!

Image source: washingtonpost

3. Bungee Jumping instructor

Acrophobic? This one’s sure to blow your head off. With the sudden rise in enthusiasm and gusto for adventure sports, bungee jumping has become quite a popular activity. But imagine having to jump from ridiculous heights everyday! While someone’s having a once in a lifetime experience, the bungee instructor is struggling to keep his food in.

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4. Disney World Character

A trip to Disneyland is like your ticket to a fairytale. But not if you’re made to smile and act like a sweet princess everyday! Have you ever wondered how vapid and tiresome it might be for the character dummies who have to put on elaborate costumes and make up just so that you can take a million photographs with them? Not such a fantasy now, eh?

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5. Bed Warmers

Because you’re too busy to warm your own bed!? Professional bed warmers are like human hot water bags who make sure your bed is just the right ‘temperature’ for you to sleep in. They are covered in fleece suits and lay in your bed before you to make it of a comfortable temperature for you. That sounds wrong on so many levels!

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6. Living Statue

Yes, not all the statues you see on the pavements are made of bronze and stone. There are people who put on makeup and stand still for the entire day just to see that look on your face when you see their hand or face gesture. Sounds quite morbid, doesn’t it?

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7. Manners Police

Next time you decide to dress scantily in Venice, know that you will get singled out by the manners police. These are volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to clean the city of uncouth tourists who have no sense of how to behave in public.

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These jobs in the travel industry not just have strange profiles, some of them are really well paid. So if you’re ever offered the job of a soap concierge or a perfume butler, hold that laughter and give it a serious thought. 

8. Airport Hunters

Image Source: Pexels.com

We have often heard of birds disrupting flight schedules due to collision with aircrafts. Airports are now hiring hunters to shoot these natural birds away from the gigantic, man-made ones. So the next time your flight takes a smooth take-off, keep in mind, someone out there with a gun targeting birds is also worthy for credit.

9. Tanning Butler

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The next time you want to tan yourself to perfection, request for a tanning butler. This person will make sure your are crisply tanned all over your body, and even apply sunscreen to your back when you can't get the tricky spots. They can also get you cooling towels and face mists. What more is needed for pampering?

10. Bollywood Extra

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Song and dance? Check. Exotic destinations? Check. Need 45 extras? Check. Bollywood extras can also get to visit the most scenic locales in the world and dance or act in front of famous world landmarks. And the best part? Their trips are paid for, plus a generous stipend to be earned on this journey!.

11. Portaloo Operative

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Portable toilets are a big thing in the UK, but they need to be looked after as well. Toilet operatives are required to collect, empty and clean these toilets for future use. It's not difficult to imagine why this particular job profile has such a high turnover.

12. Coconut Safety Engineer

Image Source: Pixabay.com

We have often laughed ourselves out in comedy movies when the villain is bombarded with coconuts falling from trees. However, these coconuts can fall on anybody’s head to be honest. Hoteliers now hire coconut safety engineers to pick out ripe coconuts before its reaches out to greet their guests. Safety completely assured.

13. Bedtime Storyteller

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Who wouldn't love to cuddle up with a bedtime story? Professional storytellers that can tuck you into bed with your favourite story are available in some hotels in London. Pampering cannot get any more elaborate than this!

14. Iceberg Mover

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Titanic’s fateful journey in the Atlantic Ocean gave rise to a new profession, that of iceberg movers. Their job mostly involves looking out for icebergs in the sea and directing ships to avoid collision. It seems to be a very responsible profession since we haven't heard of any more liners sinking in the sea.

15. Connoisseur of cocktails

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Dreaming of sampling all the drinks in the world? Try and become a cocktail connoisseur. This way you can get to travel the world, and sample the best of cocktails and dishes. Besides, your verdict will also be considered valuable in deciding the popularity of the restaurant and bar you checked into. It's a high life all the way!

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