10 Ways To Make a Vacation More Enjoyable


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As much as you look forward to a vacation, you might find yourself so exhausted that you don't really have a great time. When you get home, you may even feel like you need to lay down or take a few days to recover. To avoid those feelings, check out some of the simple ways you can make your vacation more enjoyable and more relaxing. 

Put the Phone Away 

While you may want to use your phone to document some of what you see on the trip, you should still put it away whenever possible. The more time that you spent focused on the apps and games on your screen, the less time you'll have to focus on what's in front of you. 

Work with a Guide 

Working with a guide can make your trip more enjoyable because you don't need to search the internet to find things to do on your vacation. Guided tours are often available from resorts and hotels as well as local tourism boards. 

Pack Right 

When you leave a few things at home, you'll need to scour local shops to find what you need. It's often helpful to create a packing list and to cross off each item on that list as you pack. 

Wear Sunscreen 

There are few things worse than getting a sunburn that leaves you in excruciating pain. As long as you wear sunscreen and reapply it every few hours, you can enjoy your time outside. 

Skip the Plans 

Instead of creating a detailed plan that includes everything you might want to see and a set schedule of events, try skipping the plans. You never know when you might come across a fun activity that you want to try or a new restaurant that looks great. 

Get Enough Sleep 

It's often hard for travelers to get enough sleep on vacation, but you should aim to get between six and eight hours each night. The more rested you are, the more energy you will have to see all the local attractions. 

Eat Regular Meals and Snacks 

Many people find that they only eat once or twice a day while on vacation because they cram so many things into their daily schedule. You should take the time to eat two to three meals a day and have snacks between meals. 

Choose a Timeshare 

Instead of booking a standard and tiny hotel room, consider either a club Wyndham timeshare or a larger hotel room that comes with its own kitchen. You can buy a timeshare resale for much less than you expected and save up to 50% when you buy online. Timeshare rentals are also available at significantly lower prices. A Wyndham Bonnet Creek timeshare near Orlando would be an excellent option if you’re headed that way.

Take Frequent Breaks 

Whether you drive or fly, you should take breaks on your way to your destination and back. You can get up and do stretches on your flight or pull over and take a break every few hours as you drive. 

Visit the Right Sites 

As you look at things to do on vacation, make sure that you pick the right spots and activities based on your age and the ages of your family members. You might want to skip the long hikes and large museums because you have kids with short legs who get tired easily. 

These 10 simple tips will help make your next trip more enjoyable and will help you relax while you're away from home.


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