10 Weirdest Theme Parks Around The World

By Neha Kapoor on Jan 17, 2019
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You might have heard of some of the best and most beautiful theme parks around the world, but have you ever come across some of the weirdest theme parks in the world that will leave you utterly fascinated with them! They are strange, bizarre and high on weird quotient. And their gaining popularity assures the rising trend of our co-option of quirky and weird in everyday lives. Since "Variety is the spice of life”, these parks add an interesting dimension to your understanding of life and its facets. From a theme park dedicated to sex to another that takes you through hell, these theme parks will treat you in the most eerie and uncanny way possible. Let us have a sneak peek into some of these bizarre theme parks around the world.

1. Experience Orgasm at Love Land, Jeju Island, South Korea

PC: Damara Avila/Flickr

The motto of this quirky park is to make love and passion come out of their cloistered self. One of its own kind theme parks in the world, Love Island is meant for couples (of all sorts) to come and encounter love in its most erotic and candid form. For many newly married doves in South Korea, this is an ideal honeymoon destination that titillates, educates and excites them to consummate their love/lust (Whatever!). And if you are alone, this park will definitely inspire (yes I mean literally) to jump on to bed and try those Kamasutra positions with the first love interest you come across with. From sexual intercourse positions to masturbation, this park is dedicated to tell you what your adult body should do in order to get those "oohs” and "aahs” properly. This is called a pure visual orgasm! Isn’t it? Naughty Adolescents, just keep in mind, this park is not meant for you!

2. Walk through Victorian England with Dickens World in England

PC: Nytimes

For those who are aware of Dicken’s works, would know how the writer defines Victorian world before you- not in terms of Victorian morality or glorious imperialism but in the form of dark, mysterious, criminal and ugly self. Welcome into the recreation of Dickensian London as you take a tour around Marshalsea Prison, at Peerybingle’s Pawnbrokers, or have a rendezvous with animatronic characters at the modern Britannia Theatre for a literary experience. Thus, you get to see London which is complete with soot, pickpockets, cobblestones, gas lamps, quirky characters and strategically placed chemical smell pots that would, when heated, emit odors of offal and rotting cabbage, making it one of the weirdest theme parks in the world!
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3. Meet the Strange World at the Dwarf’s Empire, Kunming China

PC: telegraph.co.uk

This is one place in the world where dwarfs don’t get a second look but are actually a subject of curiosity. From mushroom style castles to dwarf empires made up of dwarf king, queen and soldiers, and to even song and dance performances, this park makes you fall in love with tiny sized people and their created world. The park is in fact a business venture that lured dwarves from across the country with the promise of a better life. Let me tell you a strange fact about the conception of this park; it was founded by a tall, rich man who was determined to 'do something good' for the little people and came up with this idea. Reminded of Lilliputian’s world or not?

4. Take a Sneak Peek into Hell at Haw Par Villa, Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore

PC: Jimmy Chiau/Panoramio

One of the most bizarre theme parks in the world, Haw Par Villa will take you through the journey of hell and mythologies to raise your hair stand on their end. Inside you will see severed heads, limbless rats, human crabs and many other gruesome statues to make you feel like you are in hell. However, there is a purpose to all these grotesque renditions as this park introduces you to Chinese folklore and mythologies with an attempt to educate in morality, complete with bloody visual aids. There are more than 1,000 statues and dioramas that eulogize Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian folklore. The highlight of this bizarre park are the Ten Courts- A tableau of severe disciplines is shown in painstaking detail, along with a placard stating the sin that warranted it.

5. Enter into the Cage of Death at Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin Australia


This is the only croco dive in experience in Australia that will make you crazy with the hair splitting danger that it entails. As if watching, and feeding crocodiles was not enough, the inventors of this theme park came up with this idea of putting people in cage of death so as to watch these dangerous reptiles from the nearest possible distance. Every dive includes 15 minutes in the enclosure with one of these massive reptiles. To leave you more aghast, you will be in the company of professional feeders who will feed in between crocodiles for a close and personal, face to face encounter! Whew!

6. Get Fast and Furious at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi UAE

Experience the adrenaline rush with Ferrari world and its varied thrilling rides and exciting attractions. Located in Abu Dhabi, this is the world’s first Ferrari-branded theme park that holds Ferrari inspired rides and attractions, the biggest Ferrari Store and a range of authentic Italian dining options. Highlights include spectacular new Flying Aces ride, featuring the highest rollercoaster loop in the world, the world’s fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa, with a top speed of 250kmph in 4.9 seconds, family-friendly attractions, state-of-the-art simulators, electric-powered go-karts, and live shows.

7. Cross Border Smuggling Thrill at Parque Eco Alberto in Mexico


Parque Eco Alberto is an unusual theme park that allows to cross illegal boundaries. Yes, I mean literally! The smuggling underworld between America and Mexico is notorious throughout the world and this theme park actually allows you to cross the boundaries as you become a smuggler and push your limits to smuggle drugs. However, you need to be really robust for this experience. The journey includes an immersive, four-hour night hike through the rugged countryside with only a gruff coyote-like guide to lead the way. Don’t worry, you won’t cross the real border or break any laws but the realistic landscape will be enough to offer you that thrilling experience with the help of difficult treks through unfamiliar areas at a fast pace, with the potential for injury or confrontation with any number of predators always present. Behind this thill is the purpose of educating how troublesome and dangerous crossing boundaries for smuggling is. 

8. Witness Bible at Holy Land, Orlando USA

 PC:Wikimedia Commons 

This is an outright non clichéd theme park whose aim is not to entertain people but to educate them about Bible and Jesus. From the replicas of Qumran caves to Biblical figures and enactment of Jesus’ Crucifixion, this park will unravel various episodes from Bible for an educational purpose. Blood is liberally spilled on the stage and some of the scenes look bizarre, but then everything has a religious tinge here. 

9. Enter into a Child’s Adult World at The Children’s Republic, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PC: Wikimedia Commons 

In most of the theme parks meant for children, they get to enjoy everything that is meant for them. From rides to fairy tale worlds, these theme parks portray various wonderlands for children to get lost into. However, the Children’s Republic in Argentina recreates the actual adult world for children so that they can learn and appreciate the principles that hold any civilization. La República (The Children’s Republic) was founded with the aim of letting the children learn to exercise their rights and obligations as citizens of a democratic country in a creative and entertaining atmosphere. There are three areas-the urban, rural and sports areas-where children learn to experience the adult world, although in miniature form. 

10. Experience Soviet Era Oppressions at Grutas Park, Lithuania

 PC:Wikimedia Commons 

Call it famous or infamous, but the Grutas Park is something that you can’t ignore when you are catching up with some of the strangest theme parks around the world. The park’s property consists of dozens of Soviet-era sculptures that escaped destruction when Lithuania gained its independence and act as a permanent reminder of past oppressions. To add to the weird element, there is also a Soviet-era playground, a restaurant serving Soviet-era dishes and, oddly, a zoo, complete with non-Soviet-era ostriches.
Hope these parks will give you enough quirky motivation to chart out your travel plans!
Cover Image attributed to Natalie Fed/Panoramio *
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