10 Weird Vending Machines That Dispense Strange Things

By Reshma Dewda on Jan 08, 2019
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We live in a world obsessed by convenience. From clapping the lights off to blinking the alarm on snooze, we’re trying to save the effort from doing the most effortless everyday jobs. As shoppers too, we want to save as much time and conversation as possible. That is why, retailers have come up with vending machines. With the click of a button, your product is in your hand. From dispensing fast food to diapers, these machines are all equipped to give you what you need.

You might have bought sandwiches and newspapers from vending machine. But have you ever come across the most weird vending machines? Well, here's a few that will definitely pique your interest! 


Weird Vending Machines

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1. Gold, Dubai

The Dubai government has made shopping for gold so much easier! Gold vending machines are installed all over the city. You deposit the cash in the machine and voila, you have gold bars of the same value! Is this the coolest machine ever or what?

Photo by Banku

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2. Live Crabs, China

Although it might be a bit humiliating for the crabs, this vending machine is incredibly convenient for crab meat lovers. Live crabs are displayed in a machine in China and all you need to do is drop in some money for your own. This clearly is the winner for the most strangest vending machine in the world!

3. Noodles, Japan

In Japan, people are always in a hurry. And this has led to the brilliant invention of a noodles vending machine. This is instant noodles taken to a whole new level!

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4. Cupcakes, USA

God’s answer to every sweet tooth, cupcakes now come in vending machines too! Pick your flavor and watch the fulfilling sight of your favorite cupcake sliding right into your hand.

 Photo by Cory Doctorow

5. Caviar, USA

Because the urge to eat fancy can hit anytime! This machine dispenses some of the best caviar available. Now you don’t need to sit in fancy restaurants for your extravagant meal!

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Photo by Charles Haynes


 6. Umbrellas, Hong Kong

In a place with an unpredictable weather, this machine is a blessing in disguise. If you're like me, you might often find yourself a victim of the murphy’s law and you might never find yourself with an umbrella when you most need one. That's when these vending machines seem like an answer to your prayers!

Photo by Fornax

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7. Shoes, London

Ask a girl how it is to walk in heels after hours of partying! In places like London, there’s a lot of walking to do if you want to save taxi money. In such times, if you’re stuck with uncomfortable shoes, won’t you be delighted to find this vending machine midway?

Photo by Nicole Aspinal

8. Bicycles, Netherlands

The Dutch’s love for cycling is legendary. They have even made it easier for people to pick up and drop their cycles in what seems to be a vending machine for cycles! Awesome stuff!

Photo by Fietsberaad

9. Marijuana- Canada, Colorado,California

Before you start dreaming of better days, know that you will need a prescription for this one. In parts of Canada, Colorado and California, the use of marijuana for medical purposes is legally allowed. Best vending machine I've ever come across for sure!

Photo by Mark

10. New Goods for Used Ones, Brooklyn USA

In the swap-o-matic, you can deposit your old, unwanted stuff and exchange it for new things. It was created to increase awareness and encourage more sustainable ways of buying and selling goods. Wish this worked for humans too, right?

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 These vending machines show that almost anything is possible these days. While we’re wishful thinking, I hope one day there is a vending machine for waffles. What about you?

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