What to do in Salzburg - The Must Do's

Salzburg is mostly known for being the birthplace of the musical genius Mozart. But that’s not the only identity of this beautiful city. From centuries old fortresses to wild festivals Salzburg has everything for everyone. But if you’re still confused about what to do in Salzburg we bring you a list of cool things you can do.

1) Listen To Mozart's Music In His House 


Image Source: Daniel Stockman/Flickr  

Austria and Mozart are synonymous with each other. So a visit to the legend's home is the obvious choice when you're visiting the city he grew up in. Now converted into a museum it's very hard to miss this three-story bright yellow building. Inside you'll find exhibits that cover Mozart's family, his time as a music composer, musical instruments and his day-to-day life. It also houses tons of costumes and opera sets and plus excerpts from Mozart's famous operas for you to listen to. Listening to Mozart in the house he grew up in, how many people you know have done that?

2) Shop From The Getreidgasse Shopping Street:

Getreidgasse is an amazing Medieval shopping street. While there are a bunch of cool stores to visit, we suggest stopping by the active blacksmith for a demonstration and the Sporer Schnapps Pit Stop for a drink. There is even a fancy McDonald’s on Getreidgasse where they give you a real plate and silverware. You can really see the Medieval roots of this compact pedestrian street by the signage that hangs above each shop. In the Middle Ages almost no one could read so instead of having signs with business names on them, the shops would hang an icon for their trade or craft. Notice how the signs for the hat maker, locksmith, umbrella shop and many more have kept this signage tradition alive. 

3) Go On A Tour Of The Sound Of Music Sights


Image Source: Jenny Poole/Flickr  

Mozart's house isn't the only famous tourist attraction in Salzburg. It might attract majority of the crowd, but don't understand this Sound of the Music film location. Soon after the 1965 blockbuster came out about the Von Trapp family tourists have been flooding this place. Some of the famous stops include The Dwarf Garden, Sound of Music Gazebo, trick fountains, and lakeside Leopold Palace. You can choose to walk or bike between the stops while re-inacting your favourite scene of the movie.
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4) Saint Peter's Abbey And Cemetery 

This beautiful painting-filled Saint Peter’s Church was home to nightly Mozart concerts and the Stiftskeller Restaurant, which is considered Europe’s oldest restaurant. Operating from the early 100 A.D! Behind the This beautiful painting-filled Saint Peter’s Church was home to nightly Mozart concerts and the Stiftskeller Restaurant, which is considered Europe’s oldest restaurant. Operating from the early 100 A.D! Behind the church, lies a serene cemetery filled with pansies and a waterfall. It may be the most peaceful stop in the Old Town Salzburg. The beautiful cemetery goes all the way back to 700 AD with underground catacombs that go back even further back to 215 AD. The oldest headstone at the cemetery is from the 1288 AD and it is also where Mozart’s sister Maria Anna is buried. 

5) Climb The Salzburg High Fortress 


Image Source: thisisbossi/Flickr  

This fortress has been towering over Salzburg since 1077 A.D. Locally known as Hohensalzburg it brings out a sense of security in its citizens even now. It is also considered as one of the largest fortifications in Europe and one of the only ones which has never taken over. One of the most famous areas are the Medieval rooms with one of the most decorative stoves you'll ever find in Europe. You'll have to opt for an self-guided tour here to go across rooms and different parts of the fortress. 
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6) Get Drunk At The Salzburg Holiday Festival 

About Salzburg’s Festivals: Salzburg is always a lively city, but its full personality shines through during its annual festivals. While every holiday and season seems to have its own activities, our favorite events are the Salzburg Festival, Rupertikirtag, and the Christmas Markets. The Salzburg Festival in August is great not just because the weather is perfect, but because they show outdoor movies at night in the square. If you are in Munich for Oktoberfest and want an escape from the 120,000 daily visitors, it is only 90 minutes to Salzburg. Their festival is far less cramped than Munich and still very fun. Many towns in the region have had their own fall harvest festivals for hundreds of years.
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7) Relax At The Mirabell Palace Gardens 


Image Source: Sarah L. Donovan/Flickr  

About The Mirabell Palace Gardens: The Mirabell Palace Gardens, which opened in 1730, offers some of the best views of Old Town Salzburg. It is filled with flowers and fountains. You’ll have a ton of fun taking photos in the Vine Tunnel and Hedge Maze while you explore the grounds. Make sure to visit the Gnome Garden which is filled with statues that were all originally modeled after real life dwarfs. Each of the statues are fun, but the one with the glasses on was the one that all of the Von Trapp kids patted on the head during The Sound of Music.While the main area is open all year from Dawn to Dusk, the Hedge Maze and Dwarf Garden close each Winter.

8) Sightsee Residenz Square & Museums:

The heart of Old Town Salzburg is the large Residenz Square which holds a few of the towns best sights. Centered around the 45 foot tall Horse Fountain (Residenzbrunnen), carved in 1656, there is always something going on in the Square. From Christmas Market stalls, to carousel rides, and fireworks, it is the place to be. The West side of the Square holds the popular Old Residenz Palace built as a mansion for Salzburg’s Archbishop in 1596. In order to build the palace and lay out the square he had to tear a bunch of medieval homes and a cemetery which themselves had been built on a Roman forum. The palace complex has elegant staterooms that are lavishly decorated plus a classic art gallery that has Rembrandts and Rubens. In 1602 the Archbishop built the New Residenz (Neugebäude) on the East side of the square to serve as his guest house. 
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9) Visit The Hellbrunn Palace Trick Fountains:


Image Source: Flickr  

Many people come to Hellbrunn Palace to seek out the Sound of Music Gazebo, but the Trick Fountains are not to be overlooked. If you have kids with you, the Hellbrunn Fountains will be the most fun thing they do in Salzburg. The fountains are only available as part of an hour long guided tour but is a very memorable time. You will learn the history of the grounds as you pass through grottoes, ponds, and walkways all filled with trick fountains that are out to get you. You won’t get totally soaked, but will get damp and you’ll have a great time. No list of the top ten things to do in Salzburg if ever complete without the Trick Fountains. Fountain Hours: The Trick Fountains have tours from 9am-9pm in the peak season but are closed for winter from November-March. If they were able to be open all year they would be in our top 5 things to do in Salzburg. 

10) Have A Pint At One Of The Salzburg’s Beer Halls:

About Salzburg’s Beer Halls: Just 90 minutes from Munich, Salzburg is home to its own great collection of beer halls. The most popular beer hall with tourists, and our personal favorite, is the classic Augustiner Bräustübl Tavern. This 1,500 seat beer garden and hall was opened in 1621 and is attached to a monk’s brewery. The monks came here from Munich where they first established brewery in 1328! The beer is drawn from wooden barrels on a self-service basis and food is also available.
Salzburg might be small but it definitely is one of the most happening cities in Europe you've got to visit!