Travel Skills Every Child Should Know These Days

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Travelling with your kids can lead to memorable and special family vacations. With changing times however, travel styles have changed and so have the travel dynamics. Although infants and toddlers have to be dependent on their parents for the entire duration of the trip,  we at TripHobo believe that kids between the ages of 5 and 11 should have a few basic travel skills that would make the vacation easy breezy for the parents as well as for the kids themselves. Our travel experts brainstormed and came up with the following skills that parents can impart on their hodophile children:

Packing skills:

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Children between the ages of 5 and 11 should have a rough idea about the essentials that should be packed for a vacation. The least they should be able to do is make a pile of clothing, shoes, toys, books and other items they deem important for the journey. Parents can then go through the pile and pack the items they feel are actually required. This would save the time and energy of the parents.

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Carry own luggage:

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Kids should be able to carry their own luggage. No, we are not referring to the heavy suitcases and backpacks. But they can carry a small rucksack having all the essentials like their water bottle, a few snacks and fruits, a few of their toys and maybe even their travel documents. This would come in handy while exploring an area on foot. During airport layovers, don’t forget to add an extra set of clothing to this rucksack.

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Operate GPS on phone:

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For the children over 8 years, it would be useful if they learn how to operate the GPS on a smartphone. This would come in handy if they lose their way in the crowds or lanes. Added bonus? They can be your navigator on a fun family roadtrip!

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Basic knowledge of Geography:

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Children should have a basic knowledge of Geography. How else would they know what amazing places they can explore? In case if there is no internet connectivity for the GPS to work, it always good for your kids to have a general idea about the directions and layout of the city you are visiting. Teach them how to read an atlas or a globe as well.  

Handling panicky situations:

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It is possible that your child might get lost on your vacations. During such situations, it is necessary for the child to know all the relevant details like your contact numbers and the hotel name and address where you are put up. They should know about any food allergies they have in case kind strangers offer them food while trying to help locate you. Having said this, the elder kids should have also developed the skills to figure out whether to trust strangers or not. It is a tough skill to have, but important nonetheless.

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Cooking skills:

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Having cooking skills is always a bonus. We don’t mean that your child should know how to cook a 5 course meal! But simple things like boiling an egg, making instant noodles or throwing together a sandwich would suffice.  

Being curious:

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Not just a travel skill, this is one life quality you should impart on your child. Being curious, exploring new destinations, having the passion to learn new things and the curiosity to understand new cultures will make your children one of the best travellers out there.

Basic first aid:

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This is one travel skill everybody should possess. Teach your child basic first aid tricks such as how to stop bleeding from a cut, how to apply a band-aid, best breathing techniques to conserve energy etc. Regardless of their age, teach these basic survival skills to your children as soon as you can.

These basic skills will come in handy while travelling, to both, the parents as well as the children. Ease up on your parenting skills, loosen up a bit and give your children the opportunities to explore the world.

- With inputs from Neha Kapoor and Rohin Raj.

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